Friday, October 15, 2010

SPCA Selangor's World Animal Day - Oct. 17, 11am-4:30pm

First let's thank everyone in the Malaysian animal welfare activism community for all the great work they have done and all the animals they have saved. A huge difference has been made in the lives of all those rescued and helped.

Then, let's remember all the animals that we tried to save but couldn't.. and those that need help everyday but help does not find them. Think of the ones that have suffered, starved, and died of neglect and abuse. There are the ones we know of, and worse, the ones that have suffered and died silently without anyone every knowing or reaching out a helping and compassionate hand. Remember always to do what you can to help those that can't help themselves. There is so much pain, fear, and loneliness in the world. It's our responsibility to try and alleviate that suffering.

Finally, my foster animals that have died. I always, always tried to help all of you. Every death has been heartbreaking and I will never forget a single one of you.
Socks, Moo, Charlie, Ruffles the pigeon, Crusty, Holly, Kirby, Gia, Mortimer, Manfred, Seymour, and last but not least, my angel dog and co-pilot Molly Sue. Yes, she's dead and no I don't want to talk about it. Please don't ask me about her.

At SPCA Selangor's World Animal Day event this Sunday, please light a candle for the souls that I failed to save.


meowmeowmans said...

We will be thinking of you on Sunday. Thank you for caring so much, and for making a difference to so many...

Anonymous said...

You do a lot for the welfare of animals in desperate need when so many people look the other way or contribute to the problem of animal abuse and neglect in the first place.I believe that even the animals who slipped through the cracks of life and by proxi your fingers and never made it to a safe home are nevertheless appreciative of your efforts and feel the power of your sincerity and tireless efforts to keep them safe and off the streets.They know you are out there making the world a better place for them.Thank you from all the animals you have helped,will help, and attempted to help.They need you so much and love you more than a mere human could ever convey.