Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye Mortimer

Mort died yesterday, Friday April 30th around 6:20pm after a seizure that swiftly ended his short and painful life. I was there when it happened and will never forget the sight of his tiny, skeletal body wracked by spasms as he writhed, and coughed, and choked on his own vomit. How much suffering can such a young soul and fragile tortured body endure.

I wish he made it but I am also glad his horrible life is over. I stayed with his body for a while.. I wanted to make sure he was really gone. Dr J said he was gone, but i leaned in close to watch for any rising and falling of his rib cage. Anyway, Dr J said that if there was any movement anymore, a twitch or whatever, its just the body going into rigor. So i cradled his tiny limp form in my hands and I stroked his head and chin. I had to fight back my tears the whole time but couldn't leave him right away. Eventually, I went out to the waiting room to settle the bill. No one was there at the time so I sat down and let the tears pool in my eyes a bit. Then of course some dude wearing sunglasses indoors came in to pick up his bulldog that had his toe injury fixed earlier. Anyway when the vet assistant brought the bulldog out, the sunglasses dude jokingly said "Hahaha still alive huh?". I know he didn't know what bad comedic timing he actually had. Ironic really isn't it.

Rest in peace Mort. I won't forget you. You have touched my life and my heart.


Ellen Whyte said...

Poor wee thing.

Life With Dogs said...

Oh hell am I sorry to hear this - you have been so good, what tough luck. My sincere condolences...

Everycat said...

Poor little Mortimer, rest in peace tiny soul.

I am so sorry he didn't make it, but sometimes, even with the best care and will in the world, their little bodies just aren't strong enough.

Take care of yourself, love on those beautiful animals you have at home. Know that you do is so valuable and helps so many.

Calsidyrose said...

It wrenches our hearts to lose an animal, whether it's a pet we've had for years, or a foster taken in a day or two before. I lost two of my foster/project dogs last year, and still miss them.

Blessings be with little Mort.

havetailwillwag said...

thank you all.. let's hope mort is in a better place now..

Mama Feline said...

RIP little Mort. So sad but he is resting peacefully now knowing someone cared in his little life.
Take care.