Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fosterers Needed!!

Cat fosterers needed!!! If you can help temporarily house a litter of 4 weaned kittens or a mother cat and her two newborns please call me at 0122917213.

All they need is love

Hi everyone i'm super free at work so i'd like to share one of this year's success stories. Meet Little Pinky. He's a tough, beautiful survivor who almost didn't make it. I received a phone call one lazy saturday evening from my friend J who works at SPCA about an abandoned kitten in the driveway of an empty house in my neighborhood. A man had called her after he noticed that the kitten was no longer moving. He was worried because the kitten was usually accompanied by a mama cat and a few little siblings. Now the poor thing was alone and possibly dead.

When I arrived I immediately saw Pinky curled up in a ball right in the middle of the driveway. He was extremely filthy and crawling with fleas. When i touched him and spoke to him he didn't move. My heart broke. I thought i was too late. I picked him up and held his tiny fragile body to my chest. He was skin and bones. After a few moments though, he opened one eye and mewed softly. His other eye was sealed shut with infection. I cradled him and we dashed to the vet. There I was told that his eyes were severely infected and that he was basically starving to death. He didn't have any teeth yet so the poor thing would have to be hand-reared..

I want to point out that i suck at handrearing. I'm intimidated by teeny tiny newborns. To top things off the little squirt decided he didn't like his bottle so I switched to syringes. I hate syringes, the plunger can be difficult to control. I didn't wanna choke the little tyke with a sudden gush of formula. Anyway after many sleepless nights and days fraught with worry, Pinky was succesfully weaned! The day he ate soft food for the first time was WONDERFUL!! i was on cloud frickin 9 i tell you. He was adopted by a kind lady and her husband soon after. Check out Pinky's before & after pics.. you'll be amazed!! All Pinky needed was love and care. Anyone can provide that if they just try.

By the way, Little Pinky is now known as James. A very noble name for a noble kitty.

A new year, still too many animals..

It's the last day of 2009 and i have to say that this year has been really really shite for me in almost every way.. i'm incredibly broke, i seem to have gotten squishier around my waist, my car has gotten even more ghetto than it was before, and my animal family has grown.. don't get me wrong!! i love my pets!! but i wish i had more successful adoptions so i don't end up keeping so many of my foster critters permanently.

As of today I've had 50 successful adoptions. I'm really grateful for that and i miss every one of them furkids. But i hope i never have to see them again!! LOL! Get what i mean? I want them with their adopters forever! don't screw up kiddies!

Of course, with all the happy endings, there have been some heartbreaks as well. Rest in peace, Kirby, Crusty, Little Moo, Charlie, Holly, and Ruffles. I'm so sorry I didn't do better for you. There will always be someone here that cares and remembers how you lived, suffered, and died. I'll work harder in 2010 i promise.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Malaysian Dog Pounds

To fully understand why pups like Madeleine are so traumatized after their stint at local dog pounds you have to check out the photos taken by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better. Dog pounds here are not like what you see on Animal Planet or in movies. Please see how dogs are treated in Malaysia. They endure extreme cruelty, starvation, and pain.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is it kitten season or something?

So my mum just called me and told me that a mama cat is living in her laundry area behind the washing machine and air con compressor with her four tiny kittens. Mama's a tortie, two kittens are torties, one kitten's black and white, and the last one is white with marmalade patches.. oh boy. apparently mama cat is super duper feral. i better investigate..

Molly Sue & Conan

Three legs, but a full spirit.

And pet cat in tow.

Molly Sue is a darling dog born on the streets of Cheras. Though she has lost her left hind leg (how will remain a mystery), the only thing she can’t do that every other dog can is scratch the left side of her body. This job she joyously turns over to the people around her.

But when I first started fostering Molly, she was a fearful, sad puppy. She didn’t trust anyone – her eyes were always on the ground and her tail between her legs. The stump of her little half-leg was scabby and bloody from being dragged on asphalt and concrete all the time. She wouldn’t respond to me or even move, paralysed with fear. She did however, seem mildly interested in her roommate, 6-week-old kitten Conan.

So I took little Conan out of his fostering cage and put him next to Molly. VOILA! Molly's tail started to wag, a spark came into her lifeless eyes and she stood up! She sniffed him and licked him and nuzzled his tiny ears then followed him around the room occasionally butting him with her nose. Since then they have become inseparable. Conan has changed Molly's life. He brought her out of her shell. Molly has improved by leaps and bounds since her friendship with Conan began. That little rascal helped boost her confidence and showed her it was ok to let her guard down and allow herself to love and be loved.

She lives a perfectly normal life. Now almost a year old, she loves to run around with her toys and even knows to shake paws to ask for treats. She has mastered the art of dashing up and down the stairs on three legs and can easily jump up onto beds and sofas for her naps. Conan loves people and can’t resist a warm lap. I can’t sit down anywhere in the house without having him crawl onto my lap for a nap and cuddle.

It has now been 8 months since I started fostering Molly and Conan and I still hope to find them a home together. I love them but have 2 other dogs and 5 cats of my own to provide for. Molly loves her little cat and separating them would be another injury to her fragile soul.

Molly is purely an indoor dog because we are afraid that rough surfaces outdoors can injure her stump and break the skin, allowing bacteria to enter and cause infection. Living indoors has allowed the stump to heal and it no longer bleeds. We have paper-trained her to adjust to this lifestyle. Can anyone of you open your heart and home to Molly and Conan? They’re a little shy in the beginning but once they’ve adjusted, you’ll have two friends for life. Please email or call me at 0122917213 if you want to share your life with them.

Check them out on -

Madeleine needs a forever home

Madeleine was rescued by the kind people of Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) last week. She had been caught by municipal council dog catchers along with a large group of other dogs and puppies and was being held at the MPK (Majlis Perbandaran Klang) Dog Pound. Little Maddie is now staying with my during her rehabilitation. Her time at the pound was quite traumatizing and she had some insecurity issues and fear.

She's a sweet, and friendly puppy now, eager to please and learn. She loves the company of people and her new friend Molly Sue. Maddie has been through some very rough times in her young life, i expect adopters to be patient and extra gentle with her. She needs to trust you and feel safe.

Maddie doesn't like to be alone so it would be great if she could be adopted by someone with another friendly dog or someone that has time to spend at home. At the moment i am paper-training her because I am not home enough to expect her to be completely housebroken. I think Maddie may grow up to be quite a big dog so adopter should have space for her to run around in and time to take her for walks.

Vaccinations and spaying are compulsory for adoption. cost of these procedures to be borne by adopter. no caging, no tying up, no beating.

Interested parties can sms/call me at 0122917213 or Wani from MDDB at 0193576477. You may also email me. serious inquiries only please. a brief introduction of yourself and a description of your experience with dogs is appreciated.

LuckyToes Midnight needs a home

Lucky-Toes Midnight was rescued from a busy street in Sri Hartamas after being run over by a car. The poor little tyke is so young, she doesn't know how to cross the road but she tried anyway. Here's what happened that fateful day.

Her rescuer Sam was driving home with her two young daughters when they suddenly noticed a tiny kitten in front of them trying to cross the road alone. they were horrified and stopped to help but before they could do anything another car rushed past them and drove over the poor kitten!! the heartless prick in the other car didn't even slow down or check if he had killed the little furball. Sam and her kids rushed to the kitten who was trying to drag her body to safety across the road using just her front paws. it was a heartbreaking sight. they immediately bundled her up in their car and drove to a vet. x-rays were taken and it was determined that Lucky-Toes had suffered a fractured hind leg. It's a miracle that her injuries weren't worse!! This little kitten beat the odds and that is why her name is Lucky-Toes!!

The vet says that the fracture is minor and will heal on its own because Lucky-Toes has her health and youth on her side. She has much growing to do and is very resilient. She only needed her painkillers for a few days and now it is as if she was never injured at all.

The problem is, Lucky-Toes' rescuers can't keep her because the two little girls that helped save her are severely allergic to cats. Me, her temporary fosterer, i can't keep her either because i have 6 cats and 3 dogs. Can anyone give this loving kitty a home?

She is sweet, spunky, vocal, affectionate and fearless. She gets along well with other cats. Usually when i bring foster kitties home, my own cats are furious and hostile toward them.. but strangely enough, they welcomed Lucky-Toes with open paws.. not once did they hiss at her. in fact she fit in so well with them that i ended up putting her food bowl with the others. During feeding times, she joins the rest of the gang as they rush to their assigned bowls. She blended in like she was born in my house!! she even sleeps with the other cats now. this morning when i came out of my room she was at my door with all her new big fat cat friends meowing for breakfast.

UPDATE: Lucky-Toes has recovered well. She has no problem walking or running at all. Her limp is gone. She's about 5 months old.

I always have fur on my clothes

yippee my first post! i don't know why i never thought of doing this before.. i need an outlet for all my animal rescue and foster experiences and i think most of the people i know are pretty tired of listening to my stories.. i'm actually immune to their blank expressions now and when their eyes glaze over i keep right on talking.. i could quite possibly be turning into a crazy cat lady. i always thought cat ladies were lonely old spinsters but at 27, i'm well on my way there.

so, why do i rescue and foster? because its freaking awesome to do something for someone other than yourself! human or otherwise. it warms my heart and my soul. plus i would never be able to live with myself if i knew i had the chance to help a poor little furball, and didn't.

i don't expect to have tons of followers. i'm not going to blow your mind with life-changing revelations and gut-busting humor. i just need to get this out of me somehow.. and i have a lot to say. so follow, me, my pets, and my foster furkids, as we try to juggle a full-time job, social life, housekeeping, pee, poop, hairballs, vomit, vet bills, pet store bills, and the constant de-furring of my clothes. i swear one time i got to work, sat myself down in my chair and realized there was a cat/dog hair IN my mouth. yeah i lead a charmed life.