Saturday, August 14, 2010

A change in Molly's plans..

hola mis amigos!
ok. new course of action for molly. plans keep changing but really its all in her best interest.. A very good friend of N's that also loves rescue dogs and donates lots and lots to Langkawi Lassie wants to adopt Molly now. I'll call him Az. He's super nice and has one rescue dog at the moment, Kopi. He wanted to adopt a very fearful, traumatized dog from Langkawi Lassie named Olive but apparently the latest on Olive is that she is super happy at Langkawi Lassie and has a best dog friend over there now. So.. N figured, why not give Molly a chance instead? Molly is also a rescued dog and she is also fearful with strangers and needs an adopter with lots of patience. Az is perfect for her and there will be no need for Molly to travel far, far away where it will be difficult for me to visit her. Az lives literally 10 minutes away from me. AWESOMEEEEE!

We had our first little orientation session today. Az came over for about an hour to hang out at the house with Molly. She growled and barked lots but after a while she settled down a bit. She was still on edge but not panicking or hiding which is good!! Usually when she meets strangers, she hides in her room. We bribed her with lots of treats and will continue to do so at every orientation session for the next 3 weeks before she moves to Az's house. I have a good feeling about this. N is very hopeful as well. She knows Az very very well and she is sure that he is THE ONE for Molly.

Btw, N also visited us on Thursday and Molly was totally shit scared of her.. We think it was the smell of N's hundred other dogs that freaked her out. N had just arrived in KL from Langkawi so the other dogs' smells must have still been pretty fresh. Molly was sooooo intimidated. Even treats couldn't calm her down.

I have already moved Fatfat to the apartment. Most of my stuff is here now too. I've got to move three more cats in here over the next couple of weeks. Then Tony, Spike, and Coco will move to Adam's and Molly will move to Az's. Lots of changes. I hope everyone will be ok.

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~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Too wonderful for words! Everything is working out for the best!