Thursday, July 28, 2011

New foster monster - Noel

Noel was rescued by a friend who took pity on the tiny little guy playing with pebbles alone on a busy road. I've been fostering Noel since Friday night and he's doing great now. His first couple of days with me were really challenging. He was feral, terrified, and extremely defensive. He hissed so hard he spat and would freak out and go into battle mode every time he saw me, even if i was far away from him. Now he isn't afraid anymore and has gone back into baby kitten mode, affectionate, always wanting a cuddle and a warm body to sleep on. He lives in a cage that my friend NT lent to me. He's just too small and young to mingle with the others but otherwise healthy. My other foster kitten Tabatha, who is about 3 times bigger, keeps trying to hunt him and beat him up. She seems to enjoy not being the smallest in the household anymore. Man, I hope Tabatha gets adopted soon :) Noel is about 2 months old max. He's a grey striped tabby with a white chest, white socks, and a little nubbin of a tail. Its about an inch long. Noel will be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I hate humans.

I would think that nowadays it isn't easy to shock animal welfare people anymore. The stories and images of atrocities that assail us everyday become one big nightmare and individual cases of animal suffering may not necessarily stand out but today I actually saw a photo that made me gasp out loud, it was so unexpected and so unusual in its cruelty. I was chilled to my very core, still am. You know, I had hoped that we were coming to a point in Malaysia where animal welfare might be improving. That whole public uproar here after the various cruelty cases this year led to the petition addressed to the prime minister and efforts to make changes in legislation regarding animal abuse such as harsher punishments, longer prison terms, large fines etc.. Personally I think the punishment for animal abuse should be flogging. I thought surely, all that coverage would lead to more awareness and maybe more compassion. But of course there will always be some sick ass disgusting human beings with no regard for life, no empathy, people who enjoy inflicting pain on creatures that are unable to stand up for themselves or speak up in their own defense. Oh how i wish so much with all my heart that all these people would just fuck off and die. I am so tired. I'm so sick of all the pain and suffering in this world. Humans cause all this shit you know. Humans are the only animal that deliberately cause pain. Can't blame instinct, can't blame survival of the fittest, can't blame evolution. Even with the ability to reason, and to have a sense of self and a conscience, lots of humans have CHOSEN to be a virus on this earth. I hope all these people die slow horrible painful deaths. Read on below and see why I am so angry today. I've just read Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better's latest blogpost and I am very discouraged. All the rescuing and fostering that animal people do will never EVER eradicate all the shitty people out there. Animals will continue to suffer no matter what we do. I want to do horrible things to the person that cut off this poor dog's nose. Oh and the poor dog's previous 'owners' totally suck as well. They no longer want the dog. What the fucking fuck right??? You let your dog run around unattended and then some sick bastard cuts off your dog's nose and then you don't want the dog anymore? FUCK YOU!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
The evil human who cut off this dog's nose will rot in hell
Healthy and fat dog
Nose being held by a piece of skin