Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Runty & Stubbs

So... I've started to hope that i might be able to put Runty & Stubbs up for adoption. They've started showing some signs of improvement.. Well, Runty's not as vicious and scary as she used to be and Stubbs has started communicating with me. She's also showing signs of wanting to socialize with the other cats in the house. The other day, when i opened their cage to feed them, Stubbs even slipped out of the cage and brushed up against my arm before exploring. Runty of course, remained curled up in a tense ball of fear but at least she didn't hiss at me to the point of spitting.

At the very least, it might be possible for Stubbs to be socialized enough to be adopted? Maybe we'll find someone kind and loving enough to like Stubbs and also be willing to adopt her feral sister? I really don't wanna just spay and release them. That is absolutely the last resort.


Bobby said...

So good of you, you have such patience. I do hope you can manage to get a good home for Stubbs at least. We, well pawzforthought spend nights sitting with cat traps set. We have people who take the feral kittens to make them homeable.
The cats are Spayed and put back where they were, as people are feeding them and they know where they are, at least they will not have any more kittens. Best of luck with Stubbs and Runty.

meowmeowmans said...

You are awesome! Thanks for the update, and of your big, big heart. We (and Runty and Stubbs ... even if they don't know it just yet) appreciate everything you do!