Thursday, December 31, 2009

A new year, still too many animals..

It's the last day of 2009 and i have to say that this year has been really really shite for me in almost every way.. i'm incredibly broke, i seem to have gotten squishier around my waist, my car has gotten even more ghetto than it was before, and my animal family has grown.. don't get me wrong!! i love my pets!! but i wish i had more successful adoptions so i don't end up keeping so many of my foster critters permanently.

As of today I've had 50 successful adoptions. I'm really grateful for that and i miss every one of them furkids. But i hope i never have to see them again!! LOL! Get what i mean? I want them with their adopters forever! don't screw up kiddies!

Of course, with all the happy endings, there have been some heartbreaks as well. Rest in peace, Kirby, Crusty, Little Moo, Charlie, Holly, and Ruffles. I'm so sorry I didn't do better for you. There will always be someone here that cares and remembers how you lived, suffered, and died. I'll work harder in 2010 i promise.

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