Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LuckyToes Midnight needs a home

Lucky-Toes Midnight was rescued from a busy street in Sri Hartamas after being run over by a car. The poor little tyke is so young, she doesn't know how to cross the road but she tried anyway. Here's what happened that fateful day.

Her rescuer Sam was driving home with her two young daughters when they suddenly noticed a tiny kitten in front of them trying to cross the road alone. they were horrified and stopped to help but before they could do anything another car rushed past them and drove over the poor kitten!! the heartless prick in the other car didn't even slow down or check if he had killed the little furball. Sam and her kids rushed to the kitten who was trying to drag her body to safety across the road using just her front paws. it was a heartbreaking sight. they immediately bundled her up in their car and drove to a vet. x-rays were taken and it was determined that Lucky-Toes had suffered a fractured hind leg. It's a miracle that her injuries weren't worse!! This little kitten beat the odds and that is why her name is Lucky-Toes!!

The vet says that the fracture is minor and will heal on its own because Lucky-Toes has her health and youth on her side. She has much growing to do and is very resilient. She only needed her painkillers for a few days and now it is as if she was never injured at all.

The problem is, Lucky-Toes' rescuers can't keep her because the two little girls that helped save her are severely allergic to cats. Me, her temporary fosterer, i can't keep her either because i have 6 cats and 3 dogs. Can anyone give this loving kitty a home?

She is sweet, spunky, vocal, affectionate and fearless. She gets along well with other cats. Usually when i bring foster kitties home, my own cats are furious and hostile toward them.. but strangely enough, they welcomed Lucky-Toes with open paws.. not once did they hiss at her. in fact she fit in so well with them that i ended up putting her food bowl with the others. During feeding times, she joins the rest of the gang as they rush to their assigned bowls. She blended in like she was born in my house!! she even sleeps with the other cats now. this morning when i came out of my room she was at my door with all her new big fat cat friends meowing for breakfast.

UPDATE: Lucky-Toes has recovered well. She has no problem walking or running at all. Her limp is gone. She's about 5 months old.


Everycat said...

Beautiful little Luckytoes! I cannot understand how you have not yet been adopted. You will make someone a very good companion and friend. Here's hoping someone good comes along very soon :)

havetailwillwag said...

i can't believe it either.. it's been 6 months!!