Tuesday, February 23, 2010


hi all.. in the midst of all the bad news, some good news about Lester, the dog that was burned at the PJ OLD TOWN Market. check out his progress. Good job Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better for always taking care of dogs in need!! Check him out below.. Don't forget to go to MDDB's blog and donate if you can!!

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Gaping wound exposing flesh and bone
70 percent of the scald marks have healed and the skin appears to be ok
Relieved and thankful that he was given a chance to live instead of being euthanised.
Thank you for from the bottom of my doggie heart.
I promise to get better real soon.

Smilling for the camera.
This part of the burn may need a skin graft.

Remember the fellow who was scalded by hot oil. Well, we have named him Lester and would like to report that he is recovering from his burns very fast. He looks very happy as well and is wagging his tail as if thanking those who rescued him as well as those taking care of him at the clinic. His burns are healed at least 70 % but we do not know if he requires a skin graft or something to that effect. He also has a deep cut in the leg which is exposing flesh and bone and the vets are treating that as well. This is why we do not put animals to sleep. They are very resilient and always decide if they want to get better or not. In Lester's case he had indicated that he wanted to survive his ordeal and move on with life - that's why he had gone looking for his feeder after being injured. we are glad we did not allow ourselves to be pressured into killing him, as suggested by many, at a time when he needed compassion, love and medical care the most.

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