Friday, March 26, 2010

i think we need ANIMAL RESCUE stickers..

hey y'all.. yeah i know that sounds dorky but i like saying "y'all" :)

so at first i was going to write up another cranky, angst-ridden, super PMSey, bitchy post.. but then i took a nap with a cat that bit me four times as i drifted off to sleep and somehow that made me feel better. my brother's cat Grumps is a strange one. he'll just bite for no reason whatsoever then settle down and cuddle up. my right arm has little red welts all over. sorry i digress.. anyway i'm going to be calm and mature now. i was super angry earlier.

i left work early today and drove over to my parents' place. on the way there i saw a cat lying on the roadside. i was driving too fast (i was on the highway) and couldn't just come to an immediate stop so i went a huge round and came back to the cat driving slower and with my hazard lights on. i pulled over at the side, opened the car door (cat was at driver's side luckily) and just reached down to touch it and have a better look. turns out kitty was dead.. looked very recent, still a little soft.. no blood at all no injuries but hey i had to check to be sure. if the cat was alive it would've needed medical attention. so anyway while i was doing this, which only took a few seconds, the annoying obnoxious impatient rude ass fuck in the car behind me was honking. i was like WTF FUCKFACE?? and i stood up and gave the guy the finger. seriously just took a few seconds to slowly pull over alongside the cat and touch it to see if it was alive. the guy was honking as if he had to take the dump of his life. that pissed me off like you cannot believe. i had pulled over on a road curving right and he was right behind me (driver's sit on the right here) so he could clearly see that i was checking on an animal. plus, unless he's some illiterate fuck, he could see all the SPCA stickers on my car. there are FIVE. like put the pieces together moron. its not rocket science. so anyway i started driving again, lowered my window and gave him the finger again then i waited for him to go ahead of me so i could chase after his car and honk all the way. that made me feel better :)

anyways i was thinking that aside from having stickers that say SPCA or whatever ngo all of you volunteer for... we should all have stickers that would CLEARLY INDICATE TO STUPID PEOPLE what is happening when we pull over with our blinky flashy lights on. something that says EMERGENCY ANIMAL RESCUE or ANIMAL RESCUE IN PROGRESS.. whatever.. stickers or signs.. get me? for the dumbfucks on the road who do not understand that a chick pulling over on the frickin highway and touching a dead cat is not doing so just for fun.

oh look my post became cranky and angry again.. i should work on that..


meowmeowmans said...

Some people are so impatient, uncaring and inconsiderate. I think it's sort of funny that you flipped him the bird. ;)

Thanks for caring, and for stopping to check on that poor kitty. I hope it didn't suffer too much.

Kari in WeHo said...

ugh some people are so impatient. I deal with them ever week on airplanes and it disgusts me

katztales said...

Poor kitty. We just put down a stray that I thought had been savaged by a dog but the vet said it had advanced skin cancer. Poor thing!

We're back online but at a new space: Can you change your bookmarks for us? See you soon.

havetailwillwag said...

omg... i can't imagine what the poor darling must've looked like.. he must've felt so awful. he's in a better place now! no more suffering..
yes will update your new link here

Nick said...

Great post, I love that you can still have a sense of humor about an impatient jack ass. Great work you are doing over there!

Life With Dogs said...

How about giant programmable signs? That could be trouble. :)

Tealc's mom said...

The thing with stupid people is - most of them are even to stupid to read doesn't matter what size font you you use. The only thing that goes on in their stupid heads is: car stopped, injured cat is no reason to stop, beep beep beeeeeepppppp... Ahhhhhggggrrrrrr! I can so understand you and would have probably had the urge to get out of the car and punch him in the head.

Happy Easter,
Tealc's mom n Teal'c

Bobby said...

We know the feeling we have stopped traffic to pick up all kinds, and they are so impatient.