Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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Herewith more sad pictures of what’s happening at the Selayang pound. Note the picture of the dead dog – it is wearing a collar and therefore is someone’s pet. We were told that the Selayang local council officer in charge of the pound Ernie - contact number: 0136064446 does not even let owners look for their dogs at the pound. She does not allow anyone to enter and this was clearly indicated when even the SPCA officials that included a vet, was not allowed entry into the pound yesterday. There is also a picture of the spot where a dogs was said to have been cremated. Our question is – when the other carcasses are packed in garbage bags – why was this one burnt? WAS IT REALLY DEAD? We spent more than two hours speaking with MPS councilor Gunaraj, who later conformed after his visit to the pound that the dogs were indeed in a dire state. Other councilors narrated to us how every time the issue of dogs was brought-up at the full board meetings – the council people would shrug it off and even crack jokes. Dear people, please do the right thing by voicing your protest. Be heard. See the pictures for yourselves people – this was taken yesterday and the dogs are eating the kibbles that we sent them. The place is also tick infested.Please visit the pound and demand to be let in – adopt a pup or dog if you can and if Ernie prevents you from doing so, please let us know. You can also bring food for these poor dogs – and if anyone can prepare some boiled chicken parts for them – it would be heaven sent. Anyone who wants to lodge a police report against the council please write to us.

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