Sunday, May 30, 2010

black and blue.

my life is falling apart. total meltdown. mayday mayday!!!! is anybody out there? can you make it all go away? can i run away? can i sleep and sleep and sleep and hibernate in my own little carefree world? what will happen if i can't keep all the furkids? 3 months left in this house and counting... we can't stay here. its too expensive. we need new digs. better jobs. total independence. goodbye comfort zone. stand on my own two feet? all by myself? after all this time? make it or break it. things fall apart. i hope i can put them back together. major depressive episode. bye-bye sanity, hello drama and mood swings. i'll be back.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tutti Frutti was adopted and just checking in..

hey.. i know i've sorta been MIA lately.. i've got some personal drama going on and its non-animal welfare related so i'd rather not blog about it but its all i can think about at the moment so...... well i decided to avoid blogging altogether. anyways i wanted to report that Tutti Frutti did get adopted at last weekend's adoption drive. He was adopted on Sunday, the second day of the drive. So last weekend, i had two adoptions including Santo!! that's great and i wish them well in their new permanent homes. Luckytoes Midnight is still with me but a very nice lady who wrote about molly & conan for the Star newspaper last year is going to feature Luckytoes in an upcoming 'adopt me' section of the paper. let's hope we get some potential adopters from that..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Santo was adopted!!

hey all
some good news from today's adoption drive!! Santo was adopted!! Luckytoes Midnight and Tutti Frutti are still with me but oh well.. there's always tomorrow.. Anyway Santo was adopted by a really nice lady and her two little kids. They live in an awesome neighborhood with a huge yard and they have another kitten that they recently rescued. Santo's in good hands and I'm very happy about that although I have to admit that after they left with him I cried a little... LAMEEEEE!!!!! omg i even cry over fosters i've only had for like a week...

another little tidbit, tutti frutti is a boy.. i guess i thought he was a girl because he's so slender and gentle and super duper sweet. plus he has a black patch over his nether regions so i didn't really get a clear look that first day. anyways i had another look today and realized, holy crap!!! he's a boy.. so now i think i'll call him Smudge. i took some photos of him snuggling up to luckytoes today.. they were very affectionate with each other at the adoption drive. i guess they were a little overwhelmed and spent the whole time cuddling up to each other. i'll have to add those photos later because they're on my phone and i don't have the cable with me right now. i'm at a restaurant. later dudes!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

SPCA Selangor Adoption Drive, May 22-23

Hello everyone,
Just a quick post to remind everyone that SPCA Selangor will have their adoption drive this weekend May 22-23 at Bangsar Shopping Center. We'll be there from 10am to 6pm both days. Please drop by and show your support, just say hi, adopt, or make a donation. To raise funds we've also got lots of SPCA merchandise for sale. They make great gifts!

There will be dogs and cats of all ages all needing homes so please spread the word and encourage your friends to adopt from a shelter instead of breed and buy from a petstore. My foster kittens Santo, Tutti Frutti, and Luckytoes Midnight will be there thanks to my dear friend Nic who brought them for their vaccinations yesterday. They are adoption drive ready and looking for permanent, loving homes.

Remember, don't breed and buy while shelter animals die. Hope to see some familiar faces tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photos of Santo and Tutti Frutti

Hi everyone!! Finally, some photos of Santo and Tutti Frutti. They're pretty hard to take pictures of.. they're squirmy little suckers they are. Santo and Tutti Frutti are super affectionate and attention seeking now. They can't stand to be alone and crave human contact and attention. They stand at my bedroom door and meow. They cry. They follow me around. Cute little shits. It's nice to be fostering kittens that like me.. very different from Runty & Stubbs. Santo and Tutti seem to see me as a mother figure.

Tutti Frutti aka Smudge. She has to be held down for photos most of the time. She keeps trying to sniff me and sit on my lap.

Santo. A pretty boy. Sitting on my lap. He always has eye poop. He's gained a lot weight and looks great now!

Tutti Frutti is really really thin but i think after some weight gain she'll be gorgeous! i love her facial smudge.

Santo and Tutti are with my friend Nic tonight. She works at SPCA so she'll bring them with her to the shelter tomorrow morning to see the shelter vet coz i'm super broke right now. They'll get their shots from Dr P tomorrow and then I'll pick them up from Nic tomorrow night after work. I hope i can bring them for this weekend's adoption drive at bangsar shopping center!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

monday blues

big sighhhhh... its been a little difficult here financially as i continue to try muddling on with all the furkids and fosters.. veterinary bills certainly don't get any more reasonable as time goes on. i wish i could vaccinate and deworm and neuter everyone by myself. i'm also kinda waiting for this new job that i started about 3 months ago to turn out to be everything i thought it would be.. so far it isn't really matching up to what i was promised..that's very frustrating of course because i had hoped that it would help make life a little easier financially but so far is hasn't. in fact it might even be worse. i'm busier, crankier, have to spend more night's out networking, and last saturday night i went to a work related networking event and some nasty disgusting old sleazebag hit on me and groped my ass. Old fuck must've been at least 30 years older than me. he'd totally need a back brace and hip replacement surgery before he could get it on with anyone. *shudder* i thought people would get wiser and classier with age.. i guess its just not that way with everyone.

i don't think i can afford to get santo and tutti frutti vaccinated before this weekend's adoption drives. that means they won't be able to take part. anyways.. something giving me a warm fuzzy feeling right now is luckytoes midnight sitting on my lap. she's not the most affectionate kitty in the world, preferring the company of the other cats, especially fatfat, to the company of humans but for whatever reason she decided to show me some love today. i'm sitting on the couch now in front of the tv and luckytoes is snuggling up against me with her head on my lap. she actually jumped up on the couch on her own, and just came to me and plonked herself down. normally she is nowhere near this area of the house, she likes it upstairs where the dogs aren't allowed to go. maybe the little weirdo does love me after all.. whatever her reason, this is a nice quiet moment we're sharing. i wonder if this will be the only time we will be as cozy as this or if this is the first of many..

New Foster Kitten - Tutti Frutti

hello everyone. thank you for all the kind words i have been receiving about dear little socks. i really hope she is in a better place now. i know some are wondering what happens here in cases of animal cruelty.. well honestly, not much. people can report cases of cruelty to SPCA Selangor but there is little that SPCA can do. SPCA inspectors will go and investigate and gather whatever evidence they can, but they can't prosecute or even seize an animal living in a bad situation without permission and accompaniment from the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS). DVS is a government body and useless. Even with evidence gathered by SPCA inspectorate, including photos and once even a confession and the bodies of abused animals, DVS has failed to take action. they always say there isn't enough evidence to prosecute. they're lazy and don't give a flying fuck about animal welfare at all. word is, they haven't prosecuted a single cruelty case for SPCA in years.

anyway.. i also have a bit of news. i've got yet another foster kitten, tutti frutti. i found this one while driving home from SPCA's adoption drive in bangsar shopping center today. she's about 3 and a half to 4 months old.. white with small black patches. she's got some black smudges on her face and her long skinny tail is black with a white tip. actually she was part of a litter of 4 but i don't know if i'll be able to get her siblings. she was eating food left on the sidewalk with her 3 siblings. they all dashed off as i approached, but tutti frutti was too slow so i grabbed her and stuffed her into a carrier. she was a little freaked at first but after a couple of hours she was fine. she's very sweet and affectionate with a tiny little voice. i'll bring her to the vet tomorrow and hopefully she and santo will be totally ready for adoption soon. i've got new photos of santo to upload and i've got to take some photos of tutti but i'll do all that tomorrow. its 1am now and i've got to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn for work.

tutti frutti got her name because 2 of the chicas from SPCA and i ate 60 ringgit worth of tutti frutti frozen yogurt and toppings today. hell yeahhhhhh baby.. it was gooooooood..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rest in Peace Socks

I was at spca selangor's adoption drive at bangsar shopping center today. it was pretty chill.. there wasn't a crowd.. the location we were given sucked and there was no traffic whatsoever. so i was basically just enjoying hanging out with the girls from the shelter. then i saw a familiar face, a nice girl, F, that had adopted a really really super troubled and feral kitty from me a couple of years ago - socks.

i think we all really worked hard on socks. took me ages to trap her and her siblings and daisy mama cat. yupyup my daisy mama cat was the feral mama cat at that time. i eventually managed to trap the whole family after rigging all sorts of traps, tying string and rope to pet carrier doors, hiding behind piles of leaves... it took weeks to get them all.

daisy mama cat is beautiful and so were her babies and i was sure i could rehome them all in spite of their wildness. socks was the first to be adopted. she was such a beautiful girl but the wildest of the bunch. she was so feral that i was afraid of her but in spite of that F wanted her and wanted to put in the effort to socialize her. well it took ages and even after all that time, socks continued to be a timid kitty but at least she had found her forever home and i could not ask for more. so you can imagine my shock at the adoption drive today when F told me that Socks is dead.

the neighbor's indonesian maid had literally stoned her. i don't mean stoned like they made her eat pot or blew the smoke in her face. i mean stoned as in rocks were thrown at her. why anyone would do such a thing is beyond me. i am very very disturbed by the thought of what her last moments were like. socks was a cat that always had a lot of fear.. fear of people mostly.. and really, she was right to be afraid. death by fucked up human. Socks knew it was coming.

i went home today and looked for daisy mama cat. i wanted to tell her that her daughter was dead.. i know she won't understand, i'm not retarded! But i had to tell her that i was sorry and i had failed with another innocent animal. every death feels like my fault somehow.

rest in peace socks free from fear and pain and people.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Adoption Drives This Weekend

This Sunday May 16, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) will be having their regular adoption drive at The Summit USJ from 11am to 7pm. Find out more about it here. They've got lots and lots of rescued dogs and pups for adoption. Some are from the pounds and some are from the streets. Every one of them needs a home and lots of love.

SPCA Selangor will be having their AdoptionFest at Bangsar Shopping Center this Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th from 10am to 6pm. We'll be at the skybridge on the 1st floor that leads to the new wing! I'll try to bring Luckytoes Midnight on one of those days if she's not too freaked out. She's a big girl now and spayed and ready to go to a permanent home without dogs. I kinda thought of bringing Santo but its too soon.. I just found him yesterday! He still needs his shot and I still have to make sure he's totally germ free. He sneezed a couple of times today so... maybe a cold? well, definitely not anything i want to pass to the other animals at the adoption drive tomorrow.

Please come over and drop by the booth! Buy some SPCA merchandise, donate moolah or pet supplies, adopt a darling of your own, or just come hang out with us awesome SPCA chicas. I'll be there tomorrow from 10am to 3pm and the wholeeeeee day on Sunday.

New Foster Kitten - Santo

hola peeps! i have a new foster kitten and his name is Santo. He's about 3 months old, white with some orange patches, and a long ringed tail. He's very cute and very sweet. Totally tame and was actually in decent shape when i picked him up. Now that's soooo rare. Usually they're like half dead when i rescue them. This little kitten was just dirty. It's so refreshing to find a homeless kitten that is healthy and playful. Santo looks just like Mortimer, my little foster kitten that passed away two weeks ago. Same tail, same patches, same coloring. The only difference is the color of their eyes and the fact that Mortimer was practically just a skeleton with fur when i found him. i suppose what i'm trying to say is, i almost feel like i'm getting a second chance with poor Mort who suffered so terribly.

here's how Santo came into my life yesterday. i had to go with my boss for an early morning meeting in town. we got to the meeting and the dude didn't show up! i called his cell and his office like a zillion times and sent text messages but got nothing. so i was like moody and i felt retarded too because this was a meeting that i had set up. luckily the boss man is cool and wasn't pissed off and we just headed back to the office. as we were driving into the building, a little kitten dashed out from under one of the cars parked in front of mcdonald's, sprinted past and then sat down at the curb looking chill. my boss looked at me and said "um you're going to rescue that aren't you.." hhahahhhahaaha i guess everyone knows i can't leave a little animal alone.

i grabbed the little dude and carried him up to the office where he hung out with me a couple of hours until i could drop him off at home during my lunch break. i think he had a blast at the office! my boss gave him a little saucer of milk and sant0 spent the morning running around, attacking things on my desk, walking on my keyboard, jumping in and out of trashcans, attacking bin liners, chasing scrunched up balls of paper, and snoozing on my desk.

Santo is very vocal and has the weirdest meow. his meows aren't very meowy.. they're more like ows and ehhhs and he makes weird guttural noises while he eats. he's very comfortable at my home already. no transition period whatsover. he made himself at home. introduced himself to the other cats and began playing with them. he hates the dogs of course. i frontlined and dewormed him last night. he wasn't too pleased about that but well you do what you gotta do right. i don't want fleas and mites in the house. this guy will be up for adoption after he gets vaccinated. excellent.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1Malaysia Against Animal Testing Petitions

Dear friends of animals and compassionate souls,

If you haven't already, please sign the petitions against the establishment of an animal testing facility in Malaysia. Support the use of humane, cruelty-free alternatives to animal testing. There are several! Animal testing is NOT necessary. Say no to cruelty!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mess with your cats!

Click here to go to Meowmania a website of nothing but meowing. Just keep clicking to get meows and drive your own cats nuts. Mine all sprinted over and are looking at me and the computer with these WTF expressions on their faces. Classic!!! I love it so much I even put it as a link on the sidebar on the right.. muahahaha yup i have no life. yes it is a saturday night and i am at home... don't judge me!! :P

Friday, May 7, 2010

Squishy Stress Ball - The Aftermath

I took my eyes off her for 2 lousy minutes.. I was just watching a little American Idol. That's all the time she needed to shred the new and cute little stress ball. I never even got a chance to actually squeeze it.. Sometimes I get this feeling that she and the cats are in cahoots.. I distinctly remember seeing the ball on top of the shoe cabinet earlier in the day, so how did it end up on the floor with Molly? One of the treacherous felines must've pushed it down.

But then look at how content she is. Surrounded by the fruits of her labor.. I can't stay mad at her. It's just so nice to see her relaxed and happy. Such a big difference from when she moved in 1 year ago and she was too scared to eat or let me touch her. I wouldn't trade all the stress balls in the world for her happiness :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Adoption Drive Photos - May 1 & 2

Hellooo all.. I spent last weekend doing my volunteer thing with SPCA at their outreach booth. It was fun as always and all the furkids were so extremely adorable I could scream. I took some photos of the cuties that participated in the adoption drive at Tropicana City Mall organized by rehoming website featuring sweet lovely dogs and cats from SPCA Selangor and Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better.

Safe and secure on volunteer H's lap.. now if only she could find someone to love her forever..
This little cutie from MDDB has the cutest ears. She looks like she's ready to fly to a new home.
Another adorable pup rescued and fostered by MDDB. He wore a hoodie earlier but didn't like it and rolled around in frustration.. so they let him wear a tie-dye tanktop instead and he was much happier.
This big kitty is Garfield. He's the most affectionate and attention seeking cat i have EVER met. He was extremely comfortable at the adoption drive and soaked up all the love showered on him. He's 2 years old, neutered, actually likes hugs and cuddles, willingly climbs onto laps for massages, and walks confidently on a leash. If i didn't already have so many pets, i would DEFINITELY adopt this guy. i am in loveeeeeee with him.
Pulling at his leash because he wants to explore more, and faster!
Rummaging through a bag of SPCA umbrellas
Letting it all hang out. He's as comfortable in a crowded mall as he would be at home.
Resting contentedly on A's lap. Won't someone please give Garfield a forever home? Call SPCA Selangor if you're interested!
This is Pipoka. He has the prettiest face. He was rescued by a member of the public and brought to SPCA when he was a little kitten. He couldn't walk for a while, I can't remember why... Some injury.. But he's in perfect condition now.

I think Pipoka looks like a girl :) He's about 8 months old, neutered and vaccinated.
I'm not sure what this pup's name is but she was a squirmy one. Look at how she's wriggled herself into that awkward position making it hard for A to hold on to her.

Mandy & Rosie. Two absolute pigs :)
They are very, very, very food motivated.
Rosie is a middle-aged dog about 6 years old. She's extremely placid, sweet, and gentle. She would be a great companion for a senior citizen or a family with children. She's got a very long body and super short legs. She's just like my Spike but with a darker coat. I'd love to have her but I can't take in anymore permanent residents.
Please please help Rosie find a home. She was rescued from one of the notorious dog pounds and brought to SPCA Selangor. I don't know how much time she has there.
This mischievious little dog is Mandy. I think she's about 5 or 6 months old. She's very energetic, very sociable and she's a greedy little monkey. It took a while to get a clear picture of her because she couldn't sit still.
Please contact SPCA Selangor if you'd like to give this gorgeous girl a home.

None of the animals in this post found their forever homes at the adoption drive. Please remember that adoption is the humane option so please head over to your nearest shelter and save a life.