Friday, March 26, 2010

Luckytoes Midnight still needs a home!

hello all!
i know i haven't mentioned luckytoes midnight for a while and i hope none of you have forgotten about her. the little twerpy rascal is still with me. i guess she just fits in so well with my crew that i forget that i'm supposed to be actively finding her a home. it feels like she's a permanent resident. but i really shouldn't have anymore permanent pets. more permanent residents means less room, money, and time for any fostering.

anyway just a quick update about her. She's about 9 months old now. She was spayed a couple of months ago. she's super naughty and can't resist grabbing my foot every time i walk past her. she's gentle though, no claws out when she does this. she and fatfat continue to share a close relationship. she's practically an adult now but still sticks to fatfat like a little baby and he indulges her.

She's a little nervy around people she doesn't know well, so she needs a patient adopter. a real cat lover that understands cats' quirks and behaviors and is willing to put in the effort to gain her trust. luckytoes was adopted for a couple of days and then returned for being shy. two days is nothing. we don't want adopters that think bonding with an animal should be an easy, instant process, because usually its not. So if you know anyone that really loves animals, cats in particular, please tell them about Luckytoes. Once she has bonded with someone and settled in, she's great to have around. You will never meet a clumsier, goofier, funnier cat. Yes, clumsy. She trips or falls down almost everyday.. its hilarious! Remember people, this little ray of sunshine got a second chance at life when she survived being run over by a car. Give her a chance to have a home too.

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meowmeowmans said...

Wow, look how big Luckytoes Midnight is getting! She is really growing into a beautiful kitty! Sounds like she's got a great personality, too. :)

I can't believe that someone would return her after two days, citing "shyness" as a reason! Seriously?! Well, I know you'll find the right forever home for her when thee time is right. I the meantime, it sounds like she is enjoying hanging out with you and FatFat. :)