Thursday, March 25, 2010

SPCA Selangor Update - KTM DOG FOUND

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SPCA Selangor New Alert:

KTM Kepong Dog Found In Selayang Dog Pound

23 MARCH 2010, SELAYANG – The stray dog that was tied tightly to a grille and had a stick jammed in his mouth has been found at last after days of searching by the SPCA Selangor staff and animal rescuers – thanks to the sharp eyes of SPCA Animal Inspector V. Murugan.

Photos of the dog tied tightly to the grille of the train station

On Monday (15th March 2010) a group of commuters were horrified when they saw the dog tied up in the train station, and questioned the train station staff. They also quickly alerted the SPCA Selangor and asked for assistance. A driver was immediately sent to the station, but when he reached the dog had already been released. The wary and traumatized dog ran away quickly, though limping. SPCA staff went back everyday since the incident till Friday to look for the dog, but the dog was not seen again. For the full article, click here to read Ghastly animal abuse at Kepong KTM station” on malaysiakini >>

KTM confirmed that their staff had indeed tied up the dog, but pleaded ignorance and claimed that they did not mean to cause the dog harm. Click here to read the response by KTMB President Dr Aminuddin Adnan to this incident >>

The Inspectorate team made an announced visit to the Selayang dog pound on Friday, as part of our pound management education and monitoring program. The condition of the pound appeared to have improved slightly, with rice and water provided and the dogs separated into different groups – puppies, mother dogs and litters, and bigger dogs. The next day, Inspector Murugan compared a photo of a dog at the pound to the grainy photo of the dog at the KTM Kepong station – they looked very similar because of the distinct patches of mange, though there were no other ways to identify the dog.

Dog found at the Selayang dog pound finally!

Chief Animal Inspector Cunera and Education officer Shahrul went to the pound on Tuesday to claim a mother dog and 3 young puppies that the Chairman Christine Chin was interested in adopting, as well as to get a closer look at the brown, patchy dog which could possibly be the KTM dog. The KTM management had said in a statement that they had called the Selayang council on many occasions to remove the dog from the station. The pound workers initially refused entry to the SPCA staff as their officer in charge was not present. SPCA staff had been trying repeatedly to call the officers in charge of the pound – none of them picked up the calls. Finally, they contacted MPS Councillor Gunaraj George, who came and reprimanded the staff for not allowing the SPCA staff in. He also called the officers in charge of the pound, and instructed them to cooperate with the SPCA team.

(L) Chief Inspector Cunera helping to move the mother dog out of the kennel, (R) Pound workers

Accompanied by the councillor, the team finally were allowed to go into the pound. After safely removing the mother dog and pups into the van, the SPCA staff inspected the dog thought to be the KTM dog. The pound caretakers confirmed that the dog was caught at the Kepong KTM station. Strangely enough the dog was wearing a leather collar, as though it had been owned once upon a time. The SPCA staff were very happy that the dog had been located, as the dog could have been seriously injured after its ordeal. The dog was handed over to a representative of the rescue group Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, which will be sending the dog for treatment at a government vet. The group hopes to get a medical report from the vet, to determine the injuries sustained by the dog as evidence for initiating legal action against KTMB.
MPS Councillor Gunarajah George watches the pound workers help load the dog and puppies in the SPCA van

SPCA Selangor thanks all the members of the public who had written in to KTMB to query the incident, and to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and other animal rescuers who had helped in the search for this dog!

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