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Call Ernie the person in charge of the Selayang Pound. She is responsible for starving and torturing the dogs. Read MDDB's update below and take action!!! Don't let monstrous people get away with cruelty. Her phone number is listed below. CALL!! EMAIL!!

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ERNIE - +6013-6064446

We had an incredulous tele-conversation with Ernie who is in charge of the pound. She admitted that she was in-charge of the pound but denied that she had ill-treated the dogs there. We told her that not giving them food and water was ill-treatment and she claimed the dogs were fed rice. Which we do not believe.
She also said one of the pictures we uploaded on Mondayof a dog - which apparently died of starvation - was also not her doing. She said the dog had been fed but it had refused to eat and hence starved. She said it must have refused to eat because it missed its family very much.
Apparently she had removed the dog from the owner's house because it did not have a license. We asked her if she had compounded the owner first before seizing the dog

Ernie: Kompounnya Rm1,000 manalah dia orang boleh bayar?
(They compound is RM1,000 - how can they afford to pay).

We: If they loved their dog - they would pay the amount and do the necessary. So, did you not compound them at all?

Ernie: Mengikut undang-undang kami boleh kompaun atau sita terus. Saya tak bagi kompoun, saya sita terus.
(Under the by-laws we can either compound the owners or immediately seize the dog. I didn't give them a compound - I seized the dog on the spot.)

She also admitted that she goes on dog-catching rounds and that it was true she had even gone as far as entering the toilet of a coffee shop to seize a dog purportedly owned by the shopkeeper.

THIS IS SHOCKING! This woman does not compound owners but seizes their pets on the spot and throws them into the pound.

Since, she told us that she did not think they could not afford to pay the penalty - allegations that she prevented dog owners from seeing their dogs must be true.


PLEASE lobby for that change.


Those who mcan, please also lodge police reports.


Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin
Pengarah Kesihatan & Pelesenan
Tel : 03-61370757 Faks : 03-61388300

YAD. Dato' Paduka Raja Dato' Hj. Wan Mahmood b. Pa' Wan Teh
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3337099

Tn. Abd Rahim b. Abd Wahab
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-6767002

Tn. Lim Ching How
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2325011

Tn. Hj. Mohamad b. Abdul Rahman
No. Tel. Bimbit: 013-6347237.

Tn. A Rahim b. Ahmad Kasdi
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3864986

Tn. Murugan @ Murugeshu a/l Arumugam
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-6935569

Tn. Hasbullah b. Mohd Ridzwan
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2917011

YBhg. Dato' Hj. Mazlan b. Hassan
No. Tel. Bimbit: 013-3990545

Puan Sian Eng Keng
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2881387

Tn. N. Gopalan Krishnan a/l Rajoo
No. Tel. Bimbit: 016-3715923

Tn. Zulkifli b. Hamzah
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Pn. Khatifah Zamani bt. Sulong
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-2342889

Tn. Dr. Ramli b. Jusoh
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-6623822

Pn. Maznah bt. Abd Aziz
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3529660

Tn. Samsudin b. A.Rahman
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Tn. Md. Sabri b. Md. Taib
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-2300231

Tn. Zulnizam b. Shahrani
No. Tel. Bimbit : 013-3973930

Tn. Chee Chu Sang
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3096671

Tn. Tan Hui Chuan
No. Tel. Bimbit : 012-3586988

YM Tengku Zulpuri Shah B. Raja Puji
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3296564

Tn. Gunarajah a/l R.George
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3925995

Tn. Roslin b. Mohd. Rosli
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3072605

Tn. Lee Khai Loon
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Selayang MP YB William Leong

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Life With Dogs said...

Hell is that sad. I wish I were not so far away!

Anonymous said...

First of all I loved the name of the Blog, I adopted three until now. And I wonder, how many animals do you have at home?

May God bless you guys always.

katztales said...

Writing right now......

katztales said...

Right, I'm sending this to William Leong, and then editing it for the others on the list. Please feel free to take this and use it!

Dear Sir,

Violent and heartbreaking stories of cruelty against animals are constantly reported by animal rescuers and the media. We are not speaking of isolated incidents of vicious brutality; in communities all across Malaysia, defenseless dogs, cats, and other animals are being subjected to a reign of terror.

Following the Dead Dog Island Pulau Ketam scandal, and the cruel strangling of pets at the Kuala Lumpur City Hall pound at Air Panas last year, we are now hearing of Selayang Dog Pound official, Ernie, who is reportedly taking pets away from private premises and allowing them to starve to death.

The first outrage is that these vicious attacks happen at all. The second is that, more often than not, those responsible are government employees who are never brought to justice.

As the representative of the people who live here, I want you to set in motion action for change.

1. Animal cruelty crimes like that described above are rarely prosecuted. And even when animal abusers were convicted, they are rarely punished. Jail terms are almost unheard of. We have the laws, we have the courts. Start prosecuting!

2. All too often, local officials dismiss or excuse cruelty to animals as something on par with shoplifting or vandalism. This must stop. As Ghandi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Instead of hiding the cruel acts that are common in state supported pounds and organisations, I want you to help and support animal rescuers and media when they expose such matters. I also want you to support anti-cruelty campaigns. These will have a powerful impact in communities all across the nation. Give statements to the media supporting anti-cruelty events, and help these people get their message across.

There is no place in our society for those who intentionally inflict pain on a defenseless dog, cat, or other animal. I want you to stand up and ensure that those who engage in animal cruelty go to jail.

Yours sincerely,

Anonymous said...

Although I am a Muslim and we are are not suppose to touch the dog. But we also have no right to do cruelty to any kind of animals... Therefore I hope that this kind of heartless person will stop and try to be a HUMAN. I wish for a real justice to happen. Yes they are just an animal but they also DESERVE to life.... I pray for her repent and may god bless her from her sin.

havetailwillwag said...

ellen you're awesome!! you said everything perfectly!! i'll be using your words!!