Sunday, February 7, 2010

3 cats spayed this week!!

What's that sound? Do you hear that? No? It's the sound of my bank account balance rapidly moving towards ZERO! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! And that was my deranged laughter at the current state of my finances. What else can i do but laugh when i wanna go shopping soooo badly but can't coz of the animals? I really have to stop going to malls.. There's soooo much fabulous stuff i'm dying to wear!! I could just die.

Anyways this week the sri murni condo feral mother cat, luckytoes midnight, and snowy were all spayed. Mother cat is still at the vet. We're boarding her there for a few days coz we don't know what to do with her while she recovers. She's super wild and we can't release her nor keep her at home. Luckytoes and Snowy are home though, i picked them up yesterday morning and they're fine. Luckytoes was back to her naughty mischievious self the minute i let her out of her carrier. She doesn't seem to notice that she's had surgery. I had to stop her from trying to wrestle with her friends and jumping up on shelves. Snowy's ok too though a little more subdued. I'm keeping her away from her kittens Luna and Rajah because I don't want them to try to nurse. Anyway they're doing great on canned food now.

Once everyone has recovered they will leave us. The mother cat will return to my parents' condo compound where she will be released and fed by my brother and parents. She will not be rehomed. She's not pet material. Snowy will go with her son Rajah to a family in Putrajaya this coming chinese new year weekend. Luckytoes Midnight will go to a home in Titiwangsa and be friends with a cat that is so bored he has been plucking out his own fur in tufts.

Oh and.. mother cat's litter of four kittens? the two tamer ones Link and Dora have been adopted.. The two insanely feral ones, Stubbs and Runty are still at my parents' place..


Life With Dogs said...

Money well spent, but I hear you loud and clear. My 401k has been converted to vet supplies. ;)

katztales said...

Oh boy know how you feel! Hey, any advice on how much neutering a fully grown male will prevent caterwauling? He's not ever going to be a house cat but I want him to stop having kits and maybe it will lower his penchant for fights. But it's the howling that's really getting on everyone's nerves. Your experience appreciated!

havetailwillwag said...

hmm... first of all, what's caterwauling?
is that when tomcats have that awful super noisy territorial fight accompanied by awful wailing/howling/screeching that often sounds almost human?

i think neutering a full grown male will help prevent or at least reduce that because if he's been snipped and isn't looking for chicas, he should be less aggressive, less territorial, and also won't be fighting with other toms over the affections of the ladies.. he also won't be trying to FORCEFULLY woo any of the ladies, you know how they do that too sometimes..... ugh..