Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I always have fur on my clothes

yippee my first post! i don't know why i never thought of doing this before.. i need an outlet for all my animal rescue and foster experiences and i think most of the people i know are pretty tired of listening to my stories.. i'm actually immune to their blank expressions now and when their eyes glaze over i keep right on talking.. i could quite possibly be turning into a crazy cat lady. i always thought cat ladies were lonely old spinsters but at 27, i'm well on my way there.

so, why do i rescue and foster? because its freaking awesome to do something for someone other than yourself! human or otherwise. it warms my heart and my soul. plus i would never be able to live with myself if i knew i had the chance to help a poor little furball, and didn't.

i don't expect to have tons of followers. i'm not going to blow your mind with life-changing revelations and gut-busting humor. i just need to get this out of me somehow.. and i have a lot to say. so follow, me, my pets, and my foster furkids, as we try to juggle a full-time job, social life, housekeeping, pee, poop, hairballs, vomit, vet bills, pet store bills, and the constant de-furring of my clothes. i swear one time i got to work, sat myself down in my chair and realized there was a cat/dog hair IN my mouth. yeah i lead a charmed life.

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