Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rest in Peace Lil' Sneakers

Just got the news. Sneakers has passed away. He was still playing and eating with NT last night but today the little tyke is gone. I should've taken pictures during his month with me.. Wanted to wait till he was chubby and healthy. At least he won't suffer anymore. Goodbye little man. I'm so so sorry. I should've tried harder to stop you from spitting out your meds all the time. Have fun over there across the rainbow bridge with your siblings.


Nicole Tai said...

I'm so very sorry Babes :'( I miss Sneakers already :'( He'd wag he's tail when he's Happy and purrs while eating ! He'll have a special place in our hearts.

Whatever he has in he's system was already quite serious from day 1 i think.. with the best possible care, love and environment even he's siblings didnt make it. Whatever medication went in came back out. He's stomach was just not able to absorb :( :( :( Poor Baby he's in a better place now...

LP said...

Poor Baby. We know your short stay here on earth had moments of kindness and tenderness mixed in with your suffering and we are glad that you knew love.Now run free sweet angel and play with all the other kitten angels , little one.
the critters in The Cottage

The Lee County Clowder said...

So Sorry. Fly free at The Bridge, little kitteh.

Teal'c said...

:( poor little guy :( Very sad to read that he has passed away but we are sure he is happy where he is now!
Slobbers from Sydney Teal'c and his hooman

meowmeowmans said...

Oh no. We are really sorry to hear that little Sneakers had to run off to the Bridge so soon. Thank you for your love and kindness to him while he was here; however brief that time was, this little guy knew love, and that matters.