Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better - RIP KTM DOG

Hello everyone,
Some sad news this morning. The poor dog that was tortured at the KTM train station, tied up with a stick shoved down his throat, has died. Perhaps its for the best. I don't know. He experienced so much pain and cruelty at the hands of evil humans. At least he won't be abused anymore and he will never know pain and fear again. Rest in peace angel.

Below, please read the update from MDDB's blog:
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When it rains, it pours. KTM, the dog abused by the KTM workers, died in his sleep yesterday. He was very frail but had a hearty appetite. It was only on his last day that he showed some respiratory problems and it is believed he was infected with distemper. We think he must have been infected in the ten days he spent at the Selayang pound given that almost all the puppies rescued there by Animalcare tested distemper positive. Many had died from the time of rescue. There was someone called Leong who wanted to see KTM and claimed she had been feeding him for the last two to three years at the station. Leong also told us that the KTM workers often tormented and abused the poor dog. When we told her to wait for a while until he stopped being so panicky, Leong had said KTM may die soon because he had been very frail. We are sorry Leong, for telling you to wait - because you were right - he was indeed frail and died before you could see him. But we are still not able to understand why someone who cared so much for him allowed him to be continuously abused by the KTM workers. The only comfort we have now is knowing that KTM was given love and attention for the period he spent under the care of our fosterer - who ensured that he was fed with his favourite chicken everyday. What has happened to KTM will only push us to pursue our civil suit against KTM, the Selayang Municipal council and also the Klang Municipal Council. We had initially not planned to initiate legal action against the Klang Municipal Council but after learning that their dog catchers had to actually be taught to catch dogs - we were told we had grounds to sue.

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Everycat said...

Rest in Peace KTM, we are so sorry you didn't make it dear little dog. But at least you knew real love and proper care before you left. Run free at The Bridge, free of care, free of pain.