Monday, May 17, 2010

monday blues

big sighhhhh... its been a little difficult here financially as i continue to try muddling on with all the furkids and fosters.. veterinary bills certainly don't get any more reasonable as time goes on. i wish i could vaccinate and deworm and neuter everyone by myself. i'm also kinda waiting for this new job that i started about 3 months ago to turn out to be everything i thought it would be.. so far it isn't really matching up to what i was promised..that's very frustrating of course because i had hoped that it would help make life a little easier financially but so far is hasn't. in fact it might even be worse. i'm busier, crankier, have to spend more night's out networking, and last saturday night i went to a work related networking event and some nasty disgusting old sleazebag hit on me and groped my ass. Old fuck must've been at least 30 years older than me. he'd totally need a back brace and hip replacement surgery before he could get it on with anyone. *shudder* i thought people would get wiser and classier with age.. i guess its just not that way with everyone.

i don't think i can afford to get santo and tutti frutti vaccinated before this weekend's adoption drives. that means they won't be able to take part. anyways.. something giving me a warm fuzzy feeling right now is luckytoes midnight sitting on my lap. she's not the most affectionate kitty in the world, preferring the company of the other cats, especially fatfat, to the company of humans but for whatever reason she decided to show me some love today. i'm sitting on the couch now in front of the tv and luckytoes is snuggling up against me with her head on my lap. she actually jumped up on the couch on her own, and just came to me and plonked herself down. normally she is nowhere near this area of the house, she likes it upstairs where the dogs aren't allowed to go. maybe the little weirdo does love me after all.. whatever her reason, this is a nice quiet moment we're sharing. i wonder if this will be the only time we will be as cozy as this or if this is the first of many..


Naomi said...

Love you Lynnie!! I'd give you a big bear hug if you were nearby! xx

Au and Target said...

Shame the job isn't up to what you hoped. Purring it improves. We're just back - and dealing with bad ISPs, broken light fixtures, and other disasters. Sharing your @#@#@!!

Forever Feline said...

What a filthy horror! Men who behave that way should be shot on the spot!
Isn't there any way that you CAN vaccinate and de-worm at home? Have you told the Vet of your plight? Maybe they would help.
Hope it all works out. Good things happen to good people so a whole lotta good must be coming your way xxx

Bobby said...

We do hope the job does get better for you, and the rest. Enjoy the peace time with Luckytoes.

Teal'c said...

Ahhhhhh - some man just never grow up/get old gracefully... It sometimes really is embarrassing! Hope you kicked him good :) Hopefully the job will get better soon.
Cheers Tealc's Mum :)