Thursday, August 26, 2010

For Adoption - Silas

Here's Silas the night he was rescued. Super dirty, sticky, and oily too for some reason...

Silas was found on the 24th of August in Solaris Mont Kiara as he lay by the roadside staring into a drain. He is available for immediate adoption to a good home.

He is about 3 months old, has a full white coat, a long tail, and pretty blue eyes. He is vocal, extremely affectionate and playful. Knows how to use the litter box. Gets along with other cats. Eats dry or wet food. He has been dewormed and frontlined. Neutering at 6 months and vaccinations are compulsory for adoption.

Message me to set up a meeting with Silas.

Below, the morning after a warm bath and tummy-busting meals.

Molly's 4th Orientation Session with Az - Super duper progress!!

Molly and Az had their 4th orientation session yesterday afternoon. It was by far the coolest one yet. They made crazyyyyy progress. Az brought a secret weapon... steamed chicken breast!! Molly was soooooo excited and practically driven mad by the aroma of it. She totally forgot that she was afraid of Az. She didn't bark, growl, or run away. She was all over him sniffing and licking his hands. Jumping up on the couch and sitting next to him. I think she's beginning to realize that Az is the bearer of yummy things. With me, she's had kibble and canned dog food her whole life. With Az every meal will consist of freshly cooked brown rice, lamb, chicken, and salmon. Wowee!! Az's dogs eat better than I do. I survive on ramen, air, and coffee.

My darling Spike joined in today's session. I think that helped Molly as well. She saw that Spike wasn't afraid of Az and was thoroughly enjoying his company. Now the only obstacle to Molly's smooth transition into Az's household is his dog Kopi. Kopi has not been getting along too well with Az's new puppy. We worry that means she will not be able to accept Molly either. Kopi has been behaving strangely. Sometimes she will happily play with the pup and they will chase each other and play tug-of-war with socks and rope. She even lets pup eat from her bowls. She doesn't mind when pup eats her leftovers. But then once in a while for no apparent reason whatsoever, she viciously attacks the pup, always when the pup is asleep or totally minding her own business and not messing around Kopi's stuff at all. I don't get it....

Any advice from the dog people?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Molly's 3rd orientation session with Az and new foster kitten Silas!

Molly and Az continue to make progress. We don't have much time left for her to get comfortable with him, but I'm sure that Az's patience will pay off. They had their third orientation session yesterday. The first two times that Az came over, Molly ran to her room and hid in a corner and had to be carried out. Yesterday, she didn't run to her room at all. She did bark warnings at him as usual and was still spooked by sudden movements and sounds but she sat much closer to him, readily took treats from his hand and even allowed him to briefly touch her head and face a few times. She was still a little wary of his hands (perhaps because of past abuse?) but was comfortable allowing him to touch her with his feet... Yes, feet. She was not at all afraid of his feet. She sniffed them thoroughly and allowed him to massage her with his toes. Isn't that odd? Now how do we get to that same level of comfort with his hands?

Also, I have a new foster kitten. M2 and I found him last night near Bestari in Solaris Mont Kiara. He was lying down on his stomach by the roadside, peering so intently into the drain that he didn't even seem to notice when I drove right up to him, got out of the car, stood right behind him and picked him up. He only started meowing fearfully once he was in the carrier. He is about 3 to 3 and a half months old. He has a full white coat, a long tail, and blue eyes. Once I got him home and set him up with a litter box and food and water in the spare bathroom he lost his fear and became very affectionate and sweet. After eating he immediately used the litter box without coaxing and climbed up onto my lap for a cuddle. What a cutie patootie! He was sooooo dirty he looked like a grey kitten. He was oily and smelly too. Once he's properly cleaned and groomed I'll upload some photos. I think finding him a home will be easy. Who doesn't love pure white cats with blue eyes? Precious! M2 has named him Silas. Perfect!

Gross worms came out of Sparks' butt

I'm used to seeing roundworms come out of foster kittens' butts after they've been dewormed. i'm even used to lending a helping hand (with tissue of course) and pulling the worms out when they get stuck halfway and just dangle out. yes, fostering has given me quite a strong stomach and things like this don't usually phase me, but today, i literally came face to face with a worm I have never seen before. *shudder*

I was lounging around in bed with Fatfat and Sparks. They were both asleep, curled up around each other in their usual affectionate way. I leaned over to pet them and what did I see? A few white boogery-looking creatures squirming away in the fur around his butt and his tail. I picked them up off him with q-tips and put them on a piece of paper where they continued to squirm grossly. After I had them all I murdered them. When I checked under his tail, I saw the darn things wriggling out of his butt again!! oh horror of horrors!!! In all my years of fostering and pet ownership I have never ever seen such a thing and it had to happen in my bed!! I'll have to burn those sheets.

When I got over being disgusted I did some research. Turns out Sparks has tapeworm, also commonly known as rice worm because the worms look like grains of rice when they have died and dried up. They die soon after being expelled (thank god!!). There are two ways a cat can get tapeworm, by eating raw meat or fish, and by ingesting a flea that contains a tapeworm within its body. The flea would've been ingested during a normal self-grooming session. So, a cat with tapeworm will very likely have fleas as well. I am going to be deworming and defleaing everyone like crazyyyyyy tonight.

I would've taken some photos of Sparks' tapeworms to show you guys.. but I was too busy being disgusted.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fosterer needed for accident victim - Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Newsflash

Newsflash taken from
MDDB's contact details are there.

Another lady

On the day of her rescue
During acupuncture treatment
With Dr Susanna
Lady 2 feeling relaxed after acupuncture treatment
Now that Ginger's case has been settled, we have another lady to worry about. We rescued this lady, who was an accident victim, some two months ago. She is now in need of acupuncture and physiotherapy. The acupuncturist Dr Susanna says she would do better in a home surrounding with high protein food such as boiled meat and organs. She is currently at a veterinary clinic in Subang Jaya. Dr Susanna also says that Lady 2's prognosis is quite good. The acupuncturist and physiotherapist also need to visit her at least twice a week. Given this, we are desperately looking for a foster home for her. One of our benefactors has offered to pay the fosterer who takes her in RM1,000 a month for taking care of her. MDDB will provide the rice, meat and whatever is needed for her as well. Please let us know if anyone is interested, Lady 2 desperately needs a temporary home to get better.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jack Manfred Sparrow and thoughts on KL's stray dogs

M2, PZ, and I met Jack Manfred Sparrow tonight during supper at Solaris Mont Kiara. He is a homeless gap-toothed, one-eyed, grey, ticked tabby kitty. He approached us and we called to him. The friendly dude came to us and was very affectionate. I scratched his head and he lapped up the attention. His left eye is nice and green, his right eye... well we're not sure there's an eye in there. What we could see looked like an empty red socket. Naturally he pulled at our heartstrings and we had to feed him. M2 gave him a piece of her roti telur but he wasn't terribly interested in that so she went to the 711 next door and bought him some soft cat chow. He finished that in about two seconds so I went and got more. I was hoping he'd stay after he was done eating but he quickly got bored of us and walked away with a last look that said, "See ya.. Chicks like you try to take me home all the time". It was quite a distance to my car (I had parked in the basement of another block) and I had no carrier with me so I let him leave. I didn't want to end up wrestling with him and scaring him away forever. I'll go back tomorrow with my carrier and look for him at the same restaurant. Looks like he hangs around there a lot and that's where he gets his chow. Fingers crossed he'll be there!!

Kind of a sad night tonight. We also came across a mama dog and her skittish pup. Mama dog was friendly and let me pet her.. Pup ran off in fear. We opened three packets of cat kibble for them (that's all we had) and walked away hoping Pup would come back once we were out of sight. On the way home we saw another two adult stray dogs at the roadside, and the usual 4 resident stray dogs outside M2's condo compound that I occasionally feed. There are so many homeless animals in Malaysia. It's depressing. Best not to call too much attention to them though.. If the city council dog-catchers get them, they end up at one of Malaysia's notorious pounds and to me, that is a fate worse than being homeless or dead. Anything is better than ending up at one of the cruel city council pounds. So what can be done? Individuals can rescue and rehome on their own if they have the space, time, and resources. SPCA Selangor can be called upon to catch the dogs but it is very difficult to find homes for mongrels here and sadly a lot end up euthanised. There is no guarantee that homes will be found for these dogs. There are just too many of them and not enough homes. What do you think is better? Being humanely put to sleep? Or being a stray? Your thoughts are appreciated.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Molly makes progress with her new adopter Az

N's friend Az came over again today for another orientation session with Molly. It went VERY well. They made so much progress today and so far everything is going faster and smoother than I thought it would. I was afraid Molly would be difficult.. Well, she IS difficult but she is coming around very quickly. Today Az and I hung out on the couch and Molly was cautious but hung around us as well. She still barked, growled, howled, backed away, whenever Az moved too quickly or spoke too loudly for her liking.

Throughout the session we gave her treats, drawing her closer and closer to Az each time until she was cautiously sniffing his fingers and feet. Shortly before Az had to leave Molly started taking treats from his hands. She did so several times. She would still dart quickly away from him every time she got her treat but hey, at least she got near him in the first place right??! We're hoping that in the next couple of sessions, she'll allow Az to pet her or at least sit next to her.

Molly will have another friend at Az's house besides his 3 year old dog Kopi because he and his partner adopted a puppy from SPCA Selangor on Sunday! Puppy doesn't have a name yet. She is a 3 month old local mixed breed dog like Molly. White with random black and brown patches. She's big for her age and I'm hoping that she and Molly and Kopi will be firm friends. Three mutts in an awesome house in Bangsar with their dads. Molly is naturally friendly towards other animals and I know she won't be aggressive to Kopi and Puppy.. I just hope that Kopi will be able to accept another adult female dog in her territory.

Please continue to wish us luck and send us good vibes as we continue Molly's journey to a forever home... It's been a long process with so many ups and downs along the way. I can't believe I've been fostering Molly for a year and a half. Maybe all this waiting is meant to be and it's all worth it for Molly to have the best home possible. I love that silly little dog, even the way she stinks :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A change in Molly's plans..

hola mis amigos!
ok. new course of action for molly. plans keep changing but really its all in her best interest.. A very good friend of N's that also loves rescue dogs and donates lots and lots to Langkawi Lassie wants to adopt Molly now. I'll call him Az. He's super nice and has one rescue dog at the moment, Kopi. He wanted to adopt a very fearful, traumatized dog from Langkawi Lassie named Olive but apparently the latest on Olive is that she is super happy at Langkawi Lassie and has a best dog friend over there now. So.. N figured, why not give Molly a chance instead? Molly is also a rescued dog and she is also fearful with strangers and needs an adopter with lots of patience. Az is perfect for her and there will be no need for Molly to travel far, far away where it will be difficult for me to visit her. Az lives literally 10 minutes away from me. AWESOMEEEEE!

We had our first little orientation session today. Az came over for about an hour to hang out at the house with Molly. She growled and barked lots but after a while she settled down a bit. She was still on edge but not panicking or hiding which is good!! Usually when she meets strangers, she hides in her room. We bribed her with lots of treats and will continue to do so at every orientation session for the next 3 weeks before she moves to Az's house. I have a good feeling about this. N is very hopeful as well. She knows Az very very well and she is sure that he is THE ONE for Molly.

Btw, N also visited us on Thursday and Molly was totally shit scared of her.. We think it was the smell of N's hundred other dogs that freaked her out. N had just arrived in KL from Langkawi so the other dogs' smells must have still been pretty fresh. Molly was sooooo intimidated. Even treats couldn't calm her down.

I have already moved Fatfat to the apartment. Most of my stuff is here now too. I've got to move three more cats in here over the next couple of weeks. Then Tony, Spike, and Coco will move to Adam's and Molly will move to Az's. Lots of changes. I hope everyone will be ok.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Molly - Future beach bum

Hi everyone!!!
I have amazingly awesome mind-blowingly fabulous news!! Molly is moving to Pulau Langkawi!! WOOHOO!!!!!! For those you that don't know, Langkawi is a group of about a hundred islands in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Malaysia, pretty darn close to the Thai border. Molly will be moving to the main island, Pulau Langkawi, where she will live with lots of other rescued and special needs dogs and cats at the Langkawi Lassie Animal Sanctuary which is managed and funded by the kind owners of the Bon Ton Resort. Some of you may remember I mentioned months ago that Molly and Conan had a sponsor, an awesome lady I called N. She has about a hundred rescued island dogs cats. The older dogs live in her bedroom suite with her. The others run free in the sanctuary, situated on the Bon Ton Resort on an island paradise. How freaking awesome is that??? Holy crap. I'm HAPPY now that the other lady ditched Molly. Now Molly will have the life i always dreamed of. She gets to be a beach bum! Check out the links below to see the resort, animal sanctuary, join the facebook group, and read about N. If you come to Malaysia, you must go to Langkawi, stay at Bon Ton, and visit my darling Molly!! I'll be there every holiday!!! Ok, i can't afford to stay at Bon Ton.. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! But I'll leave whatever dingy hole I have to stay at in Langkawi and hang out on the beach with Molly.

A friend of mine told me that he stayed at Bon Ton once and was hanging out by the pool with a beer. He was drowsy so he thought he might be dreaming or stoned when he saw two dogs in wheelchairs casually roll past him... :)!/group.php?gid=110396658995262&ref=ts

So excited for my little angel!!!! Still sad that she will be leaving me.. But HAPPY that she is going to paradise!! N is AWESOME!!! Did i ever tell you guys that she started sponsoring Molly and Conan without ever even meeting me or them? She just read about them in the paper last year and called me and offered to help. Amazing!!

Now all that's left is to figure out the mechanics of our little trip to Langkawi. The easiest way seems to be for me to drive to Penang with Molly, a 4 hour car ride.. then take a ferry to Langkawi. The ferry will take another 3 hours. Another thing is finding a ferry captain that will allow a dog on board. Remember, this is Malaysia. Dogs are not welcome in most places. It's a Muslim country.

Anyway N is going to figure out the ferry thing.. She's brought dogs to Langkawi from the mainland before. N will be in KL tomorrow for one day and will come over tomorrow night and meet Molly for the first time!! I hope that goes well and Molly doesn't get scared.. It takes her a while to get used to strangers. Wish us luck with everything!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Molly needs a home! Her rescuer/adopter has backed out.

Great. Major fucking disaster. With only 3 weeks left in the house, Molly my longtime tripod foster pooch suddenly has no new home to go to. The lady that rescued Molly from a busy street in Cheras a year and a half ago and passed her to me for fostering had actually agreed to take Molly back and keep her permanently as another pet dog. Today she texted me with the news that she can't. I was like WTF??? I have been chilling, NOT looking for another home for Molly because this lady told me like a couple of months ago that she would take Molly back. She said that Molly was HER responsibility, HER rescue, and that she would take back the sweet little pooch that she rescued now that I can no longer care for her. I'm extremely upset and disappointed. I should've been informed of this earlier. I could have spent all of fucking June and July looking for a home for Molly. Now we only have 3 weeks left in this house and no place for Molly to go to after. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK????? Funny how it hasn't been a problem for her to keep her other four expensive lapdogs.. Hey when it comes to the three-legged mutt its just too bloody difficult isn't it? You didn't seem to fucking think so when I fostered her for you for a year and a half .

I bet if Molly was a purebred dog this wouldn't be happening. I really feel now that I can't trust the so-called sincerity of rescuers who only keep store-bought purebred dogs themselves. Oh yeah sure.. they go around rescuing mutts like nobody's fucking business but do they keep a single one of them? Hell fucking no. They would NEVER keep a mutt. Check out the dogs they DO keep as pets and they are all expensive, pedigree pooches. I am so frustrated right now. I want to cry and scream and beat the shit out of someone. Ok, I'm not physically very strong. I wish I could smash a car with a baseball bat. That would make me feel lots better.

So, spread the word people! MOLLY NEEDS A GOOD HOME. She is paper-trained, gets along well with other dogs, playful and affectionate. She has no problems walking or running. She can climb stairs. She is about 1 and a half now. She is spayed and is in excellent health. Molly loves cats and knows how to shake paws. It may take some time for her to get used to new people but this is normal for any dog that has faced cruelty and been through a traumatic and painful experience like losing half a leg. For more information about Molly, read previous posts about her, or email me privately.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Camera-stalking Tony, Spike, and Molly. I love my mutts!

Molly, always with a smile on her face.. Who needs four feet when you've already got three great ones?

No. Molly and Spike are not the world's best dog models. I'm holding treats.

Spike loves hanging out in his crate. Sometimes he won't even come out when I want to play with him. He'd rather chill in his bachelor pad with his toys.

Daisy Mama Cat on her favorite perch. Other neighborhood stray kitties also congregate here for free kibble and fresh water.

Molly loves sniffing at any grassy areas, chewing weeds, and sometimes just snapping insanely at them as they brush against her face.

Tony, my little angel-faced psycho dog.. He's sweet but only to two people in the whole world, including super me of course! Everyone else must stay away or risk losing fingers and toes.

Rescue dogs are the best! Smarter, cuter, sweeter and more lovable than the rest. Mutts rule! Adopt one at your nearest animal shelter today.

Remember, don't breed and buy while shelter animals die.

Is this your dog? Newsflash from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Update from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better
Taken from:

New rescue

Now that our accident victim's problem has been solved, we have another case in our hands. This beautiful dog was apparently found on the highway by Bond and his family. In spite of being Malay Muslims, they brought the dog home and one of their neighbours Christine sought our help. The dog had tumours on almost all of its teats and there were also tumours in its vagina. The vet tells us that apart from the tumour the dog appears to be very well kept and he believes that she must have been a much loved pet. He said this could also be deduced from the dogs's very happy and friendly disposition. So, we still can't understand how she ended-up on the highway. Anyway, she had her surgery this afternoon and given it was a serious one - we are hoping very hard that she'll pull through. It was a Catch 22 situation whereby if the tumours were not removed, they may turn malignant and spread. If you recognise this dog and know her owners, please tell them to come for her. We have sponsored the surgery with the help of our generous donors. We promise not to scold or lecture them. All we want is for this lady to go back to her loving human family.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Vegetarian Slip-ups AGAIN!!!

DAMMIT!! I've been eating meat. What the hell is wrong with me?? I know I shouldn't and always feel guilty after but then I get so tempted by it. WTF??? I was so good for a while. I rarely ate meat.. then I didn't eat any meat for months.. Now I'm like totally back to my old eating habits. Looks like I need to read more vegetarian blogs again and watch Earthlings. Must not forget the suffering and the slaughter!!

Ok! Starting over with my veggie struggle! AGAIN! No more meat. Wish me luck. Help me stay disciplined.