Sunday, February 7, 2010

Madeleine has fungus!! ARGHHHH

Soooooo... Maddie's butt has kinda been going bald again..


We went to the vet again.. I love how these expenses keep popping up.. coz i shit money right? Bloody hell.. Anyhoozers Maddie was a pain going to the vet again.. When i snapped on a leash to her collar she did that "hit the deck" thing again and wouldn't get up so i took off the collar and put on a harness instead. Within five minutes she had slipped out of the harness and took off running around the house as if a bloodsucking airplane sized vampire bat was chasing her. Ok so she didn't like the harness.. so i put the collar back on and put the leash on again. This time i held treats in one hand and let her sniff them then had to drag her into the car.

When we arrived at the vet she gave me this look like "WTF?? OH HELL NO!!" Because we were at a different vet i guess.. Yeah i found another awesome vet near my home. The clinic is called Sacred Heart Animal Clinic and its great!! i really like it!! The vet is sooo super nice and fosters animals herself.

There i go getting side-tracked again. Stupid adhd.. anyway i got maddie into the clinic by bribing her again and when we got her up on the examination table i kept her calm and still by bribing her some more. she was very excited coz she could see all the other dogs outside the room and she wagged her tail so hard her whole body wiggled. sooo cute when she does that. turns out she's got her permanent canine teeth already so she's at least 6 months old.. i've been telling potential adopters she's 5 months old.. argh.. we also weighed her again today and now she's 12.3 kilos. she gains like a kilo every two weeks the little piggy.. Dr.P examined Maddie's butt and took some hair and skin scraping samples to check under her microscope and LO AND BEHOLD... FUNGUS!!! TA-DA!! Isn't that what i thought in the first place? MUAHAHAHAHHAHA and the last vet told me flea allergy dermatitis.. Maddie's flea free yo!!

Anyways i have to give her a stinky medicated bath tonight and she's on a course of anti-fungal pills for two weeks. I hate giving dogs pills. They're sooo uncooperative and I basically suck at it.. I have no secret weapon or super stealth moves.. looks like we're in for a wrestling match tonight.. And the medicated bath!! The vet said to keep the lather on maddie for 15 minutes.. i'm like "eh.. how the hell am i gonna keep her soaked in lather and still and cooperative for 15 minutes?" more bribery perhaps..

I've also got a couple of new potential adopters for Maddie again. Let's hope one of them works out. One lady is looking for a companion for her 2 year old neutered male dog and the other lady is looking for another pup to accompany her 3 month old retriever pup. they both sound very promising but i don't wanna get my hopes smooshed again..


meowmeowmans said...

Sorry to hear about the fungus, and the fact that you have to give Maddie that stinky medicated bath. Ugh! Will she take the pills if you use Pill Pockets, or cover them in peanut butter or something like that?

Good luck with the potential adopters. We hope Maddie finds her forever home soon. Our fingers and paws are crossed!

havetailwillwag said...

hi there! we don't have cool pet products like pill pockets in malaysia.. i always read about awesome stuff online that i can't find here!!
i made her a meatball with the pill stuffed into it.. that worked ok coz she's a gobbler!! yay!!