Thursday, March 25, 2010


Below, MDDB's latest update about the KTM Dog that was tied up with a stick shoved down his throat.

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The hungry and thirsty dog at MDDB's hideout
After being removed from the pound
Being transported to secret destination
Gunaraj screaming his head off to Razif over the phone to be allowed in
The dog being tortured at the KTM station
Inhuman act
The dog which was tortured by the KTMB staff has been found. Thanks to the sharp eyes of SPCA's Murugan who spotted the dog at the Selayang Pound. We sent our friend Erica Chum to the pound and she waited for Selayang councillor Gunaraj George to gain entry.
SPCA was also there but was not allowed in by Evil Ernie. It took a good scolding by Gunaraj who also called her boss Dr Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin - 012-2252240, to tell him off! We think that they were feeding the dogs and getting the place clean before letting these people in.
So has anything changed at the Selayang pound? We think not other than the fact that four workers have been transferred out but the biggest culprit Evil Ernie is still there.
By right its this woman who has both shamed and humiliated the Selayang Municipal Council that should have been transferred. Coming back to the dog, the SPCA, which came there to collect a mother dog and three puppies, agreed that we take the KTMB dog as we are looking into initiating legal action against KTMB.
Apparently, the dog catchers who had gone to the train station to capture the dog told Gunaraj they had been called umpteen times after Nisha's letter in Malaysiakini had created a ruckus. The dog had not wandered very far from the station, probably due to injuries and fear, when the Selayang catchers found it.
Therefore the KTMB people were lying through their teeth when they said the dog had wandered off. They had tried to get rid of the evidence by harassing the Selayang people to come and get the dog as soon as Nisha's letter was out.
We are now looking at initiating legal action against KTMB and have individuals who have come forward to be named as plaintiffs. We also have some young lawyers who have offered to initiate the legal action for free. We think we would also simultaneously initiate legal action against the Selayang pound for cruelty.
Those who want to be a part of this please contact us as soon as possible.
P/S So Mr SOH of DVS, we have the evidence now - will you take any action against the culprits?

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Bobby said...

Well done to you all for this campaign, It is good they have found that poor dog. I hope your actions stir something up so the poor things will be cared for by people who care. The pound does not look to bad from outside, I suppose its what happens inside. I think I read in one post they do not let people in who might want to adopt a dog. So what happens to them.