Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leo The Lionhearted, Mimi the blind Shih-Tzu, Blackie Baghs, Mr Crankypants and me.

A few four-legged lovelies have drifted in and out of my life these last few weeks and each has left their little pawprint on my heart. First there was Leo. He was rescued and fostered by the ladies of KL Pooch Rescue and when they went out of town I took over for a bit. He wasn't with me long but I fell deep in love with him. Leo was paralyzed in one leg and had a huge gash in his neck. His carers were sooooo hardcore they got him an acupuncturist and a physiotherapist. At first the vets thought nerve damage was probably causing his paralysis but the physiotherapist had another theory and she was right. She encouraged his carers to have him x-rayed for a dislocated hip and guess what.... holy sheet.. she was right. And the best part? A dislocated hip is totally fixable!! So he had surgery immediately but because he hadn't been using the leg for so long, he didn't really know how to use it anymore. He was used to having a dead leg. Anyway I digress... I just wanted to share his time with me. So he arrived at my place the night of his surgery day. The poor boy was groggy and confused and in pain. I immediately made sure he was sufficiently hopped up on pain pills and comfortable. Hey, if the doctor gives you painkillers, take them! That's my motto! :P Why abstain and be all healthy and suffer? This lovely dog is so sweet, so good-natured, and mellow he didn't make a sound the entire time he was with me. He lay down calmly on his bedding and even taught himself to pee and poop on the newspapers i laid out for him in the spare bathroom. He's a genius! I only had to show him once and he never had an accident in my apartment. He was so chill that the cats and Tamago soon got used to his warm presence and they would graciously help him clean his bowl after every meal. He would just eye them amiably and slip into siesta mode. Boy was i tempted to keep him. You know how i LOVE bigger dogs and Leo is freaking perfect! I had to keep slapping myself to remind myself that i live in a little apartment in a building that doesn't allow pets. When the KLPR ladies returned from their trip and picked him up I was soooooooo sad, as per usual :) Drama-rama.

Shortly after Leo left me, lil Mimi moved in. Poor Mimi. Her story is a real heartbreaker. Only about 4 years old she had been abandoned twice and you could see her spirit was broken. She was lost. My heart ached for her like you could not believe. She was abandoned by her first humans after losing sight in one eye due to glaucoma. I'm not sure what happened after that but the eye was removed. At some point she had to have surgery to connect her salivary glands to her tear ducts because her eyes were always terribly dry. My friend AC told me that the eye-dryness and glaucoma are congenital problems due to irresponsible breeding. After losing one eye, Mimi was abandoned :( She was rehomed by my friend and rescuer EN and it was supposed to happily ever after for her. Instead she started losing her vision in her remaining eye. Then her adopter decided she couldn't handle a blind dog and abandoned Mimi as well :( This i find ridiculous and inexcusable because a blind dog is not difficult to 'handle'. They compensate very well with their other senses and get around perfectly at home as long you don't rearrange your furniture or have a habit of leaving things lying around on the floor. Anyway, I don't wanna think about the stupid adopter. I just get pissed off. Mimi was being fostered by one of Paws Mission's main ladies but she had to go out of town for a while so I took over. Oh man, you should've seen Mimi when she thought that the fosterer had abandoned her as well. She made soft whining noises and moved around helplessly and blindly in fear and despair. It was awful. I held her close and tried to speak to her in a soothing voice but she was too upset. I think my heart broke that night looking at her. She wouldn't eat for days. I stopped feeding her kibble and canned dog food and prepared steamed chicken and liver for her every day. She seemed to like that at least and I gave her lots of treats. She got used to me and would sleep on my bed with me. She also got used to my apartment and could find her way around unaided. Still I wanted her fosterer to come back and get her. I knew she would feel so much better knowing that not all humans just ditch you when you're down. I wanted her to know that people care and when they go away a while, they do come back and that she was loved. I have a feeling her fosterer is going to keep her forever and i am very happy about this. Mimi is a little angel and so well-behaved.

On the day Mimi moved in with me little Blackie Bagheera was rescued by EN and she brought him to me for fostering. EN had like 8 dogs at her home at the time and a couple of them were potential cat-killers. Blackie was so tiny he looked like a snack. He stayed with me for a while then moved upstairs and lived with my neighbor MK but then moved back in with me when it was discovered the little grub had ringworm. His paws and tail were soon completely bald but he was as cute as ever. He also gave MK ringworm on her foot! When I went out of the country for 10 days, MK took him back and now he remains with her although I'm back. I think she's in love with him :P The fur he lost is growing back but lots of it is white.... Isn't that strange? The photo of him below was taken by EN on his rescue day. He's much bigger and fatter now and his eyes have changed color.
Mr CrankyPants from the Parking Lot Colony is back with me again. This time after a case of suspected poisoning. The management of the condo have been receiving lots more complaints about the cats and after what's happened, MK and I don't think its safe for our colony in the parking lot anymore, especially for Cranks who has become tame and is vulnerable to abuse. He's such a sweetie. I have never met a more affectionate cat. Its crazy to think that he used to be insane and feral. He's so sweet now he has to rub on me between mouthfuls of kibble. He can't just sit still and eat. He's also a hazard for accident-prone me because he keeps rubbing on my legs while i walk. I'm going to trip and break my neck. I can't do anything without him by my side asking for attention and head-butting me. Cranks and my cats aren't really getting along but they're not fighting either. They're ignoring each other and he sticks to me like glue for protection. Cranks is available for adoption to a good home. He is neutered and healthy and as sweet and loving as a dog. He's more affectionate than my dog Tamago I swear. Email me or leave a comment if you have any adoption inquiries.


meowmeowmans said...

Thank you for taking such care of all these sweethearts. I am amazed and excited by the 180 degree turn that Mr. Cranks has made. We have had cats like that in the past, and I always wonder, "what makes them juts up and decide that people are actually okay?"

LP said...

Now we know why we haven't heard from you in so long! You've been busy!!
I would have fallen in love with that Leo too! What a beauty :)
The little blind pup is bound for a happy life we hope! What a doll.
And great news about Cranks. Hope he finds his happily ever after too!

The critters in The Cottage xo