Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Camera-stalking Tony, Spike, and Molly. I love my mutts!

Molly, always with a smile on her face.. Who needs four feet when you've already got three great ones?

No. Molly and Spike are not the world's best dog models. I'm holding treats.

Spike loves hanging out in his crate. Sometimes he won't even come out when I want to play with him. He'd rather chill in his bachelor pad with his toys.

Daisy Mama Cat on her favorite perch. Other neighborhood stray kitties also congregate here for free kibble and fresh water.

Molly loves sniffing at any grassy areas, chewing weeds, and sometimes just snapping insanely at them as they brush against her face.

Tony, my little angel-faced psycho dog.. He's sweet but only to two people in the whole world, including super me of course! Everyone else must stay away or risk losing fingers and toes.

Rescue dogs are the best! Smarter, cuter, sweeter and more lovable than the rest. Mutts rule! Adopt one at your nearest animal shelter today.

Remember, don't breed and buy while shelter animals die.


Josie said...

What a BEAUTIFUL series of photos of gorgeous dogs! Love the ears on the one in the crate. So cute. Thanks for coming to welcome us back. Good to read up on your doings. Thanks for your smart message...why buy when you can are so smart!! Much Love, MB, Josie and Blues

Bobby said...

Yes I wish more people would listen and take a rescue dog. Trouble is so many people want desighner dogs, even though there is so many problems bred into them.

ForPetsSake said...

Love these smiling dog pics! Check out my blog if you get a chance

2Vamp said...

Your doggies are sooooo smiley... love it!