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DVS Deputy DG Encourages Eating Dogs and Cats to Solve Stray problem?

“Suggestion to consume strays shot down” , by Meena L. Ramadas – The Sun

Could we allow this cruel trade to take root in Malaysia? -
photo courtesy of Animals Asia Foundation

PETALING JAYA (March 7, 2010): People with a penchant for exotic meat should be allowed to buy dogs from dog pounds for consumption, Veterinary Services Department (VSD) deputy director general Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar says.
Ahmad Suhaimi, who made the suggestion at a forum on effective animal pound management organised by the Petaling Jaya City Council’s Canine Advisory Team last week, said people who have no qualms about eating dog meat should be allowed to eat dogs kept in pounds.

“Do we have to keep the dogs at the pounds forever?” he asked. “They are animals, just like chickens or goats,” he added.
He said consuming dogs kept in pounds will help to check the number of strays at the pounds and help address any unmanageable increase of strays.
His suggestion sparked an outburst from a veterinarian who was among those attending the forum.

Without identifying herself, the vet, who appeared to be quite emotional, said: “About consuming dogs, the answer is simply no.”

She said as an animal lover, it was unimaginable to consume dogs and strays at that.
“I find the suggestion inhumane and cruel,” she said.

Ahmad Suhaimi responded by saying he too did not have the stomach to eat stray dogs, but as a veterinarian who is required to think clinically, it is important to consider all options when dealing with the issue of strays.

“I like to think outside the box,” he said with a laugh, which received some sniggers from those present.

Ahmad Suhaimi’s pitch, however, did not make the cut.

The forum made five recommendations for animal pound management.
This were that local councils should work with the veterinary department; local councils should cooperate with NGOs on catching strays; micro-chipping canines for easy ownership identification, educating pet owners and more stringent licensing laws.
A total of 12 local councils participated in the forum which was held in light of media reports last week about the appalling conditions at the Selayang Municipal Council’s (MPS) dog pound.

State executive councillor for health Dr Xavier Jayakumar, at a press conference earlier, said municipal councils have been instructed to maintain cleanliness at their pounds, and to work with the VSD. Officers in charge also have to treat sick animals and follow guidelines when euthanising them. -- theSun

SPCA Says : It is illegal to eat dogs & cats in Hong Kong, Korea and Philippines and it is banned in Taiwan. China’s growing middle class is pushing for a law against the eating of dogs & cats in their progressive country. It is shocking that Malaysian authorities are proposing eating dogs as a means to curb the stray dog population. As protectors of animals, it is a shame to propose this barbaric, inhumane, cruel and totally unacceptable solution. Instead they should propose humane, effective, sustainable and socially acceptable measures like high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinics and promote Responsible Pet Ownership.

Speak Up For The Voiceless
Please write in to the authorities, and tell them politely but firmly that you would like to illegalize the eating of cats and dogs in Malaysia – like Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan have done. It is not in the Malaysian culture to eat these domestic animals, and it is a cruel trade that many animal welfare organizations worldwide are lobbying to ban.

Dato Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar
Veterinary Services Department (VSD) deputy director general /

Dato Dr Abd. Aziz Jamaluddin
Veterinary Services Department (VSD) director general /

Ampang Jaya Municipal Case – Love Animals, Don’t Hoard Them

On the 11th of March, SPCA along with the Dept of Vet Services (Ulu Langat) were invited to join in a field visit with the MPAJ Vector Dept and the dog-catchers. We received a letter from MPAJ to assist them with a difficult case which they couldn’t settle, the owner was not cooperative and ignored every compound & notice letter – even after 7 inspections and warnings since 1998. The neighbours complained of the incessant noise and stench emanating from the building.

The old man had told everyone he had only 8 dogs in the top floor of an old abandoned shoplot. He had been rescuing strays and keeping them in his “apartment”. Even after an hour of negotiation with SPCA and MPAJ, he refused to let anyone in to remove the dogs – even clearly knowing it was illegal to have even one dog in a shoplot unit. Finally, the police had to be called in to control the situation, and the enforcement officers forced entry into the building. Upon entering, the officers were shocked – there were piles of faeces and pools of urine everywhere on the different floors, and the smell was unbearable. In his apartment, it was difficult to even walk as there were piles of recyclable items, rubbish and furniture. It was difficult to even find the dogs, which hid in the mess. A total of 12 dogs were removed, and another 3 could not be caught.

The dogs were brought back to SPCA temporarily, as the we had helped neuter several of his dogs for free and provided food for his dogs occasionally – not knowing that he had been hoarding so many. Though he is poor, the man has a good heart to help animals in need. He is very upset that his dogs have been taken, though he has no alternative premises to take them back to. The good news is a Good Samaritan is willing to adopt all of the dogs soon and get them all vaccinated and neutered, and we are liaising with MPAJ regarding the releasing of the dogs into this persons care.

Moral of the story : Love animals, but please do not become an animal hoarder. Please keep only as many animals as you can afford to care for properly – with adequate food, a clean and comfortable environment, and medical care when the animal falls ill or becomes injured. Please be considerate to your neighbours and aware of your local council guidelines.

Klang Pound Cleans Up Their Act

Over two visits in the last several weeks, the MPK pound seems to have significantly improved on their pound management.

On the first visit, our vet treated 4 adult dogs and 2 puppies for minor ailments while Inspector Murugan taught the pound workers how to mix a tick-wash solution and rid the kennels and surrounding areas of ticks. The workers were cooperative, and allowed us to inspect the kennels. At the time of the visit, there was food and water available for the animals. A mother dog and her pups, some other puppies and small dogs had been kept separately in the 10 multipurpose cages we donated to them.

A report animal rescuers regarding a tick infestation was made earlier this week, and the inspectors again went to check on the pound situation. There were ticks in the kennels, and crawling on the walls. Again, we reminded the caretakers how to tick-wash the area, and mixed a solution for them to use while cleaning later in the day. The animal rescuers agreed to monitor the situation.

The rescuers also complained that wire-loops were still being used to catch dogs, and the caretakers admitted that the dog-catchers still used them for the dogs which were difficult to catch. Wire-loops are difficult to remove from the dogs necks (or sometimes around their bodies) as they are too frightened, and thus often the loops are not removed - leading to the dogs sustaining injuries when the wire cuts into their necks or bodies. SPCA has since written in to the MPK Health Department, requesting that they stop using wire-loops immediately as it causes pain and suffering to the dogs.

Hulu Selangor Pound

During our first visit in early February based on a tip-off from an animal rescuer, we found that the dogs were kept in small cages, and exposed to the sun and rain without adequate provisions for food and water. Some were sick and our vet had to euthanize a dog with a gaping maggot infested wound in the right eye. We had immediately written in to the Yang Dipertua of MDHS, Director of Health, the Dept of Veterinary Services as well as YB Ronnie Liu and YB Elizabeth Wong – asking that immediate improvements be made, failing which all dog-catching activities must be stopped temporarily while a proper pound is built.

The council responded positively, and said they will make efforts to improve the pound situation. The dogs which were in their custody were released to animal rescuers who monitored the area, who offered to take them in.

During the second visit in mid-February, significant improvements had been made. The cages had been placed under a shelter, and were not overcrowded. They had 16 adult dogs in 12 cages. When we visited, there were containers of water in each cage but no food at the time. SPCA gave them 10 food bowls, 10 small buckets for water, 3 bags of dry food and 16 cartons of dog treats. We also gave them a net pole, and showed them how to use this method to catch dogs – which was more humane and less dangerous for both the dog and the catcher.

The caretaker said they did not have to euthanize any dogs recently, as animal rescuers had offered to take the dogs.

We will continue to monitor this pound, and are pleased that the management seem eager to learn how to manage their dog pound properly.

Rumble In The Jungle @ HELP University College

We were invited to set up a booth and be the beneficiaries for this event held on the 10th March 2010 at the HELP University College campus in Damansara! Education officer gave an edu talk to the students and a group of refugee children from Myanmar who were invited to participate in the event. We also brought animals for adoption, sold merchandise and promoted our Animals Matter To Me petition. The students worked hard and raised RM3,000 for our cause, many thanks to the wonderful organizers for their dedication and efforts to promote animal welfare!

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