Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For Adoption - Evelyn Sophia (Evie)

Isn't she a cute little booger?

Doing a handstand over her bowl of kibble

Checking herself out in the mirror..

Umm.. yes i do have the twilight series. Dont judge me!

Getting some TLC from uncle fat fat.

Being a cheeky monkey..

Testing uncle fat fat's patience..

Finally, surrendering..

Held down and forcefully groomed.. uncle fat fat likes his foster kittens CLEAN.

Won't someone give this little tyke a loving home?

Friday, December 24, 2010

New foster kitten - Evelyn Sophia

For the last week or so my neighbor and I have been trying to rescue several kittens in our apartment compound. We knew of a litter of four and another litter of two that needed help but they were pretty feral and very difficult to catch. They were all also too small and light to set off the humane cat trap borrowed from SPCA Selangor. I live on the second floor of the low-rise part of the building so I could very clearly hear their distress calls. Unfortunately the skittish little dudes were all too quick for me so several days passed without progress. Eventually the litter of four disappeared. I have no idea where they've gone or whether they're still alive. They were about 3 to 4 months old. Hopefully they have just wandered off somewhere else.

The small litter of two also proved to be difficult. Though younger, they were just as wary and fearful as their older friends. My neighbor, let's call her Miss 8th Floor, first heard loud baby mews about a week ago. She soon spotted a tiny tortie kitten hiding among the plants and gutters outside the condo management office. This little kitty was tiny and well camouflaged. Unfortunately she was also very quick. We still haven't caught her and no one has heard or seen her since last weekend. We were told by the security guard that this kitten has a sibling but at that point we had not seen the sibling yet. The guard also told us that he had found the kittens' mother's dead body 2 saturdays ago in the parking lot. No idea what killed her. In any case we had pretty much given up hope of rescuing the tortie kitten and her sibling when I received a pleasant surprise. BC, a lady that works in the condo managment office called me and said they had managed to catch a kitten. I assumed she meant the tortie. Once I got home I dashed over to the office and was surprised to find that they had caught a tuxie kitten. None of us had ever seen this kitten before but i think its possible that this tuxie kitten is the tortie's missing sibling.

We decided to name her Evelyn Sophia, a very grownup human name :) I'll call her Evie for short here. Evie was emaciated, dehydrated, extremely timid and fearful. I brought her home and set up a little space for her in the laundry area. She promptly hid behind the washing machine and it took me ages to get her out. Since then she has improved by leaps and bounds. In the last 3 days she has gone from being terrified of me to sticking to me like glue and butting her tiny head against me all the time. She sits outside my room and meows at the top of her lungs if i don't let her in. A couple of days ago, she had to spend the night at the vet.. Dr L was worried that Evie might have a diaphragmatic hernia. For more info on what that is click here and here. Evie had been vomiting and having trouble breathing. Luckily an xray showed that Evie's diaphragm was intact and all her organs in the right place. It also showed that her heart is bigger than it should be. Dr L says we have to keep a close eye (and ear) on that but so far, her heartbeat sounds ok. Evie is now on a two-week course of antibiotics for severe flu. This flu is making her wheeze and cough and even gag. She is recovering at home with me now and having fun running around playing although its hard for her to breathe and eat with all that congestion.

When Evie is well, she will be available for permanent adoption to a good home. She is about 3months old now and a very sweet gentle little tyke. Spaying and vaccinations are compulsory as usual. Evie will not add to the massive population of strays suffering in Malaysia. Photos coming soon. Adoption procedure on the right side bar :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

the memories, they hurt

omg.. i still miss molly so much. i cry at least once a week over her. the guilt is eating me up inside. i wish i could take back everything and start over with her. my memories of her hurt me deeply, even the happy ones, especially the happy ones. my silly little tripod pooch. she brought so much joy to my life. what made me think i could possibly live without her and she without me? we were two peas in a pod. a human-canine pair of kindred spirits. she really was man's best friend, but i wasn't hers.. i totally let her down. i didn't work hard enough for her. i gave up on her but she would never have given up on me. i am a shitty fosterer. the worst. i don't deserve the role.

i remember how scared she was when she first became my foster pup.. she wouldn't even move or eat or make a sound.. her pain, fear, and suffering were still so great. she knew nothing but cruelty from humans and she expected that from me as well. i remember when she started to realize that i wouldn't hurt her and slowly, very slowly, she became happy. of course, in the end i did hurt her and let her down just like everyone else did. that is what kills me. i was supposed to be the one person that would never ever give her any grief. i should never have tried to find her a permanent home, she was already home with me wasn't she. too late now. i should've known she would never be able to cope with new people.

i miss her doggy smell which was different from other dogs, really! i miss our howling at each other, her sneeze fits, how she obsessively cleaned her stump, the way she trimmed the toenails on her remaining three feet by gnawing at them (i never even had to clip them!), i miss watching her play catch by herself - she would toss her own toys into the air and chase after them happily.. i miss her obsession with the cats and her friendship with spike. i miss watching her run up and down the stairs at top speed despite missing a leg.. i miss how she greeted me every morning and evening, so happily.. she would stand up on her one hind leg to bat me with her front paws, her tail wagging madly the entire time. i miss how much she loved human beds. she'd jump onto the bed and roll around in ecstasy rubbing her back on the sheets and burrowing her head among the covers, snuffling and barking joyfully. she loved pillows too. i miss how after i taught her how to shake paws, she'd hold out a paw and try to shake my hand before i even asked her to - if i was eating something. she was so smart and knew that a trick well done would result in a treat! i miss watching her and conan curl up together in their favorite spot in their room and sleep. i miss watching her try to carry him around in her mouth even after he grew too big for her to do that. i miss hanging out with her on the couch, my arm around my little pooch, my head on her side. sometimes we looked deep into each others eyes and i could see the pain and fear of her childhood. i miss just knowing she was there at home with me, a little creature that adored me and that i adored.

i don't know if i will ever foster a dog again. i can't go through this again. rest in peace molly. you are so loved and always will be. there is no replacement for you.