Tuesday, March 9, 2010

more cruelty to dogs in malaysia

Dogs in pounds here continue to suffer horribly at the hands of evil, heartless Malaysians. These cases were covered extensively by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better on their excellent blog, and recently, local newspapers also began to highlight the plight of dogs in Malaysian pounds. I'll post the articles and MDDB's updates here shortly. First I want to talk about a cruelty case that I've just heard about.

My friend RM called me on Sunday night in tears. Someone has poisoned the entire pack of stray dogs that she has been feeding for over 3 years. Every single one of them is dead. Some were already dead when she went to feed them.. The last one died in her arms foaming at the mouth and seizing. RM is a kind soul and she is heartbroken. She lovingly gave those dogs two home-cooked meals everyday. She never even went on vacation because she didn't want to miss any feedings. My dog Molly came from this pack of dogs. When RM rescued Molly, she was a puppy and her mother was part of the group. Now Molly is the only one left. I'm so glad Molly will never know what happened to all her old friends. RM suspects that the city council dog catchers are the ones who poisoned the dogs. I wouldn't put it past them either. They are famous for their methods. Everyone knows that poisoning is one of their favorite ways of killing stray dogs. After all, they torture and murder dogs at the pound.. why would poisoning strays make them feel bad?

I hope that all those fuckers responsible for all this cruelty get what they deserve.

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