Thursday, June 23, 2011

New foster kittens - Sneakers & Tabatha

Hola gente!
Tom Angus was adopted a couple of weeks ago! His new mother also adopted a 3 month old rescued kitten from my cousin's friend. I am so happy that he will have company in his new home. I miss him and his noise and clinginess. I wonder how he became the world's most affectionate kitty :)

I have two new foster kittens... They're from a group of 8 that were dumped in a box by the roadside and found by my friend NT's friend while he was jogging. They've now been divided up amongst a few fosterers. The two I have aren't siblings but they might as well be. They have been inseparable since arriving at my home and are often found curled up together sleeping peacefully. Sneakers is the younger of the pair at about 2 months. He's black with white toes on 3 of his paws, a little white chest patch, and a little white tummy patch. He's got about half a tail and white whiskers. He is so freaking cute and not afraid of anything. His big foster sister Tabatha is a calico, about 3 and a half to 4 months old. They're both very vocal and very affectionate.

They went for a checkup last Saturday and since then have been dewormed twice. They both have really nasty, greenish-yellow, slimy, oozey, diarrhea. This is no ordinary diarrhea. It smells SO bad I have to hold my breath everytime I clean up after them or visit them in their area. One teeny tiny puddle of their horrendous poop is enough to make my entire apartment (and probably me) smell like a landfill. Their little tummies are infested with the Coccidia parasite. Dr L has prescribed 2 types of antibiotics for this. Naturally Sneakers and Tabs have both decided to be even grosser and stop using their litter box. They also constantly spit out their medication when forced to swallow it, foam at their little mouths dramatically. Dr L did warn me that the meds are very bitter. Still, I didn't expect the kittens' extreme reaction. Drama-rama. The nasty icky Coccidia monster parasites should be totally eliminated in a couple of weeks.

Photos coming soon!


ManekiNeko said...

Photos of kittens, please. Not poop.

Thank you.


meowmeowmans said...

That is such awesome news about Tom being adopted! Yippee!

Sneakers and Tabatha sound like cuties. Sorry to hear about the coccidia and diarrhea. Not fun.

Looking forward to the photos. :)

P.S. - how's little Tamago doing?

Bobby said...

Tom looks gorgeous, we are glad he has a new home.
The kitten problem sounds awful we hope it is better soon.
Licks Bobby.

The Lee County Clowder said...

All we can suggest is keep spraying air freshener's around the room. Hitting spots where those stinkers poop with something like Lysol or bleach might help, too.

Have you tried keeping those two divas in a bathroom or someplace comparable where you can cover most of the surfaces? (and maybe turn on an exhaust fan)

Just remember, this too shall pass.

Teal'c said...

Poor kittens! I hope they get well soon.
Slobber Teal'c

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Praying that Sneakers and Tabatha will grow up to be healthy, happy, strong little kittens.
Much love.

Everycat said...

Oh Coccidia! That stench, ugh! We send you fresh air and may those babies soon be rid of it and your nose survive. We're happy Tom has been adopted. He will be a happy boy.

Thank you for your kind words for Whicky, the special ones break hearts harder when they go so suddenly.

Oliver & Gerry

LP said...

Great news about Tom Angus Tulliver! We have been away on vacation but are back now :) We hope the new kittens feel better soon and thrive and that your nose doesn't get to blown away by the stinkies! Argh.
the critters in The Cottage
P.S. How is Tamago, the little girl dog doing these days?