Thursday, June 23, 2011

New foster kittens - Sneakers & Tabatha

Hola gente!
Tom Angus was adopted a couple of weeks ago! His new mother also adopted a 3 month old rescued kitten from my cousin's friend. I am so happy that he will have company in his new home. I miss him and his noise and clinginess. I wonder how he became the world's most affectionate kitty :)

I have two new foster kittens... They're from a group of 8 that were dumped in a box by the roadside and found by my friend NT's friend while he was jogging. They've now been divided up amongst a few fosterers. The two I have aren't siblings but they might as well be. They have been inseparable since arriving at my home and are often found curled up together sleeping peacefully. Sneakers is the younger of the pair at about 2 months. He's black with white toes on 3 of his paws, a little white chest patch, and a little white tummy patch. He's got about half a tail and white whiskers. He is so freaking cute and not afraid of anything. His big foster sister Tabatha is a calico, about 3 and a half to 4 months old. They're both very vocal and very affectionate.

They went for a checkup last Saturday and since then have been dewormed twice. They both have really nasty, greenish-yellow, slimy, oozey, diarrhea. This is no ordinary diarrhea. It smells SO bad I have to hold my breath everytime I clean up after them or visit them in their area. One teeny tiny puddle of their horrendous poop is enough to make my entire apartment (and probably me) smell like a landfill. Their little tummies are infested with the Coccidia parasite. Dr L has prescribed 2 types of antibiotics for this. Naturally Sneakers and Tabs have both decided to be even grosser and stop using their litter box. They also constantly spit out their medication when forced to swallow it, foam at their little mouths dramatically. Dr L did warn me that the meds are very bitter. Still, I didn't expect the kittens' extreme reaction. Drama-rama. The nasty icky Coccidia monster parasites should be totally eliminated in a couple of weeks.

Photos coming soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Foster Twerp Update - Tom Angus Tulliver - New Photos :)

Hello Animal Welfare Peeps!
Tom's rescuer, his Aunty WS, came over last night to visit him. It's been a couple of months since she last saw him and he has changed lots since then. From a scrawny, bald, teary-eyed, miserable little thing, he has blossomed into a very handsome and athletic ginger kitten. He's still quite long and lean and when he's running around he does resemble some sort of mini jungle cat.

Aunty WS kindly donated a large bag of Natural Balance kibble and canned food, as well as some dietary supplements, and a catnip toy for Tom. He couldn't really remember Aunty WS and was a little shy at first but after some coaxing he quickly warmed up to her and they had a good time playing with his new toy.

I haven't taken new photos of Tom lately (ok i've been lazy) and his Aunty WS took some new ones so we could update his profile. You can see how different he is now from just a few weeks ago. He was dressed for the shoot and will also be dressed at this weekend's Pet Expo at Midvalley Megamall where we hope he will find his forever home. He doesn't mind his little tanktop/dress given to him by his Uncle K and he looks so darn cute in it.