Monday, March 22, 2010

Super cranky & PMSing.. I need to b***ch

hola amigos,
those of you that have been following know that when it comes to animal welfare, Malaysia is the frickin toilet of the world.. and not even a nice toilet.. a fly-infested, shit-filled hole in the ground. At least NGOS like SPCA Selangor and Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better manage to spread the news about the plight of dogs here.. It just occurred to me, that conditions in farms where animals are bred for slaughter must be unthinkable. I bet there are no bloody standards or guidelines.. or even if there are, no one follows them and officials are easily bribed to look the other way. i feel like barfing just thinking about it. and here's why i feel worse, yesterday night, i ate a burger. i'm such a sucky wannabe vegetarian. i was starving after getting stuck in floods and bloody traffic for two hours so i went to a burger king drive-thru and ordered a double mushroom swiss burger meal. i hate meat. i used to love it and still crave it sometimes.. but eating it always leaves me feeling guilty and grossed out. i always have to remember the faces and expressions of animals i have seen and remind myself about the horror and massacre they go through before they end up as neatly packaged pieces of meat. i have to see meat for what it is; the decaying flesh of a sentient animal. its a long process.. and i actually eat a lot less now than i used to simply cause there's nothing to eat anymore. i'm not a big fan of vegetables. but eh, i'll survive.

also i want an answer to a question that i have asked many people about my molly's little stump half-leg.... to amputate or not to amputate? that is the question.. ok that was lame. OMG that was lame too! and really, no pun intended, that would like be in badddd taste. i'm sleepy and my jokes take a turn for the worse.. so anyway.. yeah like every vet i've spoken to says i should go ahead and get the stump amputated because molly doesn't need it and it just gets dirty and stuff. i'm super squeamish though and it sounds just awful to me.. i have a very vivid imagination and i can't help trying to envision the operation. couldn't it be ok to just leave a stump alone? just leave it there? ok true, she does use it for leverage sometimes.. and that's not good.. when she runs too fast or plays too excitedly, she balances on the stump.. sometimes it gets bruised and scabby.. i already tried cushioning it with baby socks and bandages.. she doesn't like that. anyway she's totally indoors so she doesn't get scratched up on roads or anything.. i just don't want to put her through anything unless its ABSOLUTELY necessary. like, if you guys think that there's nothing majorly wrong with her having her stump then... i don't see why i should put her through such a huge operation. input? thanks


Teal'c said...

HIya! Teal'c from Sydney here! Keep the good work up! We hope you can reach lot's of people with your bloggie. It is shocking how they treat animals in Asia and it is one reason why my dad is away from home so much and not together with us. He has to work over there and my mom refuses to move.
Slobbers Teal'c

havetailwillwag said...

hey thanks for visiting!! you're a lucky pooch living where animals have rights!! :)