Friday, May 14, 2010

New Foster Kitten - Santo

hola peeps! i have a new foster kitten and his name is Santo. He's about 3 months old, white with some orange patches, and a long ringed tail. He's very cute and very sweet. Totally tame and was actually in decent shape when i picked him up. Now that's soooo rare. Usually they're like half dead when i rescue them. This little kitten was just dirty. It's so refreshing to find a homeless kitten that is healthy and playful. Santo looks just like Mortimer, my little foster kitten that passed away two weeks ago. Same tail, same patches, same coloring. The only difference is the color of their eyes and the fact that Mortimer was practically just a skeleton with fur when i found him. i suppose what i'm trying to say is, i almost feel like i'm getting a second chance with poor Mort who suffered so terribly.

here's how Santo came into my life yesterday. i had to go with my boss for an early morning meeting in town. we got to the meeting and the dude didn't show up! i called his cell and his office like a zillion times and sent text messages but got nothing. so i was like moody and i felt retarded too because this was a meeting that i had set up. luckily the boss man is cool and wasn't pissed off and we just headed back to the office. as we were driving into the building, a little kitten dashed out from under one of the cars parked in front of mcdonald's, sprinted past and then sat down at the curb looking chill. my boss looked at me and said "um you're going to rescue that aren't you.." hhahahhhahaaha i guess everyone knows i can't leave a little animal alone.

i grabbed the little dude and carried him up to the office where he hung out with me a couple of hours until i could drop him off at home during my lunch break. i think he had a blast at the office! my boss gave him a little saucer of milk and sant0 spent the morning running around, attacking things on my desk, walking on my keyboard, jumping in and out of trashcans, attacking bin liners, chasing scrunched up balls of paper, and snoozing on my desk.

Santo is very vocal and has the weirdest meow. his meows aren't very meowy.. they're more like ows and ehhhs and he makes weird guttural noises while he eats. he's very comfortable at my home already. no transition period whatsover. he made himself at home. introduced himself to the other cats and began playing with them. he hates the dogs of course. i frontlined and dewormed him last night. he wasn't too pleased about that but well you do what you gotta do right. i don't want fleas and mites in the house. this guy will be up for adoption after he gets vaccinated. excellent.


Forever Feline said...

Oh what a lovely little tot! Shame I think I missed some posts about poor little Mort... so sad man. I had that with Ginger a few weeks ago and my heart is still sore. This little guy looks strong and well like you say. Maybe you keep him if he fits in so well :)

2Vamp said...

I think your boss is an amazing soul for his patience and understanding. Wish I had a boss like that!

havetailwillwag said...

santo just peed on my bed.. *sigh*
and yes my boss is very nice :)

Lorena said...

I think every office should have a cat or dog running around!