Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catching feral kitties at Sri Murni - Part 2

a little progress report on this feral family.. my brother managed to trap the third kitten on sunday and the fourth kitten on monday. he used the pet carrier, smelly fish as bait, and his super stealth ninja moves for both. these two kittens are the super feral of the litter.. with the last one being the more extreme of the two. like beyond feral.. THE MOST FERAL AND SCARY WILD EVER!! i'm like afraid of her.. she's that bad. she has the sweetest little face but don't be fooled, she will eat you for breakfast. humans are the enemy and must be destroyed. don't even go near her. she wants to rip your face off then make toys out of the skin.

yesterday evening my mum and i trapped the mother cat in the humane cat trap and immediately rushed to the vet. oh man did that make me feel bad... mother cat was soooo distraught in the trap.. she pissed herself.. and she was crying and crying. when she heard that trapdoor shut she knew she was in for something not too peachy.. we had to wait when we arrived a the clinic coz dr j was with a patient. mother cat could smell other animals and hear strange voices and this upset her further. when it was our turn we hoisted her up on the examination table, cat-trap and all.. then it was a total bitch getting her out of it. she was not happy about hands grabbing at her and towels being draped over her. once she was out of the trap she went BERSERK and just took off dashing around frantically in the examination room. that was bad. she was so panicky the poor thing.

i wish we could've explained to her that we were trying to make her life easier in the long-run so she wouldn't have to struggle to feed herself and babies anymore. finally after several attempts dr j and his assistant managed to get her into a carrier and we decided it would be best to just transfer her to a cage immediately and leave her alone overnight. her spay surgery is scheduled for this morning.. she might even be in surgery right now. i'll go visit her after work, not like she wants to see me but anyway...

oh and her 4 kittens? 3 of them are still shit scared of us. we can pet one and he'll play with us when we hold wand toys. so far very little progress is being made in taming the rest..


Bobby said...

Hi, Spotted you on Workforced,, good work, we foster dogs, I am a grumpy foster dog that no one wanted, still on foster into 3 rd year. Loads come and go no one ever wanted me.
Keep up the good work

havetailwillwag said...

hi bobby,
aww... don't say no one wanted you.. i'm sure your fosterers do and love you. i have a foster dog that's been with me almost 10 months now!! other people don't want her but i love her very much. i even love the way she stinks :)

Everycat said...

Well done in getting the whole family. It was wise to let the mother rest overnight, I hope her surgery goes well. Don't give up hope with the kittens, just keep at it. It might sound crazy but smearing some stinky fish paste on your hands and just laying a hand in the cage for a few minutes, several times a day has helped me get some contact with real feral kittens who were determined to avoid humans forever. Once they get the taste, you can start wiggling fingers to stroke them as they lick. Your hand has to be very still at first though and sometimes a blanket over the cage helps (it hides you from them so they may approach your hand) - I haven't lost a hand yet! :)

Mind you , there is ALWAYS a first time ;)

havetailwillwag said...

i'll try smearing stinky fish paste on my hands! anything to make me seem less horrific!!