Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For Adoption - Evelyn Sophia (Evie)

Isn't she a cute little booger?

Doing a handstand over her bowl of kibble

Checking herself out in the mirror..

Umm.. yes i do have the twilight series. Dont judge me!

Getting some TLC from uncle fat fat.

Being a cheeky monkey..

Testing uncle fat fat's patience..

Finally, surrendering..

Held down and forcefully groomed.. uncle fat fat likes his foster kittens CLEAN.

Won't someone give this little tyke a loving home?

Friday, December 24, 2010

New foster kitten - Evelyn Sophia

For the last week or so my neighbor and I have been trying to rescue several kittens in our apartment compound. We knew of a litter of four and another litter of two that needed help but they were pretty feral and very difficult to catch. They were all also too small and light to set off the humane cat trap borrowed from SPCA Selangor. I live on the second floor of the low-rise part of the building so I could very clearly hear their distress calls. Unfortunately the skittish little dudes were all too quick for me so several days passed without progress. Eventually the litter of four disappeared. I have no idea where they've gone or whether they're still alive. They were about 3 to 4 months old. Hopefully they have just wandered off somewhere else.

The small litter of two also proved to be difficult. Though younger, they were just as wary and fearful as their older friends. My neighbor, let's call her Miss 8th Floor, first heard loud baby mews about a week ago. She soon spotted a tiny tortie kitten hiding among the plants and gutters outside the condo management office. This little kitty was tiny and well camouflaged. Unfortunately she was also very quick. We still haven't caught her and no one has heard or seen her since last weekend. We were told by the security guard that this kitten has a sibling but at that point we had not seen the sibling yet. The guard also told us that he had found the kittens' mother's dead body 2 saturdays ago in the parking lot. No idea what killed her. In any case we had pretty much given up hope of rescuing the tortie kitten and her sibling when I received a pleasant surprise. BC, a lady that works in the condo managment office called me and said they had managed to catch a kitten. I assumed she meant the tortie. Once I got home I dashed over to the office and was surprised to find that they had caught a tuxie kitten. None of us had ever seen this kitten before but i think its possible that this tuxie kitten is the tortie's missing sibling.

We decided to name her Evelyn Sophia, a very grownup human name :) I'll call her Evie for short here. Evie was emaciated, dehydrated, extremely timid and fearful. I brought her home and set up a little space for her in the laundry area. She promptly hid behind the washing machine and it took me ages to get her out. Since then she has improved by leaps and bounds. In the last 3 days she has gone from being terrified of me to sticking to me like glue and butting her tiny head against me all the time. She sits outside my room and meows at the top of her lungs if i don't let her in. A couple of days ago, she had to spend the night at the vet.. Dr L was worried that Evie might have a diaphragmatic hernia. For more info on what that is click here and here. Evie had been vomiting and having trouble breathing. Luckily an xray showed that Evie's diaphragm was intact and all her organs in the right place. It also showed that her heart is bigger than it should be. Dr L says we have to keep a close eye (and ear) on that but so far, her heartbeat sounds ok. Evie is now on a two-week course of antibiotics for severe flu. This flu is making her wheeze and cough and even gag. She is recovering at home with me now and having fun running around playing although its hard for her to breathe and eat with all that congestion.

When Evie is well, she will be available for permanent adoption to a good home. She is about 3months old now and a very sweet gentle little tyke. Spaying and vaccinations are compulsory as usual. Evie will not add to the massive population of strays suffering in Malaysia. Photos coming soon. Adoption procedure on the right side bar :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

the memories, they hurt

omg.. i still miss molly so much. i cry at least once a week over her. the guilt is eating me up inside. i wish i could take back everything and start over with her. my memories of her hurt me deeply, even the happy ones, especially the happy ones. my silly little tripod pooch. she brought so much joy to my life. what made me think i could possibly live without her and she without me? we were two peas in a pod. a human-canine pair of kindred spirits. she really was man's best friend, but i wasn't hers.. i totally let her down. i didn't work hard enough for her. i gave up on her but she would never have given up on me. i am a shitty fosterer. the worst. i don't deserve the role.

i remember how scared she was when she first became my foster pup.. she wouldn't even move or eat or make a sound.. her pain, fear, and suffering were still so great. she knew nothing but cruelty from humans and she expected that from me as well. i remember when she started to realize that i wouldn't hurt her and slowly, very slowly, she became happy. of course, in the end i did hurt her and let her down just like everyone else did. that is what kills me. i was supposed to be the one person that would never ever give her any grief. i should never have tried to find her a permanent home, she was already home with me wasn't she. too late now. i should've known she would never be able to cope with new people.

i miss her doggy smell which was different from other dogs, really! i miss our howling at each other, her sneeze fits, how she obsessively cleaned her stump, the way she trimmed the toenails on her remaining three feet by gnawing at them (i never even had to clip them!), i miss watching her play catch by herself - she would toss her own toys into the air and chase after them happily.. i miss her obsession with the cats and her friendship with spike. i miss watching her run up and down the stairs at top speed despite missing a leg.. i miss how she greeted me every morning and evening, so happily.. she would stand up on her one hind leg to bat me with her front paws, her tail wagging madly the entire time. i miss how much she loved human beds. she'd jump onto the bed and roll around in ecstasy rubbing her back on the sheets and burrowing her head among the covers, snuffling and barking joyfully. she loved pillows too. i miss how after i taught her how to shake paws, she'd hold out a paw and try to shake my hand before i even asked her to - if i was eating something. she was so smart and knew that a trick well done would result in a treat! i miss watching her and conan curl up together in their favorite spot in their room and sleep. i miss watching her try to carry him around in her mouth even after he grew too big for her to do that. i miss hanging out with her on the couch, my arm around my little pooch, my head on her side. sometimes we looked deep into each others eyes and i could see the pain and fear of her childhood. i miss just knowing she was there at home with me, a little creature that adored me and that i adored.

i don't know if i will ever foster a dog again. i can't go through this again. rest in peace molly. you are so loved and always will be. there is no replacement for you.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

One girl, missing in action.

hola gente, mis amigos, y awesome followers!
i know i've been bad. sorry just haven't had much to report. i have not rescued any furkids since little boo was adopted. not because i don't want to, but because i haven't come across any furkids that need my help. their absence is both disconcerting and comforting; part of me would like to think that there are less unspayed animals breeding uncontrollably in the dangerous streets and producing more unfortunate strays. another part of me worries that they have all been snatched up by city council pound workers. we know what happens to innocents there. check my previous posts about the local pounds if you don't. also i have lost some of my drive.... sorry but its true.. since i lost my molly i have not been able to bring myself to rejoin the animal welfare community. hope you are all well though and thank you for following! will update once i've rescued another unfortunate tyke.

Friday, October 15, 2010

SPCA Selangor's World Animal Day - Oct. 17, 11am-4:30pm

First let's thank everyone in the Malaysian animal welfare activism community for all the great work they have done and all the animals they have saved. A huge difference has been made in the lives of all those rescued and helped.

Then, let's remember all the animals that we tried to save but couldn't.. and those that need help everyday but help does not find them. Think of the ones that have suffered, starved, and died of neglect and abuse. There are the ones we know of, and worse, the ones that have suffered and died silently without anyone every knowing or reaching out a helping and compassionate hand. Remember always to do what you can to help those that can't help themselves. There is so much pain, fear, and loneliness in the world. It's our responsibility to try and alleviate that suffering.

Finally, my foster animals that have died. I always, always tried to help all of you. Every death has been heartbreaking and I will never forget a single one of you.
Socks, Moo, Charlie, Ruffles the pigeon, Crusty, Holly, Kirby, Gia, Mortimer, Manfred, Seymour, and last but not least, my angel dog and co-pilot Molly Sue. Yes, she's dead and no I don't want to talk about it. Please don't ask me about her.

At SPCA Selangor's World Animal Day event this Sunday, please light a candle for the souls that I failed to save.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Beau/Little Boo has been adopted!

Just a quick one to tell all you animal welfare lovelies that Baby Beau also known as Little Boo, now known as Datin, was adopted last Friday evening. She joins a lovely lady who lives in my neighborhood and her other precious pets.

She's in excellent hands and has already been brought for further checkups at the vet, full blood screening, and she's now on Revolution. I couldn't be happier for the little sugar booger. Her new mother is the sort of adopter that we always wish for, but don't always find for our foster animals.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Beau - New Photos

As promised, an update about Baby Beau. She has recovered from her flu and eye infections. It turns out that she doesn't have ringworm on her face. The baldness was caused by her scratching her eyes and also the dried, crusted, discharge from her eyes. Whenever she rubbed off the crusted icky stuff, she pulled fur out as well. She basically waxed her own face. The fur has been growing back well and she looks fabulous. Oh, did i mention that she's a girl, not a boy. I always make that mistake with the young ones. So she can't be called Beau anymore. I'm leaning more toward Baby Boo or Little Boo but anyway, names I give these tykes aren't permanent. They almost all get new names when they go to their new homes.

Isn't she pretty?

Can you spot the kitten?

Snoozing peacefully.. A rare moment. She's almost always running around.

Looking pretty in pink..

Check out that big belly.. Rest assured, she has been dewormed!!

Such a pretty face and an awesome personality to match!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New foster kitten - Baby Beau

M2 and I found Baby Beau last night as we drove through Kampung Segambut Dalam. The tiny little tyke was trying to cross the road by himself and ran right in front of my car. I pulled over and M2 rushed out to grab him. He's about 5-6 weeks old, white with grey patches. So far he's pretty quiet but he's got a great appetite. He eats wet or dry food and has the most impeccable bathroom habits I have ever seen. I'm convinced he's a genius. I just had to show him the litter box once and he hasn't failed to use it on his own every time, even thoroughly burying each 'deposit'. I know plenty of adult cats that could learn a thing or two from Baby Beau. He's been treated for fleas and will be getting his shot and dewormer when he sees the shelter vet tomorrow. He seems to have some sort of skin problem on his face (ringworm maybe?), some baldness above and around his nose, but I'm sure he'll be a heartbreaker once it clears up. I thought he might be sick because he seemed weak but after a big meal he started to very gently play with my hands. Baby Beau is available for adoption to a good home. I'll post more photos as he grows, especially as his face recovers.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Molly is miserable.

Looks like all those pre-rehoming orientation sessions Molly had with Az the last couple of weeks aren't any help at all. She might as well have moved to the home of a total stranger. Molly is so fragile, so sensitive, she can't handle the change in environment. Nevermind that the person there is the one that gave her all the yummy chicken and got her so excited and happy at my old house.

Molly is depressed and fearful. In her scared state she is also becoming aggressive. She has bitten Az twice. Once on his hand, and the second time on the back of his thigh after he had set down her dinner bowl and then turned to leave her enclosure. When she isn't growling at Az and his dogs, she's barking and howling. Az's neighbors have already complained twice about her late night howling. Az's puppy Sunday is now terrified of Molly and will run and hide whenever she sees her around. Today is Friday. Molly hasn't eaten since Tuesday. When I visited her yesterday, I tried to hand-feed her pieces of chicken breast. She wasn't interested at all. She also doesn't move much. She lies down in her enclosure and doesn't budge. I had to carry her onto her quilt. When I call her name she doesn't look at me. She's completely unresponsive. She wasn't excited to see me when I visited her. She just glanced at me and then continued spacing out.

Anyway, Az and I decided she needed to go to a vet and that she should also board there for a day or two to give Az's neighbors a break from her howling. Since Molly wouldn't move, I had to carry her to my car and then carry her into the clinic, and carry her into the kennel. All this happened last night. At the clinic, they are monitoring how much she eats, if at all. So far she has had some water. I just went to visit her. She whined when she saw me. That's something at least.. better than the totally unresponsive dog from before. The sign on the door of her kennel says "Molly - Check makan/tidak. Gigit" That says to check if she eats or not, and that she bites. I guess she bit someone there too.

What do we do? Az is already the world's most patient and awesome adopter. If she can't make it with him, she can't make it with anyone. No one else would be fine with being bitten twice and going through all the orientation sessions and tolerate the howling. I know Molly wants to go back to our old house but that house is gone. I don't have a house to foster her in anymore.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And off we go to our new homes.. all of us..

Yesterday the 31st of August, was the Malaysian independence day. I'm not patriotic so it means nothing to me, plus i'm a chink and my fellow malaysian chinks know what that means over here... second class citizens. But anyway f*** that. I'm not going to get political today. For me, yesterday had a different meaning, it was the last and final day at the house. The end of one of the most important and life-changing chapters of my life. Now I find myself strangely alone. It's a weird feeling and I'm a little lost. The ex and I were together for 5 years and lived together for 3. This breakup has been like a divorce.. Division of pets, property, the whole 9 yards. I'm just happy that we have parted amicably and will always be part of each other's lives. Still, i think its pretty traumatizing for all and I haven't slept well in weeks. Now that the house is empty and none of us are there anymore, this breakup feels all too real. ugh i know i'm not really making sense. just rambling. anyway this is supposed to be about the animals not me.

Molly moved to Az's home on Monday evening. I was there with her for about 6 hours and we hung out with Az and his dogs Kopi and his puppy, now named Sunday. Molly was nervous but willing to explore so I was optimistic.. when she first moved in with me, she was completely paralyzed with fear so this was a big improvement. She even ate lamb and chicken that Az prepared for her. She played with Sunday and wasn't too growly. I hoped everything would be ok when I left her there. Well she started to get a little barky and agitated towards the end of the night. I guess she sensed something was wrong and wanted to go home. We had her confined to a back area but when she saw me leaving she managed to get through and made a mad dash for the door. She was so panicked she pooped a little. My poor baby. Az told me that the next morning, she became very aggressive. We are working on that now.

I hope I never have to foster a dog ever again. It's too painful. I know we are supposed to maintain an emotional distance from our foster animals, but i just can't. People are always telling me not to get too attached. How can I not get attached? The only way to rehabilitate these animals, especially the abused ones, is to shower them with as much unconditional love as possible. If I could hold anything back, any love, then I wouldn't be fostering anyway. Know what I mean? I foster because I love. So yeah it hurts, it always hurts and now the thought of Molly being unhappy is killing me. There is a tightness in my chest that hasn't gone away since she left me. I am so worried and I miss her so much. I am always fighting back tears.

Tony and Spike moved to my ex's home last night. That was heartbreaking for me as well. I miss them already. Spike was so confused and whined a lot when he was left there. Tony was fine though, he lived there for a whole year before and seemed to remember it. I know they will be fine there. That house has like the biggest freaking yard ever. It's HUGE. They will have so much space and hopefully Tony won't always get cranky and attack Spike. Surely that giant yard is big enough for the both of them? Fingers crossed. I'll go over this weekend to bathe and walk them.

All the cats are fine in my new apartment except for Daisy Mama Cat. She really hates being indoors. She has been hiding behind the potted plants on the balcony since yesterday.

Silas the kitten was adopted this afternoon by a nice girl that has a 1 year old male orange tabby kitty.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

For Adoption - Silas

Here's Silas the night he was rescued. Super dirty, sticky, and oily too for some reason...

Silas was found on the 24th of August in Solaris Mont Kiara as he lay by the roadside staring into a drain. He is available for immediate adoption to a good home.

He is about 3 months old, has a full white coat, a long tail, and pretty blue eyes. He is vocal, extremely affectionate and playful. Knows how to use the litter box. Gets along with other cats. Eats dry or wet food. He has been dewormed and frontlined. Neutering at 6 months and vaccinations are compulsory for adoption.

Message me to set up a meeting with Silas.

Below, the morning after a warm bath and tummy-busting meals.

Molly's 4th Orientation Session with Az - Super duper progress!!

Molly and Az had their 4th orientation session yesterday afternoon. It was by far the coolest one yet. They made crazyyyyy progress. Az brought a secret weapon... steamed chicken breast!! Molly was soooooo excited and practically driven mad by the aroma of it. She totally forgot that she was afraid of Az. She didn't bark, growl, or run away. She was all over him sniffing and licking his hands. Jumping up on the couch and sitting next to him. I think she's beginning to realize that Az is the bearer of yummy things. With me, she's had kibble and canned dog food her whole life. With Az every meal will consist of freshly cooked brown rice, lamb, chicken, and salmon. Wowee!! Az's dogs eat better than I do. I survive on ramen, air, and coffee.

My darling Spike joined in today's session. I think that helped Molly as well. She saw that Spike wasn't afraid of Az and was thoroughly enjoying his company. Now the only obstacle to Molly's smooth transition into Az's household is his dog Kopi. Kopi has not been getting along too well with Az's new puppy. We worry that means she will not be able to accept Molly either. Kopi has been behaving strangely. Sometimes she will happily play with the pup and they will chase each other and play tug-of-war with socks and rope. She even lets pup eat from her bowls. She doesn't mind when pup eats her leftovers. But then once in a while for no apparent reason whatsoever, she viciously attacks the pup, always when the pup is asleep or totally minding her own business and not messing around Kopi's stuff at all. I don't get it....

Any advice from the dog people?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Molly's 3rd orientation session with Az and new foster kitten Silas!

Molly and Az continue to make progress. We don't have much time left for her to get comfortable with him, but I'm sure that Az's patience will pay off. They had their third orientation session yesterday. The first two times that Az came over, Molly ran to her room and hid in a corner and had to be carried out. Yesterday, she didn't run to her room at all. She did bark warnings at him as usual and was still spooked by sudden movements and sounds but she sat much closer to him, readily took treats from his hand and even allowed him to briefly touch her head and face a few times. She was still a little wary of his hands (perhaps because of past abuse?) but was comfortable allowing him to touch her with his feet... Yes, feet. She was not at all afraid of his feet. She sniffed them thoroughly and allowed him to massage her with his toes. Isn't that odd? Now how do we get to that same level of comfort with his hands?

Also, I have a new foster kitten. M2 and I found him last night near Bestari in Solaris Mont Kiara. He was lying down on his stomach by the roadside, peering so intently into the drain that he didn't even seem to notice when I drove right up to him, got out of the car, stood right behind him and picked him up. He only started meowing fearfully once he was in the carrier. He is about 3 to 3 and a half months old. He has a full white coat, a long tail, and blue eyes. Once I got him home and set him up with a litter box and food and water in the spare bathroom he lost his fear and became very affectionate and sweet. After eating he immediately used the litter box without coaxing and climbed up onto my lap for a cuddle. What a cutie patootie! He was sooooo dirty he looked like a grey kitten. He was oily and smelly too. Once he's properly cleaned and groomed I'll upload some photos. I think finding him a home will be easy. Who doesn't love pure white cats with blue eyes? Precious! M2 has named him Silas. Perfect!

Gross worms came out of Sparks' butt

I'm used to seeing roundworms come out of foster kittens' butts after they've been dewormed. i'm even used to lending a helping hand (with tissue of course) and pulling the worms out when they get stuck halfway and just dangle out. yes, fostering has given me quite a strong stomach and things like this don't usually phase me, but today, i literally came face to face with a worm I have never seen before. *shudder*

I was lounging around in bed with Fatfat and Sparks. They were both asleep, curled up around each other in their usual affectionate way. I leaned over to pet them and what did I see? A few white boogery-looking creatures squirming away in the fur around his butt and his tail. I picked them up off him with q-tips and put them on a piece of paper where they continued to squirm grossly. After I had them all I murdered them. When I checked under his tail, I saw the darn things wriggling out of his butt again!! oh horror of horrors!!! In all my years of fostering and pet ownership I have never ever seen such a thing and it had to happen in my bed!! I'll have to burn those sheets.

When I got over being disgusted I did some research. Turns out Sparks has tapeworm, also commonly known as rice worm because the worms look like grains of rice when they have died and dried up. They die soon after being expelled (thank god!!). There are two ways a cat can get tapeworm, by eating raw meat or fish, and by ingesting a flea that contains a tapeworm within its body. The flea would've been ingested during a normal self-grooming session. So, a cat with tapeworm will very likely have fleas as well. I am going to be deworming and defleaing everyone like crazyyyyyy tonight.

I would've taken some photos of Sparks' tapeworms to show you guys.. but I was too busy being disgusted.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fosterer needed for accident victim - Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Newsflash

Newsflash taken from
MDDB's contact details are there.

Another lady

On the day of her rescue
During acupuncture treatment
With Dr Susanna
Lady 2 feeling relaxed after acupuncture treatment
Now that Ginger's case has been settled, we have another lady to worry about. We rescued this lady, who was an accident victim, some two months ago. She is now in need of acupuncture and physiotherapy. The acupuncturist Dr Susanna says she would do better in a home surrounding with high protein food such as boiled meat and organs. She is currently at a veterinary clinic in Subang Jaya. Dr Susanna also says that Lady 2's prognosis is quite good. The acupuncturist and physiotherapist also need to visit her at least twice a week. Given this, we are desperately looking for a foster home for her. One of our benefactors has offered to pay the fosterer who takes her in RM1,000 a month for taking care of her. MDDB will provide the rice, meat and whatever is needed for her as well. Please let us know if anyone is interested, Lady 2 desperately needs a temporary home to get better.