Friday, March 26, 2010

i think we need ANIMAL RESCUE stickers..

hey y'all.. yeah i know that sounds dorky but i like saying "y'all" :)

so at first i was going to write up another cranky, angst-ridden, super PMSey, bitchy post.. but then i took a nap with a cat that bit me four times as i drifted off to sleep and somehow that made me feel better. my brother's cat Grumps is a strange one. he'll just bite for no reason whatsoever then settle down and cuddle up. my right arm has little red welts all over. sorry i digress.. anyway i'm going to be calm and mature now. i was super angry earlier.

i left work early today and drove over to my parents' place. on the way there i saw a cat lying on the roadside. i was driving too fast (i was on the highway) and couldn't just come to an immediate stop so i went a huge round and came back to the cat driving slower and with my hazard lights on. i pulled over at the side, opened the car door (cat was at driver's side luckily) and just reached down to touch it and have a better look. turns out kitty was dead.. looked very recent, still a little soft.. no blood at all no injuries but hey i had to check to be sure. if the cat was alive it would've needed medical attention. so anyway while i was doing this, which only took a few seconds, the annoying obnoxious impatient rude ass fuck in the car behind me was honking. i was like WTF FUCKFACE?? and i stood up and gave the guy the finger. seriously just took a few seconds to slowly pull over alongside the cat and touch it to see if it was alive. the guy was honking as if he had to take the dump of his life. that pissed me off like you cannot believe. i had pulled over on a road curving right and he was right behind me (driver's sit on the right here) so he could clearly see that i was checking on an animal. plus, unless he's some illiterate fuck, he could see all the SPCA stickers on my car. there are FIVE. like put the pieces together moron. its not rocket science. so anyway i started driving again, lowered my window and gave him the finger again then i waited for him to go ahead of me so i could chase after his car and honk all the way. that made me feel better :)

anyways i was thinking that aside from having stickers that say SPCA or whatever ngo all of you volunteer for... we should all have stickers that would CLEARLY INDICATE TO STUPID PEOPLE what is happening when we pull over with our blinky flashy lights on. something that says EMERGENCY ANIMAL RESCUE or ANIMAL RESCUE IN PROGRESS.. whatever.. stickers or signs.. get me? for the dumbfucks on the road who do not understand that a chick pulling over on the frickin highway and touching a dead cat is not doing so just for fun.

oh look my post became cranky and angry again.. i should work on that..

Luckytoes Midnight still needs a home!

hello all!
i know i haven't mentioned luckytoes midnight for a while and i hope none of you have forgotten about her. the little twerpy rascal is still with me. i guess she just fits in so well with my crew that i forget that i'm supposed to be actively finding her a home. it feels like she's a permanent resident. but i really shouldn't have anymore permanent pets. more permanent residents means less room, money, and time for any fostering.

anyway just a quick update about her. She's about 9 months old now. She was spayed a couple of months ago. she's super naughty and can't resist grabbing my foot every time i walk past her. she's gentle though, no claws out when she does this. she and fatfat continue to share a close relationship. she's practically an adult now but still sticks to fatfat like a little baby and he indulges her.

She's a little nervy around people she doesn't know well, so she needs a patient adopter. a real cat lover that understands cats' quirks and behaviors and is willing to put in the effort to gain her trust. luckytoes was adopted for a couple of days and then returned for being shy. two days is nothing. we don't want adopters that think bonding with an animal should be an easy, instant process, because usually its not. So if you know anyone that really loves animals, cats in particular, please tell them about Luckytoes. Once she has bonded with someone and settled in, she's great to have around. You will never meet a clumsier, goofier, funnier cat. Yes, clumsy. She trips or falls down almost everyday.. its hilarious! Remember people, this little ray of sunshine got a second chance at life when she survived being run over by a car. Give her a chance to have a home too.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Below, MDDB's latest update about the KTM Dog that was tied up with a stick shoved down his throat.

Taken from :

The hungry and thirsty dog at MDDB's hideout
After being removed from the pound
Being transported to secret destination
Gunaraj screaming his head off to Razif over the phone to be allowed in
The dog being tortured at the KTM station
Inhuman act
The dog which was tortured by the KTMB staff has been found. Thanks to the sharp eyes of SPCA's Murugan who spotted the dog at the Selayang Pound. We sent our friend Erica Chum to the pound and she waited for Selayang councillor Gunaraj George to gain entry.
SPCA was also there but was not allowed in by Evil Ernie. It took a good scolding by Gunaraj who also called her boss Dr Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin - 012-2252240, to tell him off! We think that they were feeding the dogs and getting the place clean before letting these people in.
So has anything changed at the Selayang pound? We think not other than the fact that four workers have been transferred out but the biggest culprit Evil Ernie is still there.
By right its this woman who has both shamed and humiliated the Selayang Municipal Council that should have been transferred. Coming back to the dog, the SPCA, which came there to collect a mother dog and three puppies, agreed that we take the KTMB dog as we are looking into initiating legal action against KTMB.
Apparently, the dog catchers who had gone to the train station to capture the dog told Gunaraj they had been called umpteen times after Nisha's letter in Malaysiakini had created a ruckus. The dog had not wandered very far from the station, probably due to injuries and fear, when the Selayang catchers found it.
Therefore the KTMB people were lying through their teeth when they said the dog had wandered off. They had tried to get rid of the evidence by harassing the Selayang people to come and get the dog as soon as Nisha's letter was out.
We are now looking at initiating legal action against KTMB and have individuals who have come forward to be named as plaintiffs. We also have some young lawyers who have offered to initiate the legal action for free. We think we would also simultaneously initiate legal action against the Selayang pound for cruelty.
Those who want to be a part of this please contact us as soon as possible.
P/S So Mr SOH of DVS, we have the evidence now - will you take any action against the culprits?

SPCA Selangor Update - KTM DOG FOUND

Click here if you have problems viewing this e-mail >>

SPCA Selangor New Alert:

KTM Kepong Dog Found In Selayang Dog Pound

23 MARCH 2010, SELAYANG – The stray dog that was tied tightly to a grille and had a stick jammed in his mouth has been found at last after days of searching by the SPCA Selangor staff and animal rescuers – thanks to the sharp eyes of SPCA Animal Inspector V. Murugan.

Photos of the dog tied tightly to the grille of the train station

On Monday (15th March 2010) a group of commuters were horrified when they saw the dog tied up in the train station, and questioned the train station staff. They also quickly alerted the SPCA Selangor and asked for assistance. A driver was immediately sent to the station, but when he reached the dog had already been released. The wary and traumatized dog ran away quickly, though limping. SPCA staff went back everyday since the incident till Friday to look for the dog, but the dog was not seen again. For the full article, click here to read Ghastly animal abuse at Kepong KTM station” on malaysiakini >>

KTM confirmed that their staff had indeed tied up the dog, but pleaded ignorance and claimed that they did not mean to cause the dog harm. Click here to read the response by KTMB President Dr Aminuddin Adnan to this incident >>

The Inspectorate team made an announced visit to the Selayang dog pound on Friday, as part of our pound management education and monitoring program. The condition of the pound appeared to have improved slightly, with rice and water provided and the dogs separated into different groups – puppies, mother dogs and litters, and bigger dogs. The next day, Inspector Murugan compared a photo of a dog at the pound to the grainy photo of the dog at the KTM Kepong station – they looked very similar because of the distinct patches of mange, though there were no other ways to identify the dog.

Dog found at the Selayang dog pound finally!

Chief Animal Inspector Cunera and Education officer Shahrul went to the pound on Tuesday to claim a mother dog and 3 young puppies that the Chairman Christine Chin was interested in adopting, as well as to get a closer look at the brown, patchy dog which could possibly be the KTM dog. The KTM management had said in a statement that they had called the Selayang council on many occasions to remove the dog from the station. The pound workers initially refused entry to the SPCA staff as their officer in charge was not present. SPCA staff had been trying repeatedly to call the officers in charge of the pound – none of them picked up the calls. Finally, they contacted MPS Councillor Gunaraj George, who came and reprimanded the staff for not allowing the SPCA staff in. He also called the officers in charge of the pound, and instructed them to cooperate with the SPCA team.

(L) Chief Inspector Cunera helping to move the mother dog out of the kennel, (R) Pound workers

Accompanied by the councillor, the team finally were allowed to go into the pound. After safely removing the mother dog and pups into the van, the SPCA staff inspected the dog thought to be the KTM dog. The pound caretakers confirmed that the dog was caught at the Kepong KTM station. Strangely enough the dog was wearing a leather collar, as though it had been owned once upon a time. The SPCA staff were very happy that the dog had been located, as the dog could have been seriously injured after its ordeal. The dog was handed over to a representative of the rescue group Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, which will be sending the dog for treatment at a government vet. The group hopes to get a medical report from the vet, to determine the injuries sustained by the dog as evidence for initiating legal action against KTMB.
MPS Councillor Gunarajah George watches the pound workers help load the dog and puppies in the SPCA van

SPCA Selangor thanks all the members of the public who had written in to KTMB to query the incident, and to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and other animal rescuers who had helped in the search for this dog!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

all animals deserve love and care

you know what bothers me? people who call themselves animal lovers but only have love for purebred/pedigree animals. that's just the hugest load of crap ever. its like saying you'd only love your child if you knew it was going to grow up to be a supermodel. i want to know where the compassion is in that? there are tons of hypocrites like that in malaysia. people are always going around claiming to be animal rescuers/volunteers and blah blah blah... but when you actually talk to them, they have like a siberian husky, 3 rhodesian ridgebacks imported from australia, an irish setter, an afghan hound, and would NEVER EVER adopt a mutt. so, only inbred animals are worthy of love and care? fuck that. that's bullshit. compassion my ass.

oh and before i forget. here's a big "fuck you up the ass with a sharp stick" to the guy that commented on molly's adoption profile last year on and said that i should put her down because no one would want a 3-legged mutt. i hope you lose a leg and your family opts to put you down coz you're just too darn troublesome and ugly.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Super cranky & PMSing.. I need to b***ch

hola amigos,
those of you that have been following know that when it comes to animal welfare, Malaysia is the frickin toilet of the world.. and not even a nice toilet.. a fly-infested, shit-filled hole in the ground. At least NGOS like SPCA Selangor and Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better manage to spread the news about the plight of dogs here.. It just occurred to me, that conditions in farms where animals are bred for slaughter must be unthinkable. I bet there are no bloody standards or guidelines.. or even if there are, no one follows them and officials are easily bribed to look the other way. i feel like barfing just thinking about it. and here's why i feel worse, yesterday night, i ate a burger. i'm such a sucky wannabe vegetarian. i was starving after getting stuck in floods and bloody traffic for two hours so i went to a burger king drive-thru and ordered a double mushroom swiss burger meal. i hate meat. i used to love it and still crave it sometimes.. but eating it always leaves me feeling guilty and grossed out. i always have to remember the faces and expressions of animals i have seen and remind myself about the horror and massacre they go through before they end up as neatly packaged pieces of meat. i have to see meat for what it is; the decaying flesh of a sentient animal. its a long process.. and i actually eat a lot less now than i used to simply cause there's nothing to eat anymore. i'm not a big fan of vegetables. but eh, i'll survive.

also i want an answer to a question that i have asked many people about my molly's little stump half-leg.... to amputate or not to amputate? that is the question.. ok that was lame. OMG that was lame too! and really, no pun intended, that would like be in badddd taste. i'm sleepy and my jokes take a turn for the worse.. so anyway.. yeah like every vet i've spoken to says i should go ahead and get the stump amputated because molly doesn't need it and it just gets dirty and stuff. i'm super squeamish though and it sounds just awful to me.. i have a very vivid imagination and i can't help trying to envision the operation. couldn't it be ok to just leave a stump alone? just leave it there? ok true, she does use it for leverage sometimes.. and that's not good.. when she runs too fast or plays too excitedly, she balances on the stump.. sometimes it gets bruised and scabby.. i already tried cushioning it with baby socks and bandages.. she doesn't like that. anyway she's totally indoors so she doesn't get scratched up on roads or anything.. i just don't want to put her through anything unless its ABSOLUTELY necessary. like, if you guys think that there's nothing majorly wrong with her having her stump then... i don't see why i should put her through such a huge operation. input? thanks

Update from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better - KTM Berhad's response to article about dog abuse at their train station.

Hello everyone! Here is KTM Berhad's response to the photos and article that were featured in Malaysiakini about the poor dog that was bound and had a piece of wood shoved down its throat. The entire statement is a load of public relations crap and doesn't even sound sincere. The president of KTM, even compares dogs to mosquitoes.. clearly he's not intelligent enough to see that dogs are sentient beings and probably smarter than he is.

He even says that the piece of wood was not shoved down the dogs throat.. THat it was used as BAIT. Is he retarded? Clearly he is. How would a piece of wood be perceived as bait by a dog? Even amoeba are smarter than that. He goes so far as to say that the dog clamped down on the wood and would not release it. umm.. maybe he needs his eyes checked because that piece of wood is clearly NOT clamped on by the dog. It is very clearly SHOVED STRAIGHT DOWN the dog's throat. at least come up with a better story moron! don't insult our intelligence. Read on below, and as always, please spread the word...

Taken from


20 Mac 2010

to :


The complaint letter by M.Nisha (Ghastly animal abuse at Kepong KTM Station) in Malaysiakini dated 17 March 2010 is referred. KTM Berhad undoubtedly agrees that animal cruelty is not an acceptable behavior by any sane individual. It is uncivilized and intolerable by any religion and race in the world.

As reported, KTM Berhad has confirmed that the incident took place at KTM Komuter Kepong Sentral Station.

For your information, KTM Berhad, represented by a group of its senior officers, had conducted an investigation and went to see the staff at the said station to get more information as well as to visit the location of the incident. Essentially, the unpleasant incident had nothing to do with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) or any of its employees. The name of the organisation was quoted indirectly when our counter clerk, who was not really aware of the incident, was asked about the situation. The clerk answered on impulse when he said that the dog was ‘perhaps’ captured and strapped by the officers from DBKL.

Even though his remarks was said by mistake, we are sorry for that he should have had investigated the situation before providing any statement. KTM Berhad is deeply sorry for the situation and would like to apologise to DBKL. It was not our intention to smear the image of DBKL with the incident. We hope DBKL is willing to accept our sincere apology.

With regards to the incident on 15 March 2010, the stray dog was captured by the staff of KTM Berhad with the help from our janitors who work at the station. For your information, the dog has been roaming the station for almost two years, and during that period, KTM Berhad had lodged more than three reports to Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) via telephone, with the final report made one day before the dog was captured, which was on 14 March 2010.

The necessity to catch the dog was made due to its troubling behavior whereby it had attacked and bitten our passengers at the parking area as well as in front of the KTM Komuter Kepong Sentral Station ticketing counter. However, the attacks and bites did not inflict any serious injuries so far. The last attack was reported on the evening after it was released which involved one Vietnamese passenger. Aside from that, we also found its feces around the platform area and during rainy seasons, the dog posed an inconvenience for the Muslim passengers especially, as its wet fur might touch them.

The decision to capture the dog was made due to the operation requirement, not because of the minister visit as per quoted by our staff. The dog was caught at round 12.00 noon and released at 1.30 pm. According to the staff we investigated, the piece of wood which was claimed shoved into his throat was not true. They did tie the dog to the fence. However, they did not shove the wood into its throat with the intention to torture or inflict injury to the animal. The wood, which was seen in its mouth, was the bait used when they were trying to catch it and the dog kept biting on the end of it. The staff tried to remove it from its jaw but it clamped the wood shut, we only managed to remove it after the second try.

The dog was released because we did not receive any confirmation from MPS to collect the animal. As reported, the dog was still straying around the area after it had been released.

I hope the general public should also appreciate the effort taken by the KTMB staff to address this recurring nuisance towards our KTM Commuter passengers whose patronage and peace has been disturbed by this stray dog. Whilst, we do recognize the method, in this instance, was questionable, it was done purely for the sake and comfort of our passengers. There was no intent of being cruel or to torture the stray dog. Our priority is for the safety and well-being of our passengers.

We will make sure that there will be no similar incident to take place. We have identified more efficient alternatives in handling stray dogs/wild animals, which is by contacting the SPCA and the local authorities to solve the problem at other stations as well.

We do not condone animal cruelty, what more to be a part of the brutality. However, I think the public should also evaluate the original intention it was meant to and not to quickly jump to condemn the method use without understanding the sequence of events. I am sure, all of us, when bitten by a mosquito, will hit it instantly without much thought. Is that considered as cruelty to insects? I know for a fact that, some time ago, when the crows [gagak] cause serious unhealthy situation in Klang, a campaign was mounted to shoot down the crows in a big way when their presence became intolerable. Is there some other way of doing it?

We truly hope that the explanation given is clear and we hope that the incident does not reflect the organisation in general.

Thank you.

Dr Aminuddin Adnan

20 Mac 2010

to :


Siaran Malaysiakini oleh M.Nisha (Ghastly animal abuse at Kepong KTM Station) bertarikh 17 Mac 2010 berkenaan perkara di atas adalah di rujuk. KTM Berhad bersetuju tanpa prasangka bahawa perbuatan menyiksa binatang adalah sesuatu yang tidak sepatutnya dilakukan oleh manusia yang mempunyai akal fikiran. Ianya adalah sesuatu yang tidak bertamadun dan tidak dapat diterima oleh mana-mana agama dan bangsa di dunia ini.

Sebagaimana yang dilaporkan, KTM Berhad mengesahkan bahawa ianya berlaku di Stesen KTM Komuter Kepong Sentral.

Untuk makluman, KTM Berhad yang diwakili beberapa pegawai kanan telah melakukan siasatan dalaman pada 18 Mac 2010 dengan memanggil kakitangan berkaitan bagi mendapatkan perincian peristiwa dan melawat ke lokasi kejadian pada 19 Mac 2010. Secara dasarnya, insiden ini tiada kaitan secara langsung dengan penguatkuasa dari Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) atau mana-mana kakitangan dari badan tersebut. Nama DBKL tercetus secara tidak langsung apabila soalan diajukan kepada kakitangan kerani kaunter kami pada hari kejadian yang sebenarnya tidak mendapatkan gambaran jelas berkenaan apa yang berlaku. Beliau secara spontan, ketika ditanya pengadu, menjawab bahawa anjing tersebut ‘berkemungkinan’ ditangkap dan ditambat oleh petugas dari DBKL.

Walaupun ianya dilakukan tanpa sengaja, namun kami kesal kerana beliau sepatutnya menyiasat terlebih dahulu sebelum memberikan sebarang kenyataan. KTM Berhad berdukacita atas situasi ini dan memohon maaf kepada pihak DBKL. Kami tiada niat untuk memburukkan imej DBKL dengan apa yang berlaku dan berharap pihak DBKL dapat menerima permohonan maaf kami.

Berkenaan insiden pada 15 Mac 2010 tersebut, anjing tersebut telah ditangkap oleh kakitangan KTM Berhad dengan bantuan pekerja kontrak pembersihan di stesen tersebut. Untuk makluman, anjing tersebut telah berada di stesen tersebut hampir dua tahun dan di sepanjang tempoh tersebut, KTM Berhad telah membuat lebih dari tiga aduan kepada Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) melalui telefon dan aduan terakhir dibuat adalah sehari sebelum anjing tersebut ditangkap iaitu pada 14 Mac 2010.

Keperluan kepada menangkap anjing tersebut adalah berdasarkan kewujudannya mengganggu penumpang kerana anjing tersebut pernah menyerang dan menggigit penumpang yang berada di sekitar kawasan meletak kenderaan dan berhadapan kaunter tiket KTM Komuter Kepong Sentral. Walau bagaimanapun serangan dan gigitan oleh anjing tersebut tidaklah sehingga membawa kepada keadaan kecederaan yang serius. Kes terakhir serangan oleh anjing tersebut adalah pada petang selepas ia dibebaskan iaitu serangan ke atas seorang warga Vietnam. Selain itu, anjing tersebut telah banyak kali membuang najisnya di kawasan platform dan ketika waktu hujan, kehadirannya di stesen akan meresahkan penumpang kerana air dari kibasan bulunya akan mengenai penumpang dan ianya suatu kesulitan terutama kepada penumpang beragama Islam.

Keputusan untuk menangkap anjing tersebut bukanlah berdasarkan lawatan menteri seperti dinyatakan namun dibuat atas keperluan operasi. Anjing tersebut yang ditangkap pada jam 12.00 tengahari dan kemudiannya dilepaskan semula pada jam 1.30 petang. Menurut kakitangan yang disoal, kehadiran kayu yang didakwa ditusuk ke kerongkong anjing tersebut adalah tidak benar. Kakitangan terlibat hanya mengikat anjing tersebut di pagar stesen namun tidak memasukkan sebarang kayu pada kerongkong dengan berniat menyiksa atau mencederakannya. Kayu yang dilihat ada pada mulut anjing tersebut hanya umpan untuk menangkapnya dan kayu tersebut telah digigit oleh anjing tersebut di bahagian hujungnya sahaja. Pihak kami telah melakukan dua cubaan untuk mengeluarkan kayu tersebut dan hanya berjaya dikeluarkan pada cubaan kedua kerana gigitan kuat pada kayu oleh anjing tersebut.

Anjing tersebut dilepaskan kembali kerana pihak kami tidak dapat sebarang pengesahan akan kehadiran MPS untuk mengambil anjing ini. Sebagaimana yang dilaporkan, sejurus anjing ini dilepaskan, ianya kembali berkeliaran di kawasan stesen.

Saya berharap orang ramai dapat membuat penilaian yang sewajarnya atas usaha yang telah diambil oleh kakitangan KTMB untuk menangani masalah anjing liar ini yang telah mengganggu ketenteraman penumpang-penumpang KTM Komuter dan menjadi satu nuisance yang berlarutan. Walaupun kaedah yang digunakan oleh kakitangan KTMB mungkin dipertikaikan, ianya dilakukan semata-mata bertujuan untuk menjamin keselamatan dan keselesaan penumpang-penumpang kami dan bukan niat menyiksa haiwan tersebut. Saya rasa kepentingan penumpang adalah prioriti kami.

Pihak kami akan memastikan selepas ini tiada lagi kejadian serupa berlaku. Pihak kami telah mengenal pasti alternatif yang lebih efisien untuk menangani masalah anjing/haiwan liar ini iaitu dengan menghubungi SPCA selain pihak berkuasa tempatan bagi menangani masalah sama di stesen-stesen lain.

Kami sama sekali tidak menyokong perbuatan menzalimi haiwan apatah lagi untuk bersubahat melakukannya. Walaubagaimana pun, saya rasa orang ramai juga perlu menilai tujuan asal langkah yang diambil dan tidak terus menghukum cara ianya dijalankan. Saya rasa semua orang, apabila digigit nyamuk, akan menampar nyamuk tersebut. Adakah itu juga boleh dianggap sebagai satu kekejaman kepada serangga? Setahu saya, satu ketika di Kelang, apabila burung-burung gagak menimbulkan masalah sampah sarap, satu usaha menembak gagak-gagak tersebut telah dijalankan secara besar-besaran untuk mengatasi masalah itu. Adakah cara penyelesaian yang lain?

Kami berharap agar penjelasan diberi adalah jelas dan memohon agar apa yang berlaku tidak dijadikan kayu ukur kepada sifat organisasi ini secara keseluruhannya.

Terima kasih.

Dr Aminuddin Adnan

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Friday, March 19, 2010

UPDATE from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better - Shocking Cruelty in Public!!!

Yet another horrific case of cruelty to dogs in Malaysia. What is this country coming to? I don't even want to live here anymore. This place sucks. After 8 years of living in this hellhole i feel nothing but hatred and bitterness towards the authorities and even most of the people. Read on and as usual, spread the word..

Taken from

Just when we thought we can take a short break from advocacy and update our supporters about our rescue work - this crops up. We are shocked and appalled that human beings can actually resort to such cruelty. The letter says the six young people were told that the dog had been tied-up like that for quite a while - didn't it kick the conscience of the people who had passed by? Our rescuer friend Miza Nordin says she will go an look for the dog this evening as it definetely needs medical attention. The stick has also been identified as the pole used by council dog catchers. So, there must be truth that the dog was tied in that position by DBKL workers. We called KTM and its public relations officer Fazil said he too was shocked with the pictures. He has asked for emails to be directed to him and said he would redirect them all to the KTMB president.

Here's the letter which appeared in Malaysiakini. Take a look at the picture.

M Nisha
Mar 17, 10

I am writing because of a grievous incident that took place on Monday, March 15 at about 3pm at Kepong Central KTM Station. My friends and I (six of us) were there to take the train to the Bank Negara station.

After parking our cars, we heard a dog howling, more like a painful cry. Then, we noticed a dog being tied to the grill (steel fence) of the KTM station. As we approached the dog, we stood aghast at the sight.

The stray dog's leg and neck was tied very tightly to the grill and a piece of wood had been shoved down inside its throat! The dog was bleeding and its feces were all around it. The string was attached to a pole in the KTM station.

Immediately, we confronted the KTM workers. They said that it was done by Kuala Lumpur City Hall workers because a minister was to be visiting the station next week. They failed to explain further.

At once, we called the SPCA and the Paws animal welfare society. The SPCA responded efficiently by informing us that an animal control officer would be there soon. We made a slight commotion in front of the KTM station but the KTM workers were not concerned at all.

After about an hour, as we were returning to the KTM Kepong Central Station, we received a call from the SPCA officer stating that the dog was now not tied up and was moving around. When we arrived, the dog was limping. The same KTM workers avoided us as we tried to confront them. A passer-by told us that the dog has been that way for quite some time.

The SPCA officer could not capture the dog as it walked away for quite a distance. He advised us to write to the media and to the SPCA as well.

Doenn't our country's animal rights support the idea that an animal has the right to live its life without being harmed and hurt by humans? We realize that people define the meaning of animal rights and abuse in different ways but aren't the citizens of our country merciful?

This dog could have been just put to sleep if it had been harming the public or causing a nuisance. Why stick a wooden stick down its throat?

So people, its back to pushing for justice again.

KTMB - write to:
Fazil - 03- 22631106


Y. Bhg. Datuk Seri Ahmad Fuad Bin Ismail
Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2617 9070

En. Mohamad Salleh bin Abdullah
Pegawai Khas I Datuk Bandar
Tel: 603-2617 9075

En. Md Aznan bin Md. Zain
Pegawai Khas II Datuk Bandar
Tel: 603-2617 9066

DBKL's man in charge of dog catching

Dr. Zainol Ariffin bin Pawanchee
603-2027 5301

Aduan DBKL:

03-2617 9925
03-2617 9936

Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Ministry (Under which DBKL falls)

YB. Dato' Raja Nong Chik
bin Dato' Raja Zainal Abidin

Roslima bt. Muhammad
Pembantu Khas Menteri

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


ok so runty & stubbs are being annoying again. since that day i managed to pet them, they have been keeping extra watchful eyes on me at all times. they even hiss at me when i bring them their meals. HMPF!!! i'm like "whatever psychos!! you are ruining your own chances of living comfortable, pampered lives in a safe environment!!".

I know they don't care and just want to get out of my home but i really worry about how they will adjust to life "out there". they'll be spayed and vaccinated before release of course, but still.. they have been regularly fed for months now. what if they can't fend for themselves? i will put food and water out for them in the same place that i leave food for daisy mama cat by my mailbox but how do i teach them to come back everyday and eat from there when they are scared of me? what if they just take off and never come back? i need to know they will come back for food once or twice a day like daisy does. i wish she could teach those two the routine.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Dammit i can't make the whole newsletter show up. sorry i suck with computers. umm.. for those who want to see the whole thing, i can email it to you..

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DVS Deputy DG Encourages Eating Dogs and Cats to Solve Stray problem?

“Suggestion to consume strays shot down” , by Meena L. Ramadas – The Sun

Could we allow this cruel trade to take root in Malaysia? -
photo courtesy of Animals Asia Foundation

PETALING JAYA (March 7, 2010): People with a penchant for exotic meat should be allowed to buy dogs from dog pounds for consumption, Veterinary Services Department (VSD) deputy director general Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar says.
Ahmad Suhaimi, who made the suggestion at a forum on effective animal pound management organised by the Petaling Jaya City Council’s Canine Advisory Team last week, said people who have no qualms about eating dog meat should be allowed to eat dogs kept in pounds.

“Do we have to keep the dogs at the pounds forever?” he asked. “They are animals, just like chickens or goats,” he added.
He said consuming dogs kept in pounds will help to check the number of strays at the pounds and help address any unmanageable increase of strays.
His suggestion sparked an outburst from a veterinarian who was among those attending the forum.

Without identifying herself, the vet, who appeared to be quite emotional, said: “About consuming dogs, the answer is simply no.”

She said as an animal lover, it was unimaginable to consume dogs and strays at that.
“I find the suggestion inhumane and cruel,” she said.

Ahmad Suhaimi responded by saying he too did not have the stomach to eat stray dogs, but as a veterinarian who is required to think clinically, it is important to consider all options when dealing with the issue of strays.

“I like to think outside the box,” he said with a laugh, which received some sniggers from those present.

Ahmad Suhaimi’s pitch, however, did not make the cut.

The forum made five recommendations for animal pound management.
This were that local councils should work with the veterinary department; local councils should cooperate with NGOs on catching strays; micro-chipping canines for easy ownership identification, educating pet owners and more stringent licensing laws.
A total of 12 local councils participated in the forum which was held in light of media reports last week about the appalling conditions at the Selayang Municipal Council’s (MPS) dog pound.

State executive councillor for health Dr Xavier Jayakumar, at a press conference earlier, said municipal councils have been instructed to maintain cleanliness at their pounds, and to work with the VSD. Officers in charge also have to treat sick animals and follow guidelines when euthanising them. -- theSun

SPCA Says : It is illegal to eat dogs & cats in Hong Kong, Korea and Philippines and it is banned in Taiwan. China’s growing middle class is pushing for a law against the eating of dogs & cats in their progressive country. It is shocking that Malaysian authorities are proposing eating dogs as a means to curb the stray dog population. As protectors of animals, it is a shame to propose this barbaric, inhumane, cruel and totally unacceptable solution. Instead they should propose humane, effective, sustainable and socially acceptable measures like high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinics and promote Responsible Pet Ownership.

Speak Up For The Voiceless
Please write in to the authorities, and tell them politely but firmly that you would like to illegalize the eating of cats and dogs in Malaysia – like Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan have done. It is not in the Malaysian culture to eat these domestic animals, and it is a cruel trade that many animal welfare organizations worldwide are lobbying to ban.

Dato Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar
Veterinary Services Department (VSD) deputy director general /

Dato Dr Abd. Aziz Jamaluddin
Veterinary Services Department (VSD) director general /

Ampang Jaya Municipal Case – Love Animals, Don’t Hoard Them

On the 11th of March, SPCA along with the Dept of Vet Services (Ulu Langat) were invited to join in a field visit with the MPAJ Vector Dept and the dog-catchers. We received a letter from MPAJ to assist them with a difficult case which they couldn’t settle, the owner was not cooperative and ignored every compound & notice letter – even after 7 inspections and warnings since 1998. The neighbours complained of the incessant noise and stench emanating from the building.

The old man had told everyone he had only 8 dogs in the top floor of an old abandoned shoplot. He had been rescuing strays and keeping them in his “apartment”. Even after an hour of negotiation with SPCA and MPAJ, he refused to let anyone in to remove the dogs – even clearly knowing it was illegal to have even one dog in a shoplot unit. Finally, the police had to be called in to control the situation, and the enforcement officers forced entry into the building. Upon entering, the officers were shocked – there were piles of faeces and pools of urine everywhere on the different floors, and the smell was unbearable. In his apartment, it was difficult to even walk as there were piles of recyclable items, rubbish and furniture. It was difficult to even find the dogs, which hid in the mess. A total of 12 dogs were removed, and another 3 could not be caught.

The dogs were brought back to SPCA temporarily, as the we had helped neuter several of his dogs for free and provided food for his dogs occasionally – not knowing that he had been hoarding so many. Though he is poor, the man has a good heart to help animals in need. He is very upset that his dogs have been taken, though he has no alternative premises to take them back to. The good news is a Good Samaritan is willing to adopt all of the dogs soon and get them all vaccinated and neutered, and we are liaising with MPAJ regarding the releasing of the dogs into this persons care.

Moral of the story : Love animals, but please do not become an animal hoarder. Please keep only as many animals as you can afford to care for properly – with adequate food, a clean and comfortable environment, and medical care when the animal falls ill or becomes injured. Please be considerate to your neighbours and aware of your local council guidelines.

Klang Pound Cleans Up Their Act

Over two visits in the last several weeks, the MPK pound seems to have significantly improved on their pound management.

On the first visit, our vet treated 4 adult dogs and 2 puppies for minor ailments while Inspector Murugan taught the pound workers how to mix a tick-wash solution and rid the kennels and surrounding areas of ticks. The workers were cooperative, and allowed us to inspect the kennels. At the time of the visit, there was food and water available for the animals. A mother dog and her pups, some other puppies and small dogs had been kept separately in the 10 multipurpose cages we donated to them.

A report animal rescuers regarding a tick infestation was made earlier this week, and the inspectors again went to check on the pound situation. There were ticks in the kennels, and crawling on the walls. Again, we reminded the caretakers how to tick-wash the area, and mixed a solution for them to use while cleaning later in the day. The animal rescuers agreed to monitor the situation.

The rescuers also complained that wire-loops were still being used to catch dogs, and the caretakers admitted that the dog-catchers still used them for the dogs which were difficult to catch. Wire-loops are difficult to remove from the dogs necks (or sometimes around their bodies) as they are too frightened, and thus often the loops are not removed - leading to the dogs sustaining injuries when the wire cuts into their necks or bodies. SPCA has since written in to the MPK Health Department, requesting that they stop using wire-loops immediately as it causes pain and suffering to the dogs.

Hulu Selangor Pound

During our first visit in early February based on a tip-off from an animal rescuer, we found that the dogs were kept in small cages, and exposed to the sun and rain without adequate provisions for food and water. Some were sick and our vet had to euthanize a dog with a gaping maggot infested wound in the right eye. We had immediately written in to the Yang Dipertua of MDHS, Director of Health, the Dept of Veterinary Services as well as YB Ronnie Liu and YB Elizabeth Wong – asking that immediate improvements be made, failing which all dog-catching activities must be stopped temporarily while a proper pound is built.

The council responded positively, and said they will make efforts to improve the pound situation. The dogs which were in their custody were released to animal rescuers who monitored the area, who offered to take them in.

During the second visit in mid-February, significant improvements had been made. The cages had been placed under a shelter, and were not overcrowded. They had 16 adult dogs in 12 cages. When we visited, there were containers of water in each cage but no food at the time. SPCA gave them 10 food bowls, 10 small buckets for water, 3 bags of dry food and 16 cartons of dog treats. We also gave them a net pole, and showed them how to use this method to catch dogs – which was more humane and less dangerous for both the dog and the catcher.

The caretaker said they did not have to euthanize any dogs recently, as animal rescuers had offered to take the dogs.

We will continue to monitor this pound, and are pleased that the management seem eager to learn how to manage their dog pound properly.

Rumble In The Jungle @ HELP University College

We were invited to set up a booth and be the beneficiaries for this event held on the 10th March 2010 at the HELP University College campus in Damansara! Education officer gave an edu talk to the students and a group of refugee children from Myanmar who were invited to participate in the event. We also brought animals for adoption, sold merchandise and promoted our Animals Matter To Me petition. The students worked hard and raised RM3,000 for our cause, many thanks to the wonderful organizers for their dedication and efforts to promote animal welfare!

Visit or for more information


Click here if you are having problems viewing this e-mail >>

“Take A Leash, Save A Life” billboard debut @ Rainforest area, 1Utama Shopping Centre,3rd & 4th April 2010, 10am-10pm

Our Charity Shoppe is brimming over with lots of good stuff! Visit us from 9am-4pm on weekends, you won't leave empty handed!

Old newspaper, surat khabar lamaa! We need lots of newspaper to line cages with, so if you have some please drop them off at the shelter! Thanks in advance :)

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Does this count as progress?

i touched runty and stubbs!! i was sneaky about it but i did make contact!! does that count as progress? or is it just impatience on my part? i don't know.. but whatever it is, i was like "YESSSS!!!!!!!!! I AM THE CAT WHISPERER!!" super yay! i may have done a little dance as well but i won't go into detail on that horrific sight.

runty was first.. ok maybe petting runty doesn't count because she was actually asleep.. i stuck one finger in the cage and stroked her head. when she woke up and quickly whirled around in terror i pretended i just happened to be there and hadn't done anything wrong. she glared at me suspiciously, outraged and convinced that i had touched her.. but being a cat, she couldn't verbally accuse me of anything :) oh and she can't prove anything hahahahahaa!!

petting stubbs totally does count!! it happened last night! she's been communicating with me lately, meowing and asking for food, making eye contact without hissing so i thought i'd take things a step further. i put my hand near her. she backed away at first but cautiously came back and sniffed my fingertips. no hissing. excellent. then i changed her water and fed her dinner. as she ate i gently stroked her back and head. she cringed but wasn't super scared or angry and continued eating. she gave me a look that said "umm.. what are you doing? i'm not really ready for this.." but at least she didn't lash out at me. later when she wasn't eating, i tried to pet her again and she dashed off... so i guess i'm just going to keep pairing meal times with more and more human contact until she's more comfortable.

By the way, the lady that adopted Link and Dora (stubbs and runty's siblings). says that they're doing very well and have settled in nicely. Their mother has also become tamer and knows how to tell my parents when she's hungry. the whole family is taken care of. more updates soon. i still haven't taken photos of runty and stubbs but i'll do that this weekend. they're super cute.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Malaysian Dog Pound Cruelty in the news

Star :

Dogs in misery

THE Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) is facing the heat over its dog pound.
News of the terrible condition of the pound and the dogs housed there has spread and many animal lovers are aghast. The pound is definitely not fit to house the animals. Fenced up: The Selayang dog pound. Caretakers have been neglecting their duties and have left the animals to suffer.

Since Monday, volunteers from various non-governmental organisations have visited the pound to do what they can for the dogs. They brought items like food, bowls and brooms.

A spokesman from canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) said some of the dogs had already starved to death. “They don’t feed the dogs properly or the right food. At some cells, plain rice is simply thrown in. “The drinking water is kept in big old pails but the puppies are too small to reach the top and drink,” she added.

The spokesman also added that MPS staff had even gone to the extent of catching a dog in the toilet of a shop owned by the storekeeper. "The staff said that according to the local authority’s by-laws, they can either compound the owner or seize the dog. They chose to seize the dog on the spot. “When asked the reason for taking the dog away, the staff said that it ws because the owner could not afford to pay the fine of RM1,000.”

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor honorary chairman Christine Chin said the council had refused help extended by them. “The council has a heartless and arrogant attitude. We want to provide food and disinfectant for the dogs in their pound but we have been rejected many times. We are not even allowed to see the pound.”
“The pound should be deloused and the cages disinfected daily. No dog should die of tick fever while in the pound and if they do die, it shows how ignorant the staff at the pound are in taking care of the animals.” MDDB and the SPCA urged the authorities to adopt the stray catching methods from Singapore and Indonesia where the animals are vaccinated and spayed.

Cruel treatment unacceptable

SELAYANG: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA Selangor) is claiming that about a dozen dogs died last week because of gross mismanagement at the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) dog pound in Rawang. The shocking revelation was published on the society's website and emailed to the media.

SPCA Selangor's public relations manager, Jacinta Johnson, said an animal rescuer had visited the pound in Taman Rawang Integrated on Feb 21, and reported that the dogs appeared not to have been given water. "She brought back five emaciated puppies, one of which was dying. The SPCA veterinarians had to euthanise the puppies because of their severe condition. The bodies were sent for a post-mortem at the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) the next day," she said.

Johnson said the SPCA then contacted the MPS director of health and licensing, Dr Razif Zainol Abidin, on Feb 22 with offers of dog food and help to improve conditions at the pound. "However, Dr Razif declined the offers, saying that the MPS had food and did not need help with the pound." She said SPCA inspectors and veterinarian also visited the pound but were denied entry.

"The caretaker refused to let them in as he did not want to get into any trouble with the management. After some coaxing, he allowed them in for a brief look around but warned them not to take any photos. SPCA Selangor veterinarian Dr Karen Koh, who was one of the visitors, said they observed that the floor had been washed but there was no evidence that the kennels were regularly disinfected to prevent the spread of diseases such as distemper, parvovirus, and tick-fever.

They also saw four dogs in one kennel which looked ill and emaciated. SPCA Selangor animal inspector Cunera Kimlon said since medical care for the dogs was beyond the means of the council, it should euthanise the severely injured and sick dogs instead of leaving them to suffer for days. Johnson said there were approximately 20 dogs and puppies in the kennels and only half appeared to be in reasonable health. She said the kennels and dogs were infested with ticks

"Volunteers from animal rescue groups Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and AnimalCare had brought containers for food and water as well as bags of dog food earlier, and fed and watered the dogs." Johnson said the SPCA team made a second visit last Wednesday morning and inspected the kennels and took photographs. The sickly dogs spotted two days ago were no longer around. They found all the puppies placed together in one kennel, while the adults were housed two or three to a kennel. Food and water placed by animal rescuers were still there. Two dogs were found dead -- a brown mix-breed dog and a black Spitz-mix in a red collar.

SPCA Selangor chairman Christine Chin claimed that the society was invited for a meeting with MPS to discuss ways to improve the pound's conditions but the invitation was revoked after their visits to the pound. Chin said SPCA Selangor was pressing for the closure of pounds that do not have proper and humane management, and condemned the ones that reject aid from animal welfare groups.

"This withholding of food, water, and medical attention causing unnecessary pain, suffering and death is tantamount to cruelty to animals. MPS officials managing the pound must be charged for cruelty to animals under Section 43 of The Animal Act 1953 (revised 2006).
"The Department of Veterinary Services must take strong action against the perpetrators as the offence is widespread.

"We are shocked at the conditions at the Selayang pound, and we are sending out a strong message that SPCA Selangor and Malaysians find the inhumane treatment of those dogs completely unacceptable," said Chin. This is not the first time MPS has come under fire. In 2007, the council was criticised for organising a dog-catching competition, which was later cancelled. Over the years, SPCA Selangor had also lobbied the department on its dog-catching activities and management of council pounds.

Animal rights abused at council's dog shelter, says NGO

PETALING JAYA: If hell exists on earth, then it must be the Selayang dog pound. A non-governmental organisation called Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) has slammed the mistreatment of canines at the pound run by the Selayang Municipal Council. An MDDB spokesperson alleged that the dogs were not taken care of properly and some had even starved to death.

"They don't feed the dogs with proper food. In one or two of the cells, they are given only chunks of white rice thrown into the cage," she said. "They also provide water in big old pails and puppies can't reachthe top to drink." The horror is not limited to the pound as it is alleged that the staff goes around catching strays, going as far as entering the toilet of a coffee shop to seize a dog owned by the shopkeeper. "That staff said that under the local authority by-laws, they can either compound the owner or seize the dog. They chose to seize the dog on-the-spot instead," said the spokesperson.

She said the reason the staff gave for taking away the dog was because the owner could not afford the compound fee of RM1,000. "Instead of compounding owners, they seize their pets and throw them into the pound," she said, adding that some of the dog have died of tick fever as the pound is infested with the parasite. Meanwhile, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor is upset with the council for repeatedly rejecting their offer to care and provide for the animals at the pound.

MDDB is calling on the Federal government to adopt Indonesia's and Singapore's methods in handling stray dogs. "Although Malaysia is getting closer to being a developed country, our management of strays is actually taking a step backwards," said SPCA honorary chairperson Cristine Chin. "In Indonesia, stray dogs are sterilised and then put back on the streets. This is working well so we should adopt the same techniques too."

SPCA slams Selayang council

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor honorary chairperson Christine Chin has lambasted the Selayang Municipal Council for rejecting the association's help to care and provide for the animals in the council's dog pound.
"The council has a heartless and arrogant attitude. We want to providefood and disinfectant for the dogs in their pound but time and time again, we have been rejected. We are not even allowed to see the pound," she said, adding that they have been repeatedly rebuffed over the years. "Their pound should follow simple procedures like de-lousing the cages and disinfecting the dogs from ticks daily. No dog should have to die of tick fever while in the pound and if they do die, it shows how ignorant the pound is in taking care of the animals." She said SPCA will continue to offer help to improve the dogs' welfare. "Our officers can educate the pound workers on how to disinfect the dogs."
M'sia Today
Two dogs lie dead in the MPS Pound on Wednesday morning

25 FEBRUARY 2010, SELAYANG – Visits by the Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA Selangor) and animal rescuers to the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) dog pound in Rawang in the last few days have revealed that the pound is grossly mismanaged, and that almost a dozen dogs have died in the pound since Sunday. On Sunday, an animal rescuer visited the pound and reported that it appeared the dogs were not being fed or watered. She brought back 5 emaciated puppies, one of which was dying already. The SPCA vets had to euthanise the puppies due to their severe condition, and sent them for a post-mortem at the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) on Monday morning.

SPCA’s help declined

SPCA contacted MPS Director of Health and Licensing Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin on Monday morning, offering a supply of dog food and assistance with improving conditions at the pound. However, Dr Razif declined the offers, saying that the MPS had food and did not need help with the pound.

Later on Monday, the
SPCA Selangor Inspectors and vet went to the pound, but were denied access to the pound. The caretaker refused to let them in, as he did not want to get into any trouble with the management. However, after some coaxing he allowed them to go in briefly to look around – but warned them not to take any photos. There were approximately 20 dogs and puppies in the kennels, only half of which appeared to be in reasonable health. The kennels and dogs were heavily infested with ticks. Volunteers from animal rescue groups Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and AnimalCare had brought food and water containers, and bags of dog food earlier and had fed and watered the dogs.

“Though the floor had been washed down, there was no evidence that the kennels were disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of prevailing diseases in the pound like distemper, parvovirus, and tick-fever,” says SPCA Selangor Veterinarian Dr Karen Koh. There were four dogs in one kennel that looked very ill and emaciated. “Since providing medical care for the dogs is beyond the means of the council, they must ensure that dogs that are severely injured or ill are euthanized by a vet promptly, and not left suffering in these enclosures for days,” says SPCA Selangor Animal Inspector Cunera Kimlon.

A second visit was made early Wednesday morning. The gate to the pound was open, and the SPCA team began inspecting the kennels again and taking photographs. The sickly dogs that were seen two days earlier were no longer around. All the puppies had been placed together in one kennel, while the neighbouring kennels housed 2-3 adult dogs each. Food and water placed by animal rescuers was still there.
Two dogs were found dead, a brown mix-breed dog and a black Spitz-mix wearing a red collar.

“We were invited to a meeting with Majlis Perbandaran Selayang, to discuss how to immediately improve this miserable situation the pound dogs are facing, but this invitation was immediately revoked upon them learning of our pound visit on Wednesday morning,” says SPCA Selangor Chairman Christine Chin. “However, we are still keen on teaching them how to manage their pound better in the short-term and long-term – if they are willing to accept our help. Municipals should be encouraging animal loving constituents to help at the pound, not chasing them out,” she continues.

Council in the spotlight again
2007, MPS incurred the wrath of dog-lovers all over the world when they decided to initiate a financially rewarding dog-catching competition inviting the public to participate in what looked like ‘fun-filled festivity’ to reduce the stray population. The competition was quickly scrapped after protests from animal welfare NGOs and the public. Animal welfare NGOs have always highlighted that reducing the stray population requires a long-term strategy - low-cost spay/neuter programs, public awareness campaigns, proper licensing and effective legislation discouraging abandonment of pets or allowing them to stray in their neighbourhood.

SPCA pressures for prosecution
SPCA Selangor has over the years lobbied the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) to regulate and monitor dog-catching activities and the management of council pounds. Last year, the DVS issued the ‘Guidelines for Humane Stray Management for Local Councils’ to all Malaysian municipal councils, but few improvements have been made by the councils – with even basic needs such as food, water and a clean environment often not provided for the dogs.

“SPCA Selangor is pressing for a closure of all pounds that are not managed humanely, and strongly condemns those that reject help from animal welfare groups. This withholding of food, water, and medical attention causing unnecessary pain, suffering and death to the impounded dogs is tantamount to cruelty to animals.
MPS officials in charge of the pound management must be charged for cruelty to animals under Section 43 of The Animal Act 1953(revised 2006). The DVS must take strong action against these perpetrators as this offense is so widespread – municipal councils feel the law will never catch them as they have been getting away with it for years,” Chin urges.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Runty & Stubbs

So... I've started to hope that i might be able to put Runty & Stubbs up for adoption. They've started showing some signs of improvement.. Well, Runty's not as vicious and scary as she used to be and Stubbs has started communicating with me. She's also showing signs of wanting to socialize with the other cats in the house. The other day, when i opened their cage to feed them, Stubbs even slipped out of the cage and brushed up against my arm before exploring. Runty of course, remained curled up in a tense ball of fear but at least she didn't hiss at me to the point of spitting.

At the very least, it might be possible for Stubbs to be socialized enough to be adopted? Maybe we'll find someone kind and loving enough to like Stubbs and also be willing to adopt her feral sister? I really don't wanna just spay and release them. That is absolutely the last resort.

keep on yakking people!!

As usual, I'd like to remind all of you to please share Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better's dog pound updates with everyone you know. Share them on your own blogs, send them out as emails to your friends. Inform your local media! Let's make Malaysia's cruelty to animals common knowledge around the world.

More malaysian government servant stupidity - UPDATE FROM MDDB

Taken from:


Being watched
Being watched
Made to wait for over an hour in the hot sun

Our friends Evelyn and Jo went to the Selayang Municipal council pound this morning with cooked food, kibbles and canned food for the dogs. They stood for almost an hour outside the locked gate with no one coming to talk to them even though there were nine people inside the pound. However, several MPS people arrived at the scene and started taking pictures of the girls and keeping an eye on them. This can be perceived as intimidation. Evelyn and Jo did not give-up and stood there until some pound workers came out to take the food form them. They were not allowed in. When Evelyn asked what happens if dog owners came to take their dogs out, she was told that they would have to go to the office (open only during weekdays) to get a letter to come into the pound and once they have found their dog, they would have to travel miles again back to the office to pay the compound before taking their dog back home. Why is MPS making it difficult for owners and rescuers to take dogs out? Does it give them perverted satisfaction to see these poor animals dead rather than helping them to live? Anyway, some useless goons are accusing us of highlighting this to get money from the public. How much sicker can they get? We are not bums trying to make a fast buck from championing this cause. We are all gainfully employed professionals who cannot handle seeing animals suffer. Yes, we are dependant on public donations - how are we expected to pay the thousands of ringgit we currently owe several veterinary clinics without public help. Ironically these goons receive at least 50 times more in donations than us but do nothing at all for stray animals.. To these evil beings - all MDDB has to say is: STOP TRYING TO SABOTAGE THE CHANGE WE ARE TRYING TO INITIATE AT THE LOCAL COUNCIL POUNDS . YOU HAVE TARNISHED YOUR CREDIBILITY - DON'T MAKE IT WORSE. Btw we spoke to some dog catchers earlier in the day and they told us that the Selayang Pound is horrendous. They said the main reason behind this sad state of affairs is a tall woman. Could that be Ernie 013-6064446?

Read more:

More on dog pounds from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Taken from:



Animal pounds ordered to clean up their act
by Meena L. Ramadas

SUBANG JAYA (March 2, 2010): The Selangor government has instructed all municipal councils to “clean up their act” concerning the management of animal pounds.

State executive councillor for health, estate workers' affairs, poverty eradication and caring government Dr Xavier Jayakumar said today all municipal councils have been told to maintain the cleanliness of the pounds, work with the Veterinary Services Department under the Agriculture Ministry and that officers have to treat sick animals and follow guidelines on euthanising them.

He said the recent spate of media reports on the poor condition of local council pounds had resulted in checks made to the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), Klang Municipal Council (MPK) and Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) pounds.

“The reports about the MPK pound was found to be not true,” he said, after launching a workshop organised by Canine Advisory Team (CAT) on the management of stray animals and pets in Selangor at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ).

“As far as MPS is concerned, we have informed the health section of the council to make the necessary changes,” he said.

A blog posting revealed that a dozen dogs had died in the MPS pound over the last one week due to mismanagement and slacking of caretaking duties.

Jayakumar said the state is working to streamline animal licensing guidelines across municipal and city councils.

He said the licensing guidelines vary across councils and the state intends to create a uniform set of guidelines to be practised by all councils.

“We are looking into the differences among the councils’ guidelines and we will consider all sensitivities,” he added.

He said the guidelines have been in place for a significant amount of time under the Local Government Act and changes take “a bit of time”.

Jayakumar said the state is also studying total procedural matters concerning the way in which animals are treated in municipal council pounds after receiving complaints on the management of pounds and animals.

He said the public should expect more information soon about a centralised pound to be established by the state.

Jayakumar said the facility requires at least two hectares and the only available land is in Sepang.

“I have plans for it and I have also spoken to consultants on ways to establish a environmentally-friendly facility,” he said.

“I am thinking about hiring veterinarian officers and veterinarian animal assistants as well as members of non-governmental organisations to educate owners on pet management.”

Meanwhile, the forum organised by CAT yielded five recommendations: local councils to work together with the veterinary department and officers, local councils to cooperate with NGOs on catching strays, microchipping for easy ownership identification, educating pet owners and more stringent licensing laws.

A total of 12 local councils participated in the forum. -- theSun

Councils and animal welfare groups must work together
Yia Zhi Jern and Stephanie Augustin

RAWANG (March 2, 2010): A non-governmental organisation (NGO) wants greater cooperation between animal welfare groups and local councils in dealing with the alleged mismanagement of pounds.

Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive) and Canine Advisory Team (CAT) president Anthony Thanasayan said both parties have to work together to ensure animal welfare.

He was responding to the recent case of alleged mistreatment of dogs at the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) pound in Rawang.

The case came to light when the NGO, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB), posted eyewitness accounts and photos on its blog on Feb 21. The photographs of dog carcasses, diseased dogs and tick-infested kennels outraged many animal lovers.

Following this, several other parties, including the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), MPS councillor Gunarajah George, and Petpositive's Thanasayan, who is also Petaling Jaya city councillor, visited the pound.

"It is not true that the pound is a hellhole. I’ve been to the pound and the dogs had food and clean water. I don’t know what happened before but today it looked okay," said Thanasayan who visited the pound on Feb 24.

However, he admits there could be negligence. "They have probably 60% knowledge required to look after the pound. The caretaker, who has come under fire, is actually knowledgeable in pound management as she attends CAT meetings on dog care," he added.

Thanasayan believes in engaging the council instead of hurling accusations at them.

"Clearly MPS needs help – they have admitted so. The council has immediately implemented some of the guidelines we submitted to them while some others will start in a month," said Thanasayan.

Some of the guidelines the council has decided to implement immediately include not entering compounds during operations, to stop catching puppies and unlicensed but collared dogs.

He said MPS Director of Health and Licensing Dr Razif Zainol Abidin had told him the pound would put in place measures to improve the situation within the next month.

These measures include separating strays and pets, looking into nutrition and canine healthcare, as well as euthanising strays.

Gunarajah, when contacted, said MPS will also form a committee involving representatives from the Health Department, MPS, Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), Petpositive, MDDB and SPCA to monitor the pound.

Meanwhile, MPS and DVS have both launched separate inquiries into the Selayang pound situation. -- theSun

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