Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Molly's 3rd orientation session with Az and new foster kitten Silas!

Molly and Az continue to make progress. We don't have much time left for her to get comfortable with him, but I'm sure that Az's patience will pay off. They had their third orientation session yesterday. The first two times that Az came over, Molly ran to her room and hid in a corner and had to be carried out. Yesterday, she didn't run to her room at all. She did bark warnings at him as usual and was still spooked by sudden movements and sounds but she sat much closer to him, readily took treats from his hand and even allowed him to briefly touch her head and face a few times. She was still a little wary of his hands (perhaps because of past abuse?) but was comfortable allowing him to touch her with his feet... Yes, feet. She was not at all afraid of his feet. She sniffed them thoroughly and allowed him to massage her with his toes. Isn't that odd? Now how do we get to that same level of comfort with his hands?

Also, I have a new foster kitten. M2 and I found him last night near Bestari in Solaris Mont Kiara. He was lying down on his stomach by the roadside, peering so intently into the drain that he didn't even seem to notice when I drove right up to him, got out of the car, stood right behind him and picked him up. He only started meowing fearfully once he was in the carrier. He is about 3 to 3 and a half months old. He has a full white coat, a long tail, and blue eyes. Once I got him home and set him up with a litter box and food and water in the spare bathroom he lost his fear and became very affectionate and sweet. After eating he immediately used the litter box without coaxing and climbed up onto my lap for a cuddle. What a cutie patootie! He was sooooo dirty he looked like a grey kitten. He was oily and smelly too. Once he's properly cleaned and groomed I'll upload some photos. I think finding him a home will be easy. Who doesn't love pure white cats with blue eyes? Precious! M2 has named him Silas. Perfect!

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