Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pupsilly Puppy Cola in her new home - Renamed Shadow

Now that is one happy little dog in her forever home :)

Shadow was adopted by a lady and her little son. I couldn't ask for a better adopter! Shadow has been through a lot in the last few weeks and they are sticking by her. During her stay with me Shadow was spayed, had urinary tract infection, ear mites... Poor thing must've been feeling so shitty but never complained. Guess what? Last week Shadow's adopter found out that she has heartworm. How scary is that?? But they are not giving up on her. She is getting the treatment she needs. Most adopters would return a sick dog but this one is already committed to Shadow and loves her after 2 weeks. Totally restores my faith in humans. They are caring for Shadow like a member of the family and I couldn't be more pleased. Shadow is one lucky dog and I wish all adopters were so awesome!


ManekiNeko said...

a) this pupperoony just gets cuter and cuter in each photo.

b) the fact that she has heartworm just gives me one more reason to want that backyard breeder to fall into a crocodile pit after being smeared with Marmite.

Bless the adopters!

meowmeowmans said...

So cute! We're so happy for this little one and her new forever family. :)

LP said...

What a cutie pie! It must have been sooo difficult to see this little doll baby leave your home but wowsers! she won the jackpot for her forever home!! That must make you feel wonderful!

the critters in The Cottage xo

tasha faye said...

this is sooo adorable. <3 i'm so glad i found your blog! Francesca gave m your link on my blog when she saw pictures of kittens that i took. i'd love to play a part in rescuing animals here. Francesca thought maybe i could help to promote the animals by photographing them? :)it'd be lovely if we could set something up! xxxx