Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dilemma - Luckytoes Midnight

Someone has offered to give Luckytoes Midnight a home if no one else wants her. I'm always a little unsure about 'last resort' homes. I appreciate the offers.. but i want my fosters to be adopted because they are truly, deeply wanted. Get what i mean? I don't want someone to take her on just because they don't mind feeding another cat. I want someone to WANT her. So she's more than 6 months old now and was spayed a couple of weeks ago. I have been fostering her since october of last year. What I want to know is, should i hold on to her and hope that someone will come along and want Lucks for how special she is? But then the longer Lucks is with me and the rest, the harder it will be for her to settle into a new home later.. or should i just go ahead and take the offer and check on her often? I don't know.. Its a good home, not a bad home, but just not exactly what i had in mind. Advice please? Thanks.

Below, some photos taken over the weekend of Luckytoes Midnight, and her foster father FatFat.


Kari in WeHo said...

I understand the dilemma. On one side its "I want the family to really really want her" on the other is "If they take her, lover her and care for her then I can rescue another"

Dog Foster Mom said...

Yep it's a tough choice. If I had someone who offered to take Scribbles, my longest term foster cat, I would probably say yes if it was a good home - but that's because she really doesn't like my house because of the dogs. But if LuckyToes Midnight is doing okay (and he seems very happy in his pictures!) then I'd hold out for that home where he's really wanted. But I'd thank the people who offered and help find another cat for them that isn't as lucky as LuckyToes Midnight. :-)