Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Prime Minister - An online petition against animal abuse and cruelty.

Hello animal welfare advocates!
I'm sure all of you are aware of the horrible things that have been happening in Malaysia lately. There was the video of the awful torture and beating of Sushi the poodle, security cameras caught a girl stomping kittens to death in front of their mother, Batu Pahat city council workers were filmed beating dogs to death, Pulau Ketam - hundreds of dogs were left to starve to death on an uninhabitable salt water mangrove island, and many many more unimaginably cruel cases. All go virtually unpunished. People are outraged for a while and then nothing is done. For a while there was talk of increasing the fine on animal abuse to RM50,000.00 now there's nothing! What happened to that happy horseshit? So, several Malaysian animal welfare groups have banded together and drafted an excellent petition. One that I hope will really get our government's attention for once. I don't want to live in the animal cruelty capital of the world anymore. We need progress! Please sign and share this link on your own blogs. Its very important!

A nationwide petition by animal lovers -

To those of you who drafted this petition, you're all awesome!! Thank you for your hard work!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Updates! Tom Angus Tulliver & Tamago

Hola mis amigos!

Thanks soooo much for all the kind words and support :) Little Tamago is doing so much better. Her appetite is good, she eats two square meals a day. She wags her tail, comes when I call her (most of the time :P) , and best of all she is happy and excited to see me when I wake up and whenever I come home. She has impeccable bathroom habits and is extremely well-behaved. She is totally not destructive, very calm and quiet, and she knows how to tell me that she needs to do her 'business'. She never has accidents. If we are together in my room and the door is closed, she will get up run to the door and paw it a few times, then sit down, and look at me as if to say "Hey! Let me out! I gotta pee!". When I open the door she immediately runs out to the guest bathroom where I have newspapers laid out for her to go on. When she's done she comes back.

Tamago is also pretty independent. She actually seems to enjoy alone time. I've been home all day and night with her before and she is not constantly by my side. Sometimes she will wander off to another room by herself for hours. Sometimes she asks be let out of my bedroom in the middle of the night and does not return until the next morning. She is not upset when I leave for work everyday. She still doesn't know how to play with toys but she seems alright just hanging out and watching the cats. The only thing that really bothers her is thunder. Poor thing. She is shit scared of thunder. She gets tense when a storm is on the way.. She knows when they're coming. She trembles really badly her eyes opened wide with terror. She breathes so hard and so fast she drools everywhere. She climbs up onto my lap and stands on her hind legs and wraps her front paws around me like a child asking for a hug. I just hold her. Is there anything else I can do?

Tom the kitten is doing great. He's gained weight but he's still lanky and gangly.. I guess he's almost a teenager now.. About 5 months old. His fur looks much better. He's still very affectionate, vocal, and playful. He and uncle sparks are getting along like a house on fire. They play constantly. Pretty wild wrestling and tumbling, very entertaining to watch. Tom's a greedy little thing and loves to run from bowl to bowl eating everyone's food. When he's done doing that, he runs to Tamago's bowl and pokes his head in beside hers to steal her food. He's such a twerp. He tries to steal food from me too.