Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pupsilly Puppy Cola in her new home - Renamed Shadow

Now that is one happy little dog in her forever home :)

Shadow was adopted by a lady and her little son. I couldn't ask for a better adopter! Shadow has been through a lot in the last few weeks and they are sticking by her. During her stay with me Shadow was spayed, had urinary tract infection, ear mites... Poor thing must've been feeling so shitty but never complained. Guess what? Last week Shadow's adopter found out that she has heartworm. How scary is that?? But they are not giving up on her. She is getting the treatment she needs. Most adopters would return a sick dog but this one is already committed to Shadow and loves her after 2 weeks. Totally restores my faith in humans. They are caring for Shadow like a member of the family and I couldn't be more pleased. Shadow is one lucky dog and I wish all adopters were so awesome!

Tamago & Puppy Cola - Adopt an older dog ok?

Tamago and her Governator chew toy.
Tamago after a day out.
Tamago and Puppy Cola after the groomer's visit. I had all of Tamago's hair cut. Its so freaking hot in Malaysia and she hates having her hair brushed. She's unrecognizable as a shih-tzu now and soooo much neater and cleaner and she smells way better too.
Last photo I took of Pupsilly.
No idea what dog Tamago looks like now but I think she looks freaking adorable!! You should've seen the looks of horror some Shih-Tzu people gave me when I brought her to an SPCA event. First I was asked if she was a pug.. When I said no they were like oh my gawd... I guess they think the long hair makes the dog. Whatever! My pooch is a companion not an accessory and she's way more comfortable now.

Just wanna say that adopting an older dog is super!!! I adopted Tamago last year when she was about 8 years old so I guess she's 9 now. Everyone wants puppies because they're soooo super cute, playful, and adorable. Who doesn't love puppies? But realistically, who has the time for them? They're babies and require so much time and energy from their caregiver. So many people adopt puppies and then dump them when they get too big, or because they're too energetic, or they can't train them. If you're working full-time or perhaps you don't have as much space for a hyperactive pup, consider adopting an older dog. You'll still get the love and the loyalty, but in a calmer package. You can enjoy the companionship with less headache. Adult dogs that are abandoned pets are usually already housebroken, trained, past the age of teething and destructive chewing. Tamago is a perfect companion. Mellow like me :)

Puppy Cola went to her new home a couple of weeks ago and her name is Shadow now. She's about 4 years old and another example of why adopting an older dog is so awesome. Also, adult and older dogs need homes too. Please don't brush them aside.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Foster Pooch

My darling foster pooch has a lot of names. She has been named by everyone she's met. Her name is Puppy Cola, Falkor, Falkora, Goma, Felly, Bada, Ume, and Westie. I just call her Puppy or Pupsilly. This little girl is one of 19 white toy dogs dumped outside a shelter by cruel backyard breeders who no longer had a use for them. 9 of the dogs are poodle terrier mixes, 10 of them are maltese terrier mixes. Puppy is one of the latter. 17 of the 19 dogs are female. None of the dogs were neutered, all past prime breeding age, and every single one cruelly debarked. Because there is no cctv outside this particular shelter, no one has any idea who dumped all 19 pooches. Needless to say someone had made their money and was done exploiting these dogs so they were tossed out like yesterday's garbage. I guess we can only be glad that the people who used them for their own financial gain had the "heart"(if you could call it that) not to kill them. Lots of people have stepped up to foster or adopt them all through Cherish Life Home and KL Pooch Rescue with Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better sponsoring neutering costs.

I met Puppy at the home of the great ladies of KL Pooch Rescue. When I went there i saw around 10 little white dogs all running around. It was a very surreal moment. I couldn't pick who I wanted to foster. How could I? They all needed fostering. But it was ok because eventually Pupsilly picked me :) I was kneeling on the ground holding out my hand and trying to make friends with the dogs but they were mostly fearful or indifferent. That's when Pups tentatively crept up to my hand and sniffed it then licked it. That was that. I knew we were gonna be fine :) Puppy is super duper sweet. At first she was timid, fearful, flinched and cowered every time I pet her or went near her. She doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. She acted as if she was used to being hit and expected it :( She's much better now and runs around having fun in my apartment. She's been sleeping in my bed and she's so comfy she loves it. She can't bark but makes a weird little sound when she's excited. She's not toilet-trained but I'm trying to paper-train her. So far we're not progressing in that sense. I've bought two different housebreaking aid products and they're not really helping. Puppy has been with me about 2 weeks now and was spayed this past Monday. She's gaining weight and looking healthier. I'm trying to find her a home but will be very very sad when she leaves me. I hope she goes to a good friend or a relative so I can see her sometimes.

Puppy when she just arrived at my home.

Puppy and her Chinese New Year toy.

Puppy after her first bath. She was very upset about that.

Puppy meets Knutella

Charlie Tux avoiding Puppy

Tamago ignoring Puppy

Meeting Fatfat

Do I have to get out of bed mum?

Recovering from spay surgery :(

Enjoying a jerky treat with Tamago

With Knutella

Feeling much better two days after spay surgery :)

Enjoying the good life for the first time.

Wow! Beds are awesome!

Hanging with Fatfat

Charlie Tux and Knutella news

Charlie Tux went to her new home last Saturday. She now lives with a really nice lady and another little ginger kitten. These are the last photos I took of her. While she was with me she had developed the habit of perching on my shoulder and nibbling my ears. Funny girl. She is missed!

Knut has also been adopted! She met her adopter last night and will be going to her new home next week.