Friday, September 3, 2010

Molly is miserable.

Looks like all those pre-rehoming orientation sessions Molly had with Az the last couple of weeks aren't any help at all. She might as well have moved to the home of a total stranger. Molly is so fragile, so sensitive, she can't handle the change in environment. Nevermind that the person there is the one that gave her all the yummy chicken and got her so excited and happy at my old house.

Molly is depressed and fearful. In her scared state she is also becoming aggressive. She has bitten Az twice. Once on his hand, and the second time on the back of his thigh after he had set down her dinner bowl and then turned to leave her enclosure. When she isn't growling at Az and his dogs, she's barking and howling. Az's neighbors have already complained twice about her late night howling. Az's puppy Sunday is now terrified of Molly and will run and hide whenever she sees her around. Today is Friday. Molly hasn't eaten since Tuesday. When I visited her yesterday, I tried to hand-feed her pieces of chicken breast. She wasn't interested at all. She also doesn't move much. She lies down in her enclosure and doesn't budge. I had to carry her onto her quilt. When I call her name she doesn't look at me. She's completely unresponsive. She wasn't excited to see me when I visited her. She just glanced at me and then continued spacing out.

Anyway, Az and I decided she needed to go to a vet and that she should also board there for a day or two to give Az's neighbors a break from her howling. Since Molly wouldn't move, I had to carry her to my car and then carry her into the clinic, and carry her into the kennel. All this happened last night. At the clinic, they are monitoring how much she eats, if at all. So far she has had some water. I just went to visit her. She whined when she saw me. That's something at least.. better than the totally unresponsive dog from before. The sign on the door of her kennel says "Molly - Check makan/tidak. Gigit" That says to check if she eats or not, and that she bites. I guess she bit someone there too.

What do we do? Az is already the world's most patient and awesome adopter. If she can't make it with him, she can't make it with anyone. No one else would be fine with being bitten twice and going through all the orientation sessions and tolerate the howling. I know Molly wants to go back to our old house but that house is gone. I don't have a house to foster her in anymore.


galatea. said...

wow, that sounds really tough- but i guess its for the best in the long run. it wont be easy for her to adapt right away. maybe it will just take more time for her to adjust to having a new owner. stay positive love xx

Dog Foster Mom said...

Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. That is so tough - on Molly and on you. I'm very sorry you're going through this. Hang in there.

meowmeowmans said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry. I hope Galatea is right, and that it is just a matter of more time being needed for Molly to adjust. Hang in there, okay?

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Ah shit... I wish I could figure something out... poor Mollz... how awful... and how awful and disappointing for poor Az too. So sorry to hear this :(