Thursday, December 31, 2009

All they need is love

Hi everyone i'm super free at work so i'd like to share one of this year's success stories. Meet Little Pinky. He's a tough, beautiful survivor who almost didn't make it. I received a phone call one lazy saturday evening from my friend J who works at SPCA about an abandoned kitten in the driveway of an empty house in my neighborhood. A man had called her after he noticed that the kitten was no longer moving. He was worried because the kitten was usually accompanied by a mama cat and a few little siblings. Now the poor thing was alone and possibly dead.

When I arrived I immediately saw Pinky curled up in a ball right in the middle of the driveway. He was extremely filthy and crawling with fleas. When i touched him and spoke to him he didn't move. My heart broke. I thought i was too late. I picked him up and held his tiny fragile body to my chest. He was skin and bones. After a few moments though, he opened one eye and mewed softly. His other eye was sealed shut with infection. I cradled him and we dashed to the vet. There I was told that his eyes were severely infected and that he was basically starving to death. He didn't have any teeth yet so the poor thing would have to be hand-reared..

I want to point out that i suck at handrearing. I'm intimidated by teeny tiny newborns. To top things off the little squirt decided he didn't like his bottle so I switched to syringes. I hate syringes, the plunger can be difficult to control. I didn't wanna choke the little tyke with a sudden gush of formula. Anyway after many sleepless nights and days fraught with worry, Pinky was succesfully weaned! The day he ate soft food for the first time was WONDERFUL!! i was on cloud frickin 9 i tell you. He was adopted by a kind lady and her husband soon after. Check out Pinky's before & after pics.. you'll be amazed!! All Pinky needed was love and care. Anyone can provide that if they just try.

By the way, Little Pinky is now known as James. A very noble name for a noble kitty.


Everycat said...

You did a wonderful job helping Pinky (James) survive. From lifeless little scrap to super handsoem chap- all because of YOU!

We think you are great!

Whicky Wuudler

havetailwillwag said...

aww... thanks you're so sweet whicky wuudler!!