Monday, February 14, 2011

RIP Dorian Grunge

Hi AC,

When I woke up this morning, I almost went into the guest bathroom to feed Dorian. I keep forgetting he's not in there anymore. Even during the night, there were times I woke up thinking I'd heard him meow. I had a good cry when I got home from your place. Haven't cleared up his bowls and litterbox yet. I'm just not ready to go in there and remove the last traces of him. His fur is still all over the cuffs of two pairs of jeans from his affectionate headbutting. I really shouldn't get so attached to these animals that pass through my life. It's not healthy. I must be nuts. Dorian was only with me a few weeks but I miss him! Why did the sweetest cat in the world have to have such bad luck? I really hope he could feel that he was cared for even though it was just for a little while and that I am thinking of him now.

I'd love to stop by your place for more chats and please come over and meet my cats. They're adorable! I think they knew I was upset yesterday and all crowded around me in my bed the whole night.. Or at least I was something warm for them to cuddle up to :) I'll take what I can get from the little shits.

Have a great week! Shower your furkids with love! They are so blessed.



ManekiNeko said...

Dear Lynielime,

I still believe that Dorian was someone's pet at one time. He was not a feral cat. I don't know if someone dumped him at the pasar pagi, or whether he escaped from a home, but he clearly could not manage as a stray cat.

I would like to ask all those people who dump cats in markets and food stalls to take a good, long look at Dorian with his scars and scabs from fights, his emaciated little body, and the infections that were wringing the very life out of him. And I would like them to know that he rubbed his face on everyone and purred right to the very end. Please, people, don't dump your cats in alleys and figure they'll manage just fine. They won't.

I'm still crying for Dorian, but I know that the tears are really for every stray that's suffering as he did. I doubt I could be so affectionate to humans if I were in his condition. And aren't we blessed to have our healthy, sassy furkids to console us?

Me? I hope Dorian will come back in his next incarnation as a fat-cat UMNO politician with a will to pass some animal rights legislation with real TEETH!

Hugs to you, AC

Au and Target said...

Oh poor little cat! I'm so sorry. I dropped by to say thanks for your kind words. Au ate last night AND this morning!!! We're hoping this means he's decided to live. He's a tough kitty so if he has the will, he should recover. Thanks for the purrs. We really appreciate it.