Friday, February 11, 2011

Temporary fosterer & permanent home needed for Cricket

Hey everyone! This is Cricket. She is my latest attempt at dog rescue. Cricket just appeared one day in the tiny, extremely quiet neighborhood that my parents live in. Nothing here but one low-density block of condos and a handful of bungalows. This neighborhood is so small that we know all the animals and pets so its very unusual for a grown dog to just show up one day. Luckily, there is minimal traffic in this neighborhood and its surrounded by jungle. Many places for Cricket to hide and no fast cars to worry about. She's a lovely dog, very sweet temperament with no aggression whatsoever. Big issue though, she's scared of people. I've been feeding her for about two weeks and my parents feed her whenever they see her. She allows me to come close to her now and she recognizes me and knows her name when i call her. When I drive to my parents place to feed her, she's always waiting on the sidewalk and starts drooling at the sight of my car.

Problem is I can't foster her at my parents' place because they live in a 'no pets allowed' condo. Even their cat Grumps and their spayed stray feral MamaCat2 are secrets. The apartment that I live in with Fat Fat, Sparks, Oscar the Grouch, and my foster cats doesn't allow pets either. So, my felines are also secret. I can't foster a full-grown dog in there. I need someone to help me foster her please! But first, I need help getting Cricket to trust me. She has been coming closer to me everyday, but progress is slow and I am afraid she will get sick/pregnant/injured before I get my hands on her. She needs to be spayed, vaccinated. I'd love for her to be tame enough to be adopted. She reminds me of my Molly :( Please advise!

These first three photos were taken about 2 weeks ago, Cricket would not take her eyes off me for even a second. She ate her kibble but watched me warily the entire time although I kept my distance. She stood the entire time she ate, ready to run away at the first sign of danger.

In these last few pictures, you can see that Cricket is just a wee bit more at ease. She's not staring at me and she sits down to eat. I was also a lot nearer to her. I could have reached out and touched her but I'm pretty sure that would totally freak her out. I still have to back off after I set down her food.
Cricket gets along great with other dogs! There's an old dog that lives in a HUGE mansion across the street and they play together everyday. They run around the trees and roll in the leaves. Adorable! I had hoped that the old dog's owners would take Cricket in as well, but that's not happening.


meowmeowmans said...

Cricket looks and sounds like a sweetheart. We are praying and purring that you find a foster for her very, very soon.

As always, thank you for caring so much!

Anonymous said...

cricket is adorable. hope she will find a home soon.