Monday, August 2, 2010

Vegetarian Slip-ups AGAIN!!!

DAMMIT!! I've been eating meat. What the hell is wrong with me?? I know I shouldn't and always feel guilty after but then I get so tempted by it. WTF??? I was so good for a while. I rarely ate meat.. then I didn't eat any meat for months.. Now I'm like totally back to my old eating habits. Looks like I need to read more vegetarian blogs again and watch Earthlings. Must not forget the suffering and the slaughter!!

Ok! Starting over with my veggie struggle! AGAIN! No more meat. Wish me luck. Help me stay disciplined.


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Vegetarianism isn't all or nothing, my friend. It was a 2-year gradual process for me from the time I first watched Earthlings. People do slip, and then they get up and try again. Sometimes I admit I miss food that I used to enjoy, like nasi lemak and curry mee. That's when I go to places like Gopala's in Brickfields, Giant Bowl in SS2 and Vegelife in SS26 for meat-free treats. Gopala's has awesome vegetarian satay and yong tau foo. So it's actually all in the sauce -- we recognise and love favourite foods not because we like having animals slaughtered, but because it's the sauce and seasoning that sends out pleasure signals.

Life With Dogs said...

Good luck - I still struggle with the idea daily...

galatea. said...

duuude! you can still love your dogs and cats and enjoy a nice double cheeseburger + fries every now and then!

you do too many good things in your life- sometimes to your own detriment. and honey, you deserve wayy more than that.

everything else fails, a pint of vanilla creme will save the day x

hehe miss you!