Monday, January 30, 2012

Goodbye Coco

I hope you're having fun over there across the rainbow bridge. Maybe you're reunited with Tony and Molly.. But I have a feeling your heaven is a cat only place... No dogs allowed. I know how annoying you thought the dogs were. I hope you've found the comfiest of all human laps over there! So you can finally curl up in peace instead of constantly doing the kneading dough, baking cookies thing! I forgive you for taking a crap in my laundry basket all those times, peeing in my handbag twice, and peeing on my flip-flops all the time. I know you did those things as revenge... since they seemed to happen after you were scolded. You could be mean but sometimes you were the sweetest most affectionate kitty. You were definitely different from all other cats I have met in my life. One in a million. A force to be reckoned with. A no-nonsense kitty that did what she liked when she liked. A mini diva, skinny kitty with big hair, big attitude in a tiny package. Rest in peace dear girl.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Update on current foster monsters Knutella & Charlie Tux

I was wrong about both kittens. Neither of them are male. They are both female. Charlie Tux is still with me but has been adopted! Her adopter came over and the interview went really well! I really like the lady. She will go to her new home this Saturday morning. Her adopter is cat-proofing her apartment and buying all the feline necessities. I'll miss Charlie but I also hope I never see her again! You know what I mean :) I hope the adoption goes well and lasts forever.

Knut is officially Knutella and she is doing great. She's healthy and actually looks like a cat now. Fully weaned, fully litter-box trained. She's having a little problem with ringworm right now but we're fixing that with anti-fungal cream and sebolyse. She's a little punk now and has been wrestling with Charlie who is about twice her size. She's so cute. I think I'll cry when she's adopted. The hand-reared ones always break my heart when they leave me.

So far, 2012 is off to a good start for my rescued animals!! Let's hope it stays that way.

Knutella - Still tiny but so grown up already.

One paw on my leg and looking at me as if to say "Are you my mummy?"

Steady enough to play ball :)

Snack-sized Knutella.

Knutella enjoys having teeth and chowing down on kibble.

Watching Charlie Tux steal her food...

Charlie loves attacking Fatfat's tail.

Fatfat losing his patience with the little tail-attacking turd.

Finally, just hanging out.

Waiting our turn at the vet.

Charlie was vaccinated and Knutella was diagnosed with ringworm. Ewww....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shelter dogs & Nicole's Foster Kittens - Munchkin, Morrisey, Morgan

My dear friend NT is ridiculously busy with her new job! She works 15 hour days and still manages to care for her cats and dogs and her foster furkids! All of her friends are worried that she will burn out and we don't think she should foster as much as she used to.. or at least if she rescues, she should pass the critters to us for fostering. Anyway here are her three current foster kittens. She found them at her place of work! Apparently the area is swarming with strays :( No doubt she will be rescuing more. These guys are about 2 and a half months old now. At the time of rescue the little tykes were barely weaned and they were starving. Help us rehome NT's kittens! Interested parties can get in touch by emailing

Morrisey & Morgan

The three siblings.


Munchkin & Morgan



Also, some dogs I met at the shelter on Monday afternoon. All these guys have so much love to give. You can see it in their eyes. Please adopt from a shelter. There is so much loneliness and longing there. And don't just think of adopting puppies. Adopt an older dog, an adult dog. These guys have been through so much loss and pain of abandonment. I promise you will be bringing home a friend for life. Someone who will love you more than any human ever could or will. I would love to have these guys but I just can't afford their care now :( Remember, don't breed and buy while shelter animals die. Spay/neuter your pets! Prevent pet overpopulation that leads to homelessness and suffering.

"I am lonely and afraid. Please take me with you."

"I'm old and tired and want to live out my days loving you and being surrounded by your love."

"I will love you unconditionally! That's a promise!"

"Why have we been abandoned? What did we do wrong?"

"I'll be loyal and protect you."

"Can I go home with you? Please? I promise to be good!"