Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fosterer needed for accident victim - Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Newsflash

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Another lady

On the day of her rescue
During acupuncture treatment
With Dr Susanna
Lady 2 feeling relaxed after acupuncture treatment
Now that Ginger's case has been settled, we have another lady to worry about. We rescued this lady, who was an accident victim, some two months ago. She is now in need of acupuncture and physiotherapy. The acupuncturist Dr Susanna says she would do better in a home surrounding with high protein food such as boiled meat and organs. She is currently at a veterinary clinic in Subang Jaya. Dr Susanna also says that Lady 2's prognosis is quite good. The acupuncturist and physiotherapist also need to visit her at least twice a week. Given this, we are desperately looking for a foster home for her. One of our benefactors has offered to pay the fosterer who takes her in RM1,000 a month for taking care of her. MDDB will provide the rice, meat and whatever is needed for her as well. Please let us know if anyone is interested, Lady 2 desperately needs a temporary home to get better.

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