Thursday, August 26, 2010

Molly's 4th Orientation Session with Az - Super duper progress!!

Molly and Az had their 4th orientation session yesterday afternoon. It was by far the coolest one yet. They made crazyyyyy progress. Az brought a secret weapon... steamed chicken breast!! Molly was soooooo excited and practically driven mad by the aroma of it. She totally forgot that she was afraid of Az. She didn't bark, growl, or run away. She was all over him sniffing and licking his hands. Jumping up on the couch and sitting next to him. I think she's beginning to realize that Az is the bearer of yummy things. With me, she's had kibble and canned dog food her whole life. With Az every meal will consist of freshly cooked brown rice, lamb, chicken, and salmon. Wowee!! Az's dogs eat better than I do. I survive on ramen, air, and coffee.

My darling Spike joined in today's session. I think that helped Molly as well. She saw that Spike wasn't afraid of Az and was thoroughly enjoying his company. Now the only obstacle to Molly's smooth transition into Az's household is his dog Kopi. Kopi has not been getting along too well with Az's new puppy. We worry that means she will not be able to accept Molly either. Kopi has been behaving strangely. Sometimes she will happily play with the pup and they will chase each other and play tug-of-war with socks and rope. She even lets pup eat from her bowls. She doesn't mind when pup eats her leftovers. But then once in a while for no apparent reason whatsoever, she viciously attacks the pup, always when the pup is asleep or totally minding her own business and not messing around Kopi's stuff at all. I don't get it....

Any advice from the dog people?

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meowmeowmans said...

I am SO happy about this fantastic progress! :)

I will be thinking and praying for Az and Kopi ... hopefully she'll get used to the idea of the new puppy.