Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Adoption Drive Photos - May 1 & 2

Hellooo all.. I spent last weekend doing my volunteer thing with SPCA at their outreach booth. It was fun as always and all the furkids were so extremely adorable I could scream. I took some photos of the cuties that participated in the adoption drive at Tropicana City Mall organized by rehoming website featuring sweet lovely dogs and cats from SPCA Selangor and Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better.

Safe and secure on volunteer H's lap.. now if only she could find someone to love her forever..
This little cutie from MDDB has the cutest ears. She looks like she's ready to fly to a new home.
Another adorable pup rescued and fostered by MDDB. He wore a hoodie earlier but didn't like it and rolled around in frustration.. so they let him wear a tie-dye tanktop instead and he was much happier.
This big kitty is Garfield. He's the most affectionate and attention seeking cat i have EVER met. He was extremely comfortable at the adoption drive and soaked up all the love showered on him. He's 2 years old, neutered, actually likes hugs and cuddles, willingly climbs onto laps for massages, and walks confidently on a leash. If i didn't already have so many pets, i would DEFINITELY adopt this guy. i am in loveeeeeee with him.
Pulling at his leash because he wants to explore more, and faster!
Rummaging through a bag of SPCA umbrellas
Letting it all hang out. He's as comfortable in a crowded mall as he would be at home.
Resting contentedly on A's lap. Won't someone please give Garfield a forever home? Call SPCA Selangor if you're interested!
This is Pipoka. He has the prettiest face. He was rescued by a member of the public and brought to SPCA when he was a little kitten. He couldn't walk for a while, I can't remember why... Some injury.. But he's in perfect condition now.

I think Pipoka looks like a girl :) He's about 8 months old, neutered and vaccinated.
I'm not sure what this pup's name is but she was a squirmy one. Look at how she's wriggled herself into that awkward position making it hard for A to hold on to her.

Mandy & Rosie. Two absolute pigs :)
They are very, very, very food motivated.
Rosie is a middle-aged dog about 6 years old. She's extremely placid, sweet, and gentle. She would be a great companion for a senior citizen or a family with children. She's got a very long body and super short legs. She's just like my Spike but with a darker coat. I'd love to have her but I can't take in anymore permanent residents.
Please please help Rosie find a home. She was rescued from one of the notorious dog pounds and brought to SPCA Selangor. I don't know how much time she has there.
This mischievious little dog is Mandy. I think she's about 5 or 6 months old. She's very energetic, very sociable and she's a greedy little monkey. It took a while to get a clear picture of her because she couldn't sit still.
Please contact SPCA Selangor if you'd like to give this gorgeous girl a home.

None of the animals in this post found their forever homes at the adoption drive. Please remember that adoption is the humane option so please head over to your nearest shelter and save a life.

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meowmeowmans said...

OMG! They are all so adorable! Garfield is totally amazing ... that is one seriously confident and well-adjusted kitty!!!

We are purring and praying for all these cuties to find their forever homes soon.