Monday, February 22, 2010

Pouring salt on my own wounds. Excellent.

Just went to the clinic to settle the bill. Then I asked to see her body. Why? Because I'm a fucking idiot that's why... Ended up having to rush out of the clinic in tears and crying all the way home. What the hell made me think that petting her corpse and saying goodbye would help? You'd think that after all these years of fostering I'd learn not to be such a dumbass.


katztales said...

You're not a dumbass. You're a nice person.

Frodannah said...

I'm so sorry Gia wasn't able to make it through. I would have asked to see her one last time, too, even though it would make me cry. For closure, I guess.

Everycat said...

No one who cares for so many animals so beautifully as you do can be called a dumbass.

Something inside you needed to see her.

Shared Efforts said...

We are both dumbass then.

I did the same thing when gumball passed away on 16/2/10. I was crying all the way when i rushed him to the vet & also on the way sending his corpse back to the temple to bury him.

havetailwillwag said...

you're all so sweet. thanks for understanding.